1. Chapter 1

Hi my names Ryliegh Jaxson. I'm seventeen years old, live by myself, well usually my best friend Teyanna comes and stays with me for a while, but you know what I mean. Parents died in a car accident when I was 4, My brother is in Uni, so I barely see him. Yeah, that's pretty much it.. Wait, Luke Hemming's is also the father of my almost 2 year old little girl.

Shocking right? It started when Teyanna just had to take me out for a night.


"Ry, get your ass up. We are going out wether you like it or not." She said, sternly.

I chuckled and gave in. "Fine, fine whatever." I sighed.

"Good, now I'm going to go pick your outfit, you go take a shower." She said running up my staircase.

I slowly made my way up to the bathroom. I started to strip and got in the shower. Getting out fifteens minutes later, Tey already had my outfit picked out, the curling iron heated, and the makeup out. Well then.

{1 hour later}

"Okay, done! You can look now." Tey smiled.

I turned around and stared at myself, I actually didn't look that horrible, not that Tey has bad taste or anything, just that it's been a while since I've liked my reflection in a mirror.

"It looks great! Thanks Tey!" I turned back around facing her and gave her a huge hug! I literally love this girl to death.

I was wearing a skin tight, black strapless dress that ended about mid thigh. She brought me some of her black heels, and added a bracelet for jewelry.

Tey was wearing similar to me except a red dress, and red heels. She looked hottt.

We called a cab so we wouldn't have to drive home drunk. We used our fake ID's to get in. Soon as I stepped in the door, i immediately smelt alcohol, smoke with a mixture of who knows what else. Tey and I walked over to the bar and ordered some shots. After about six shots each she was already drunk and grinding with some guy. Typical Tey, thinking of how much of a light drinker she is made me chuckle.

"What's so funny?" A guy asked behind me. I turned around in my stool and looked at the guy, he looked about my age, seventeen eighteen?

I smiled, "oh, nothing!"

"Ah, well how about I buy us some drinks?" He replied.

Well, why not? Gonna get drunk either way..

"Sure!" I giggled.

I have to admit he is very very handsome. He has a lip piercing which is literally to die for.

His baby blue eyes, were staring into mine for a little, until I looked away blushing. Usually I'm not that type of girl who would fall for a guy in a day, but honestly, that might change.

He bought us a each a sex on the beach and more shots. After about another five shits for me and my sex on the beach, I was hammered.

I'm guessing he was too, considering he just fell off his chair. I laughed and helped him and also not trying to fall myself.

"Wanna dance sexy?" He slurred.

"Yes, I do!" I winked.

I took his hand and found a spot between everybody, he grabbed my hips and I started to grind on him. He was already turned on. He turned me around, and started to make out with me. I obviously kissed back and bit his lip ring. He let out a moan, and pulled away. We were both breathing heavily, and whispered/yelled in my ear so I could hear.

"Wanna go find a room?" He winked.

I smiled, and nodded "let's go, pretty boy"

He laughed and we eventually found an empty room, after walking into some awkward scenes.

We instantly started making out and he pushed me back on the bed. He crawled on top of me, and pulled up my dress, while I pulled of his clothes.

We all know what happened next..



Once were done, we laid down under the covers. I just realized that, I don't even know his name..

"What's your name?" I giggled.

"Luke, Luke Hemming's" he smiled.

"Wait, Luke Hemming's, that sounds oddly familiar... Oh my god! Your in that band my friend likes! I can't believe this." I practically screamed.

It's not that I didn't like it, it's just I know exactly what this is going to be. Another night, another girl for him. When for me, that was my first time..

We were both sobered up now from a couple of hours ago.

"What? What's wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing, I need to go." I mumbled, quickly getting dressed.

"Why are you leaving? Are you crying? What's wrong?" He asked, getting off the bed putting boxers on and walked to me.

"I hope you know that you were my first. When for you this is probably just another night, another girl. This was just going to be a one night stand anyway, so I'm leaving early so I don't get hurt in the morning when your not here!" I yelled.

He looked completely confused, and not to mention shocked. I ran out of the room not looking back.


I never saw Luke again. That night I called a cab a and went home and cried. Yeah I know pathetic right?

One and a half years ago if I'd known that I would've gotten pregnant my first time, I don't think I would've went that night. But then again I would've never had my daughter.

I mean I seriously love my daughter, she is my life.

Her name is Jessie Mae Jaxson. Tey helped me out through everything when I was pregnant she stayed at my house with me all the time making sure I was fine.

Her face when I told her who the dad was, was absolutely priceless! She started freaking out about how I had sex with Luke Hemming's. I've learned a lot more about that band, 5SOS. Luke's the youngest.

Did I mention that Luke literally doesn't have a hot clue about Jessie? Why should he, it's not like he would care. He's famous, even more famous since that night. Why would he care about having a daughter at seventeen.

It was really hard being sixteen and pregnant. But Tey had my back. Eventually I told my brother, Jake. He was a little disappointed, but he said he'll try to be here for me. He has seen Jessie about ten times. She knows he's her uncle, and she calls Tey aunty for how close we are.

Every time Jessie brings up her dad, it's hard not to say your dad is famous he'll never care about us.

"Jessie honey, make sure you clean up your mess please." I smiled. She nodded her head and started to clean up the bunch of toys she out on the ground. For an almost 2 year old she is really smart.

*knock knock*

I got up off the couch and opened the door, it was Tey.

"Hey, how are you? Where's Jessie?" She walked in.

She lives Jessie a lot.

She is in the living room cleaning up her mess. And I'm fine!" I laughed at her making faces at Jessie.

I sat down again and flipped the channel. I was about to flip again when I saw a picture if 5sos, it had there your dates, and places.

I looked through, just being curious. I read a date that was in the next couple of days. I looked at the place and it was in Austra-. Oh my god! There coming here in the next couple of days. Holy shit, he cannot find out about Jessie.

"Tey, Luke and his band are coming here for concerts in the next couple of days.." I turned to her.

{A/N: Hello((: this won't be that interesting, oh well no one really reads these anyways, sorry I'm a rambler. Anyways, I just wanted to say if your reading my book! THANK YOUUU! I love you already:* I will try to update every week!!}

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