Movellas Review

I need help finding my next great read. This will help you get the attention you book deserves.
(I will not read books rated R sorry)


9. Authors note

100 READS!!!!!!! Thank you guys soooo much. I know I have been on hold but I was having trouble with the app. Since my last review and this update a lot of people have been wanting a review so I'm going to start over ( not the book) all reviews that have not been done yet will not be done if that makes sense. I will only be reviewing books from this update on so if you commented before and didn't get a review comment again now. My finally thing is this review book will only hold 20-25 reviews at a time.(Only 14-29 spaces left) Once I have that many I'll take a break and start up a new on. Thank you so much for supporting me and I hope this update makes sense. Sorry for the inconvenience


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