Unknown Destination

Teen-Fic/Humour Rated:PG (No sexual scenes but a few explicit words)

It is the ending of junior year and summer break has begun. Laina and her friends decides to take a little road trip up north for a little celebration of their school year survival. She soon finds out that her older brother is leaving to another state which appears to be on the same day she is leaving. She won't see him for at least a year and she wants to be there when he leaves so she compromises and decides that she will drive by herself after she's done saying her farewell to her brother. What happens when say gives a ride to a familiar stranger? Well...they get trapped in the middle of nowhere. Literally. With nothing but a cellphone with no bars and a bag stuffed with clothes, what is Laina and this stranger going to do? Where will they end up?
(Summary sucks I am horrible at making them)


3. Chapter 3

I am beyond the clouds. Nobody can see me but I can see everyone. I soared through the air where it is fresh and free. There is nothing better than this. Everything was perfect just cruising on cloud 9, except there is one thing missing. I’m not sure what it is but I don’t feel 100 percent complete. Then it clicked to me. I am alone. In the distance I see a flock of geese flying gracefully together, that is just what I need. I need someone to fly with me. I see far away something, maybe someone coming in my direction. Maybe it’s the bird that I need to fly with me. It’s coming closer and closer and closer and-


My head hits something at the horrifying noise. I groan and curse under my breath while rubbing my head gently. I realize I am not in the air anymore. I am now in reality. My head snaps to the noise that’s constantly repeating and it turns out to be my phone ringing. I check the caller ID and it’s Anna.

“Hesheu?” I yawn making my words sound like a different language.

“Well hello to you too sleepyhead” Anna says sarcastically.

“Yoush-jus-bosher-meh-fro-mesh-dresh” I mumble with my face glued to the pillow.

“What? Speak English woman!” Anna snaps a little irritated.

“You just bothered me from my dream” I repeat again this time properly.

“Let me guess...One Direction?”

“Ding ding ding” I lazily respond.

She sighs through the phone dreamily like she’s in her own dream now. There’s silence between us for about 20 seconds (and I try to catch some snoozes) until I hear Anna’s voice through the phone. “Well anyways, do you want to do something tonight? Watch a movie perhaps? I’m free for the whole day?” Anna asks with a little hope.

“Sure why not. We can-” I pause for a second remembering something. “Oh shoot Anna i’m sorry! My brother is taking me out for some brother-sister time since he needs to leave earlier.” I apologetically respond feeling a little regret I got her hyped up for a split second.

“Oh it’s ok no problem! When it comes to me and your brother, it’s him first. Well for most of the time...”I giggle at her statement and understanding. If it wasn’t my brother, Anna will complain and keep begging me but since I might not see him for most likely at least a year, she completely doesn’t mind at all. “Anyway, when is your brother leaving?” she asks with curiosity.

I release a long sigh and rake my hair out of my face. “Tomorrow at noon” I spoke with sadness in my tone of voice.

“What?!” Anna booms into my phone and I wince. That got me fully awake instantly.

“I know it’s so early...”

“Not that! Well that as well but that’s when we are leaving!” Anna’s tone going from high to low to high. I forgot all about that! How come I didn’t realize that? If I go with Anna and them, that means I won’t be able to see Bryer leave off in the airport.

“Shit I forgot about that!” I curse going into a sitting position on my bed. “Okay you know what? We can figure this out. There has to be a solution” I thought wrapping my brain up for an idea. The phone is silent which means she’s thinking of an idea as well.

“I got it!” Anna cries into the other line. This better be good. “You can go to the airport while the rest of us go on our way to Canada. You and your brother say farewells, blah blah blah then you can drive yourself to Canada. We can meet you at the boarder!” I have to admit it is a great idea. Anna knows that I don’t mind driving by myself. I like to drive. Actually I love to drive. I love road trips as well so I am more than okay with that plan.

“But wait. There’s a chance on that. What will my mom say on that?” I worry on what her reaction could be on the plan. The reason I say my mom and not my parents is because my dad is in England studying. He wants to get a better job because he hates the job he’s stuck with. He will be coming back next summer which is the good news at least.

“Just try it out and see what your mom says. If it’s a no, call your dad and get some input on his opinion. It will work out, I promise” she convinces. I guess it’s worth a shot.

“Okay then. I will talk to your later” I give in.

“Kay Layn. See ya tomorrow!” and the other end is disconnected. I take a long sigh and disconnect as well. I smash my face into my pillow and let out a muffled scream.


“Please mom! You can trust me. Even dad says it’s not a bad idea. I am responsible and old enough to take care of myself.” I have been lecturing about my teen rights for the past 10 minutes with my mom and she still won’t cave in. My brother said he’s on the fence about it. Anything can go wrong out there.

“What if something goes wrong sweetheart?” my mom asked kind of stressed about this.

“I told you I am old enough to deal with it. If I really need you I will call you and I will learn my mistake and never do it again. This is a great opportunity!” My mom sits on the dining chair and rubs her temple.

“Fine. I am giving you this privilege to drive alone to Canada.” I whisper-shout a yes and mentally pat myself on the back. “But...if anything goes wrong and I found out about it, then your car privileges are being taken away for the whole senior year.” Fair enough I guess. I give her a nod rapidly repeating and add a big hug on top of that.

“Thanks mom” I sincerely say peeling off her.

“You’re welcome hun but remember what I said” she says giving me a stern look.

“Yes I will remember” I assure her and quickly run up to my room texting Anna the good news.

A/N: This chapter is sort of boring but yet it's kind of important.

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