Too Much Love.

Too much love for two people


5. after school

Harry, Luke and Ellie were waiting out by the lockers. Ariana ran and gave Harry a bit hug.

'So what did you need to tell me?' Harry asked.

'We can go back to mine and ya know' ariana smirked.

Harry giggled and grabbed Arianas hand and walked to the car.

'Oi Luke you coming?' Harry shouted down the hall.

'Meet you there' Luke said coming up for breath from the lips of Ellie.

Ariana and Harry walked out of school to Harry's car. They got in and drove to Arianas.

When they arrived they went in side and up to Ellie's room.

Harry pushed ariana on the bed and toon her shoes off. Then her shorts. Harry got on to her bed and put he's hand under her chine and kissed her.

P.O.V ariana

It was magical. I have never know someone so we'll in a day. It's love.


Harry's hands went up Arianas top and undone her bra&took her top off. Ariana in buckled Harry's pants and pulled them down. She took of he's top and and cousin resist but to look at he's nipples, four he has four nipples. Ariana woke up again in the morning.

Emily hasn't returned but ariana had a text for her saying *gone to see granny, be back in a couple of days*

Harry had slept over and was still asleep.

Ariana woke him up, but what she had realised was Harry didn't have any protection on, he left it in the car.

Now ariana was staring to worry, she shook him until he woke up. Finally he woke.


'Erm, I don't.....'He grabbed Arianas face and kissed it. She did nothing she didn't care. I mean why would she, she was one week from finishing school, she was allowed to be pregnant, so who cares.

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