Unknown Destination

Teen-Fic/Humour Rated:PG (No sexual scenes but a few explicit words)

It is the ending of junior year and summer break has begun. Laina and her friends decides to take a little road trip up north for a little celebration of their school year survival. She soon finds out that her older brother is leaving to another state which appears to be on the same day she is leaving. She won't see him for at least a year and she wants to be there when he leaves so she compromises and decides that she will drive by herself after she's done saying her farewell to her brother. What happens when say gives a ride to a familiar stranger? Well...they get trapped in the middle of nowhere. Literally. With nothing but a cellphone with no bars and a bag stuffed with clothes, what is Laina and this stranger going to do? Where will they end up?
(Summary sucks I am horrible at making them)


1. Chapter 1


              “I can’t wait! There’s a lot of stuff we have to do there!”  Rouge blabbers on and on. Me and a few of my friends decided we should go across the border to Canada which lead right to Niagara Falls to celebrate the survival of junior year, a big tourist attraction site with such beautiful falls.

                “Okay Rouge we get it! Shut your trap please?” Nathan, my other friend says irritated. She narrows her eyes at him, munching on her Chinese food.

                “Look at this catalogue I got! There is literally a thousand things to do!” Ivy, my other friend says taking out the catalogue. She starts rambling about the restaurants, arcades and etc. “I want to go to the upside down house. It looks pretty cool. I heard it even feels like an upside down house with the gravity pulling you down...”

                “Oh my gosh! They have a huge Ferris wheel there! We have to get tickets for that it’s so humongous!” Anna, yet again my other friend buds in showing us a picture of it.

                “What about this restaurant. Is says they have these singing waiters...” Rouge states.

                “It’s just some stupid singing waitresses Rue. I can sing for you.” Nathan brags with lots of confidence in his features.

                “Please. Even when you whisper it’s a shame” Rouge shoots at him crossing her arms.

                He rolls his eyes in disgust and mocks Rue by crossing his arms. “Hey they have a lot of Haunted houses there! I heard it’s very tense! We have to go there.” Nathan bubbles flipping through the pages.

                “I think that’s a good idea” I chime in twirling the straw in my cup.

                “Pfft really? That is so lame like who goes to that fake crap anyways?” Anna, my other friend nags at us.

                “Every teenager who has a life” Nathan responds matter-of-factly.

                Anna’s jaws drop and her eyes narrow at him and she looked like she was about to shoot lasers at him from her eyes. “Are you saying I have no life?” Anna growls putting her hands into fists.

                “Well I guess I am” Nathan responds straightening his shoulders trying to look undefeatable.

                “Kids” Tyce, my other friend (last one BTW) whispers in my ear. I smirk holding in my laugh.

                “I think the Ferris wheel plan is much better” Anna states flipping her hair.

                “What about the restaurant with singing waiters?” Rouge frowns.

                “What about the Casino?” Nathan shouts all of a sudden. We all look at him.

                “We’re too young for that” Anna admits.

                “You’re such a grandma” Nathan gibes.

                “Okay you know what-“and they all start complaining about, practically everything. Tyce and I just stare at them dumbfound. I turn my head to Tyce and he looks pretty amuse. I realize people in the food court are starting to stare at us so I nudge Tyce sending a try-to-stop-them look and he nods.

                “Okay you guys calm down. Calm down you seagulls! Especially you, you little feisty one...” he says pointing to Anna. She shoots daggers at him and they all shut-up. “You know what? We will all work this out. We each pick a place we want to go to and we have to go to wherever the person picks.  Is that fair?”

                Everyone nods in approval. Tyce nods back and sits back down. Just to let you know these are all my close friends, Anna, Ivy, Rouge, Nathan and Tyce. Anna is my closest friend. She knows literally all of my secrets. Even the deepest darkest ones.

                “...so Rue wants to go to that restaurant with singing waitresses, Nathan wants to go to the haunted house, Ivy wants to go to the upside down house, I want to go to the Ferris Wheel, Tyce wants to go to the arcade and Laina. What about you?” I thought about it. I’ve been to Niagara Falls a lot of times and the places they picked are amazing, but where would I want to go?

                “What about the Ripley’s museum? I heard there are a lot of cool things there.” I finally answer.

                “Great idea! We can create those wax hands!”  Anna agrees. Everyone else nods in agreement as well.

                “Well anyways. I got to go” Tyce speaks and he gets up from his seat throwing his trash away. Speaking of that, I need to get going as well. And as if he reads my mind he asks “anyone need a ride?”

                “I do” I say getting up from my seat and mimicking what Tyce did when he got up from his seat. We said our farewells and I got into the passenger seat of Tyce’s car. 10 minutes later he pulls up in front of my house and I hop out giving him a thank you and a wave.

---Chapter sort of sucks but it's just an intro to the characters and what's happening. Just give it some time and the real story begins...-

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