Chasing dreams

Lilian Collins has a rich daddy who always criticizes her surfing and puts her dreams down. He wants her to become a doctor but she has other desires. Lilian finally turns 18 and right after graduation, she out of there. She runs away, moving northern of California to fulfill her life as a surfer. But does one particular guy catch her eye? Read and find out!!!


2. 2

Around 8:30, I put my hair in a side braid, put on my converse, and snuck out the door while my dad was in the shoulder.

The guys were sitting on the sand with a few empty beers scattered all over the sand. "Hey guys." I say and grab a beer from the cooler and drink it.

"Hey. Your early. Your dad give up lecturing you?" Danny says.

I laugh and take my top off, keeping my bottoms on. "Nahh...I snuck out while he was taking a shower."

"Ooh, our lili, sneaking out? He's not going to let you out of the house for a while." Erin smirked and I laughed.

"Nah. He's always trying to punish me but I find a way to get out. I can't take any more of this. After graduation, I'm running away."

"Your leaving us?" Jonathan shot up. "But. What about us?"

"Come with me. We can live in the beach until we find a home. And train all day. You guys are 18, you won't be searched for since you no longer a minor." I said, drinking the last of my beer. I threw it in the sand.

"You know I wish we could, lili, but we only surf for entertainment. We're not as determined and confident with this as you are." Danny said. "I want to be a writer, Jonathan wants to be a polo live officer, and Erin wants to be a lawyer. This Friday might be the last day we will ever see each other face to face. Sure we'll call and text. And maybe video chat. But it might be 4 years till we ever see each other again."

"I'm going to miss you guys. I love you all." I say and hug them all. They hug back and when were done with that dramatic moment. We run into the waves with pour boards.

At midnight. We all parted ways. I put on my shorts and shirt, and ran home. I quietly opened the door and snuck in. I heard snoring and I sighed in relief. Every step I stepped,the stairs would creak.


I got into my room, took a shower, and went to bed. I stayed up a little later than I intended since I was thinking about when I run away, I'm not going to have a home. I hope someone takes me in for free, but here in California, they don't give anyone anything am unless you got money. I just have tomorrow and the next day. Then, I'm a free bird. I'll need to sneak some money from him before I leave though. But maybe I should talk to him about it first, maybe he'll give me some money and actually believe in my choices this time. Ah whatever. Once my head was cleared, I fell asleep.

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