Too Much Love.

Too much love for two people


1. the note

Ariana slipped her note in her book saying 'I love Harry styles so much'.

As Harry walked past he knocked her book of the desk in hate.

' oi bitch move your stuff' he yelled.

Ariana picked up her book not realising the note slipped out, Harry saw it but ignored it, he picked it up and gave it to her pretending not to see what was wrote on it. Ariana snatched it of him.

*end of school bell rings*

Ariana leaves form and walks out of school, to her surprise Harry is waiting outside of he's car for her. She blushes and walks past. 'Hey lil red' he said. Ariana turnt and looked at him confused. 'me?' she answerd. 'I don't see any other reds do you?'he replyed.

'Do you want a lift home?' He asked opening the car door like a gent.

'Ermm...' She said as she hesitated. 'Okay' and she jumped in the car. Harry went round the side and got in.

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