Too Much Love.

Too much love for two people


3. the next morning

Ariana woke up with a huge smile on her face.

She got up and went to the bath room. She had a shower and brushed her teeth. When she walked back in her room Harry was there sitting on her bed. Ariana screamed and ran back in the bathroom.

'What are you doing here!' She said as she walked back Out in just a towel.

'Well I woke up early and I was bored so I came over and your mum let me in' he replied.

'Thats not my mum, it's my sister. My mum died when I was 8. My sister looks after me because my dad left.'

'Oh ariana I'm so sorry' he said as he jumped up and gave her a hug.

He grabbed her bum&she blushed.

'Its not your fault' she said as she walked to her closet.

'No need I've brought you clothes' Harry said.

Ariana turn around to see Harry holding up a black tank top and denim jean shorts with some black heels.

Ariana liked it but she couldn't wear it with her sister knowing.

'Omg I love it, but my sister she will burst' I will get changed in the car.

'Ok fine by me, we can be closer;)' Harry giggled.

Ariana walked back to her closet and grabbed a long pink dress with white flowers on it and some pink vans.

She grabbed her purse and went down stairs with Harry following her.

Emily(Arianas sister) said 'morning, want breakfast?'

'Nah I will eat at school, bye' ariana replied.

'Bye, I won't be home until 6 tonight so see you then' Emily answerd.

Harry straight away looked at Ariana.

'Ok bye' Ariana giggled.

*slams door&gets in the car*

'What was that smile for?' Ariana asked.

'I just thought of something I will maybe ask you later.' Harry smirked.

'Ok' ariana said not having a clue what he was talking about.

She grabbed the bag of clothes of Harry and got in the back.

'Dont look pedo' ariana shouted.

Harry respected her and turnt around but adjusted the mirror and was watching her.

Ariana knew he was but wasn't worried, she knew she was turning him on& chuckled to herself.

When she done she got in the front as she stepped over the seats Harry couldn't help but to grab her ass.

She slapped it off&laughed.

'I have one more thing for you' Harry said and handed her a bag.

She opened, it had a black sparkly leather jacket in.

Ariana gasped' omg I love you.. I mean it, it's lovely thank you so much'.

Harry leant he's cheek in for a kiss but ariana grabbed it and turnt it to kiss he's lips.

Ariana took one more look in the bag and found a condom.

'What is this!' Ariana yelled as Harry reversed.

'Erm we'll if things went alright. I thought maybe..' He started to get nervous.

'Shh it's okay, I will think about it' she said and winked at him.

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