Chasing dreams

Lilian Collins has a rich daddy who always criticizes her surfing and puts her dreams down. He wants her to become a doctor but she has other desires. Lilian finally turns 18 and right after graduation, she out of there. She runs away, moving northern of California to fulfill her life as a surfer. But does one particular guy catch her eye? Read and find out!!!


3. 3


I threw my hat in the air as well as all of the other students did, screaming and cheering and laughing. Ugh. I ran over to Danny, Erin, and Jonathan and we hugged for a while.

"I'll meet you guys at the beach around 3. I want to say goodbye to you before I leave. I already have the note for my dad written. Please, just don't forget about me. And call me everyday. Or else I'll match up to your campus and show them the picture of you guys naked at the truth or dare party. Got it?"

The guys eyes went wide. "Y-you still have that picture?! But you said you deleted it!" Jonathan started shaking.

"I lied." I giggled. My dad started walking over to me and I sighed. "I love you guys. I'll see you soon." I whisper and kiss them on the cheek before they walked off. "Hey dad. I'm so happy!" I jumped up and down and hugged him.

"I love you sweetheart. I'm glad you made it." We smiled ad headed to his car.

"I'll walk home dad. Can I just put my gown in here?"

"No, Lilian, your riding home in the car. Get it now." My dad demanded. I sighed and got it. If felt weird, I haven't been in a car for years.

When we got home I ran upstairs and packed my stuff in a large duffel bag. I grabbed a sleeping bag and pillow and stuffed them in my bag as well. It was 2:45 right now so I needed to hurry. I tied a rope to the handle and dropped the bag to the ground, then I placed the note I my bed and climbed out the window. I landed on my feet, grabbed my bag and I even sneaked $500 from my dad's wallet. I headed tithe beach rose Jonathan, Ethan, and Danny sitting in a circle at my chair, checking out a photo.

"What's that?" I ask and grab the photo. It was me and them in a photo together. All four of us were laughing and the three of them were holding me bridal stile. I felt tears forming in my eyes. "I remember this day. That lifeguard dude took the picture and then tried to go out with me right after and I told him I was a lesbian. That was one of my best days ever." I felt the tear drop from my cheek and the boys got up and hugged me.

"Please don't go, Lili. We love you." Danny said, his face mad buried in my chest.

I cried a lot more, clinging on to them tighter. "I have to. But I promise to call you every day. Y'all will come find me again after you graduate right?"

They nodded, too sad to say anything. After about ten minutes,'I knew it was time for me to go. We said some more farewells and Danny shoved some beers into my bag, just in case. I kissed them on the cheek real quick before I unhooked my board and walked off.

5 hours of walking later:

I walked into my bus and say down in a seat, in the very back corner. A really fat dude was next to me and snored in my shoulder the whole time. I flicked his forehead.

"Ahh! Wha what. Is this my stop?" He asked me. His breath stank.

"No, sir you was sleeping on me." I said and smiled. He just shrug and laid back on me. Only 30 more minutes. I can do this.

Once we arrived at my stop, I jumped out and smelled the fresh salt water. Now I need to find a place to sleep. Obviously the beach. But I needed a spot.

A very yummy lifeguard walked by nodding his head at me to say hi. I walked over to him. "Sir, hi I'm new to this area. I was wondering if you know any places that sell cots or beach chairs."

"The store over there has camping items. I'm pretty sure you might find something useful there. Have a nice day." He walked into the cafeteria and I heads into the store. I noticed some cots in a bin and picked it up. It was only $20. I smiled at the lady and said "thank you." Before waking out.

I found an empty spot in the sand near a black fence to keep you from walking on their grass. I set up my cot and sleeping back before taking my shorts an shirt off. I grabbed my board and hooked it up to my ankle as I ran into the water. I swam out little ways and say there. The waves were low today so there was no use surfing. But I liked looking at the ocean when it was calm. It always made me feel calm.

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