One Direction Imagines

I will take requests for a girl for Harry, Louis, Naill, Liam, or Zayn. In the comments tell me what you look like


3. Niall (For Alondra)

You walk into a restaurant for dinner and you see Niall Horan at the table next to yours!

"Can I please have your autograph? I'm a huge fan," you say.

Not looking up he hand's you the autograph and finally looks up. "Wow. You're beautiful," he said.

"Thanks," you reply.

"Do you want to go to dinner with me tomorrow?" he asks.

"Sure," you say.

After you eat you go home and go to bed. You wake up the next morning and call Niall. 

"Hey. What time are you oicking me up for dinner?" you ask into the phone.

"How about 8?" Niall said.

"Yeah. 8 is fine," you reply. So when he comes to pick you up for dinner he puts something into your hand. "It's bbeautiful," you say.

"It's a promise ring," he said.

"What's the promise?" you ask.

"Never leave me," he said.

"Now that I can do," you say just before you kiss him.

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