only human



When he kissed me it felt weird, because he is one of those friends that you love so much that u dont want to loose over a stupid relationship. so i pushed him off a little.

¨whats wrong.¨"he said 

¨nothing i just don't want to loose you over a stupid relationship.¨

¨why do u say that we arnt in a relationship.¨

i walk away slowly.

he grabs my arm and pulls me close. 

i tug away and run to my mom who is just down the stairs and he runs with me and i stop when i relies he is.

he walks up to me and says ¨whats gotten into you¨

¨ don't kiss me!¨ i yell at him

¨but why.¨

¨if we arnt in a relationship then don't kiss me!¨

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