Too Much Love.

Too much love for two people


4. at school

'So babe, do you wanna hang with me today?' Harry asked politely.

Ariana answerd 'erm yeah sure babe anything for you'

Harry laughed and pushed her up against a locker. And slowly kissed her lips& grabbed her ass. Ariana put her hands in he's back pocket.

Luke( Harry's best mate) walked past with Ellie (Luke's girlfriend).

'Oh looks like Harry got some lips' Luke said to Ellie as a joke.

Ellie laughed and put her hand in Luke's hand. Luke tapped Harry on the shoulder.

'You alright there mate?' Luke asked as Harry turned around. As Harry pulled away luke and Ellie realised who he was kissing, 'omg your smooching the hottest girl in school' Luke said.

Ellie hit luke in the arm 'erm hello' Ellie said is disappointment.

'ok second hottest girl' Luke agreed.

*the bell rings for class*

'Meet me out her after school, I wanna tell you something' ariana said.

'ok, but come here first' Harry answered

Ariana walked towards him. Harry picked her up and spun her around and kissed her on the lips.

She giggled and walked away.

'Love you' Harry shouted.

'Love you more' ariana shouted back.

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