Too Much Love.

Too much love for two people


2. what happend next.

Ariana thanked Harry for the lift home.

'I will be here tomorrow 8:30 make sure your ready' Harry said as he got back out of the car&opend the door for her.

Ariana was so confused. Ariana said 'why the hell are you being nice to me?'

Harry answered saying 'we'll I feel like I haven't been nice to you when I should have been I've never know someone so pretty and kind as you. I just haven't learnt to like you as much as I should have, so how about giving it a try, ey?'

Ariana blushed 'I suppose, just tomorrow make sure your not late'. Harry winked and kissed her cheek lightly. Ariana blushed and walk to her front door. As Harry drove off her beeped and winked.

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