only human



I scream.  all i hear is gale climbing the stairs. the robot reached for my hand and he had a very sad face and was about to cry. i grab his hand. but then he had this really evil face and he pulled me down luckily gale was there so we didn't fall at that time he tries to pull me up but, then i see this man i didn't know who he was but he saved my life by killing that robot with a few shots of a ray gun. then i squint my eyes and i found out who it was i tell gale to pull me up. i yelled ¨MY FATHER¨ i got so jumpy and happy and finally i saw his tragic death by a robot dog climbed his back and ripped his neck off. I fall to my knees and scream. i cry and cry and cry. Gale looked at my dads dead body. and he git a few tears in my eyes. and then he picked me up and took me to my mom.


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