Unknown Destination

Teen-Fic/Humour Rated:PG (No sexual scenes but a few explicit words)

It is the ending of junior year and summer break has begun. Laina and her friends decides to take a little road trip up north for a little celebration of their school year survival. She soon finds out that her older brother is leaving to another state which appears to be on the same day she is leaving. She won't see him for at least a year and she wants to be there when he leaves so she compromises and decides that she will drive by herself after she's done saying her farewell to her brother. What happens when say gives a ride to a familiar stranger? Well...they get trapped in the middle of nowhere. Literally. With nothing but a cellphone with no bars and a bag stuffed with clothes, what is Laina and this stranger going to do? Where will they end up?
(Summary sucks I am horrible at making them)


2. Chapter 2

I walk into my house and hear something sizzling in the kitchen. I know it's my mom. "Hi mom" I shout.

"Hi honey! How are you?" she shouts back.

"Great!" I respond and I head upstairs. I enter my room and quickly switch into some home clothes which is some grey sweat pants and a random old-tee. I had nothing to do so I decide to get pack early. I pull out my black with purple Adidas carry-on duffel bag from under my bed and drop it on my bed. We are spending 4 days and 3 nights which means we are leaving on Thursday morning and might be departing Canada around noon time on Saturday.

15 minutes later, I come together with 2 pairs of going-out clothing, a pair of pajamas, a pair of home clothing, and one cute dress just in case. I grab some undergarments and not to mention my bathing suit and shoved it into my bag. I will pack my other necessities later.

I plop onto my bed and sigh. I look around to see if there's anything to entertain me. Someone barges into my room and I look up to see it's my older brother, Bryer. Everyone says we resemble a lot! Especially our eyes which are exactly the same, except that my eye color is dark brown and his are grey. "Hey" I grin at him. I have to admit he looks pretty intimidating, with his height and muscular body but really, he's a very sweet gentleman that I have ever seen. He won't even hurt a bunny. He only harms if it's really necessary.

"Hi little sis" he responds lying on my bed. He pulls me down and hugs me very, very tight. "You should be a body pillow" he murmurs into my back. "Very squeezable and huggable."

I chuckle at his statement. "When i'm dead then you're more than welcome to take my body" I respond. He chuckles back and sits back up on my bed while I make 180 degrees turn and lie down on my bed.


"Hmmm" I respond picking the loose string from the bed.

"I need to tell you something." He scratches the back of his head and although his back is faced to me, I can tell he's kind of nervous.

"Go on" I allow.

"Well do you know how I am leaving next week?" he asks. I acknowledge that I understand by nodding my head. "Well I'm not going anymore." I have an ear-to-ear smile and I squeal jumping up to hug him.

"That's great! Well not great if you got kicked out of the school but-"

"I'm leaving in 2 days." I stop abruptly in my tracks at those 5 words and frown. I slowly let go of him and slouch, very sad yet angry.

"Why?" I ask. Why is he leaving early? Is it because of me? What did I do to make this happen?

"No Laina it has nothing to do with you." He says quickly turning to face me. Oops, did I say that out loud?

"Then why?" I sniffle my tone raises a little.

"There are no flight tickets for the whole of next week" Bryer quavers looking at the blanket.

"What about next week?" I ask with a little of hope in me.

He shakes his head. "I checked and no tickets for that week either."

"What about the week after that?" I choked out, my voice getting weaker.

"Laina you know I really want to go and get a head start..."

"But it's not fair!" I suddenly burst with tears streaming down my face with ease.

"Laina-"Bryer puts his hand gently on my shoulder.

"Don't touch me!" I shout pulling away from his soft grip. I wipe my eyes furiously and once my vision is clear, my eyes are connected with Bryer's eyes. His eyes are fill hurt and shame.

"I'm sorry." He whispers keeping his distance. "It's my fault. I should have booked the ticket earlier. I didn't know this was going to happen. I-"he stops and takes a deep breath. I can tell he's overwhelmed. This is a new step for him and here I am being a brat that he's suddenly leaving so soon.

"No I'm sorry Brye. This is for your future and I'm just being silly me and getting in the way. It's ok. I'm not mad. Actually I am happy that you're leaving early. You have more time to communicate with other people and adapt to new surroundings. Besides I can always Skype you right? I can see you through the screen, no big deal." I look down so he doesn't see the emotion on my face. The first 2 sentences I said is true, but the rest is a lie. I know it's a lie and I hope he doesn't see it. What I know is he will barely get time to Skype me because he will be too busy with university.

He tilts my head and I see a frown on his face. "Please don't say that. You and I both know that's a lie." I know he is talking about me not being mad but happy but does he mean the Skype thing as well? "You know what?" I look at him confuse. "What about I take you out tomorrow for some brother-sister time? What do you say?" he says sounding a little cheerful. I know he is trying to take me out of this gloomy emotion. I just shrug and look back down. "Come on it will be special. Just you and me spending time together" he persuades. It is a good idea but I don't think I'm really in the mood for it. He tilts my head back up again. "For me?" At this moment I can clearly see through him. He really wants to do this. He will miss me a lot. He is scared to go on to the next stage of life. He wishes we were younger, where we were closer and playful. All he wants to do is relive the moment. So I decided I will do this for him. For us.

I smile and nod. He looks very overjoyed and crashes into me for a big hug. "I love you Laina!" he says giving me a big sloppy kiss on the cheek. I laugh at his reaction and hug him back. My brother and I are very close. We are not the fighting brother-sister type. Sure we fought about little things now and then but otherwise, we were always there for each other.

Soon this will be me. Just one more year of high school and I am on the next stage of life.

--if only my brother was like that. What am I saying I don't even have a brother. Just give like literally 2 chapters and that's where the real story begins (I tried to make the couple chapters ahead short.)--

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