The One That Got Away*a niall horan love story*

My name is Paige. I come from a town In Illinois called Kankakee. I never though I would find the perfect one, until I met him. I loved him already but now he loved me too... I hope ( curse words are in this story so I'm warning you now) hope you like my first fan fic This fan fiction is rated red but i couldn't set it to that there will be content in this story that is recommended for 16+ so if you could maybe like find a way to skip those parts if you don't like that or you could stop reading but i am warning you now


41. Wedding plan

Paige's P.O.V.

I pulled out the phone Niall got me to replace the one i had to destroy and went to the dial pad. I dialed the number i have been wanting to dial for so long. The one friend who didn't leave me. The friend that was left behind when I left. It started ringing. "Hello" her voice said when it stopped ringing. "Meadow Montgomery!" I said smiling even though she couldn't see me. "Paige Anders!" She said. I could almost hear her smile. "OMG how are you i miss you so much!" I said. "I'm good i'm good. I have a boyfriend and I work at starbucks and I am having so much fun with my life. But that doesn't matter how are you!?"  She squealed into the phone.  "well, you know one direction right?" i said slowly and calmly. "OMG YES! I love them!!" She said excitedly. " "Well, You will never believe this... I am engaged to Niall Horan and I live with Harry Styles and his girlfriend who is apparently my twin sister Dakota!" I said all in one breath. I held the phone away from my ear knowing what she was gonna do next. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed into the phone. "OMG i can't believe that MY best friend is living with one direction and marrying one direction's Niall Horan. OMG!" she said after i put the phone back to my ear. "Okay, okay calm down. " I said in a comforting tone. "Ok tell me everything!" she said dramatically. "i can't tell you everything it is just too much to tell. You will have to come visit me and the boys in... London England!" i said Meadow has wanted to go to London her whole life. She told me this when i was shopping with her a few months before i got away. "OMG Yes i can't wait i am going to start packing right now and I can help you plan the wedding and we could have a wedding shower and a bachelorette party and oh it is gonna be so fun!" She said without breathing. "Alright and you can be the maid of honor like we always planned." i said hoping she would say yes. "oh Paige. I would be honored to be the maid of honor. Haha see what i did there!" she said excitedly. "Yea i see. okay so when will you get here?" i asked hoping it would be soon. "I will be there in about what today is Tuesday so I will be there umm Thursday the 23rd. Hey December 23! That's right before christmas and the day before Louis's birthday!" she said. Leave it to Meadow to know when Lou's birthday is. "Yes that's awesome so we can spend Christmas together!" "YAY!" She said. "Ok so i will let you go so you can finish packing and o by the way be sure to bring your boyfriend i have to meet him!" i said "Okay i will be sure to bring him Bye love you sissy!" "Love you too sissy" Then i hung up. I do love her. She was like the sister i needed when i didn't have one. Well, i didn't know i had one. Meadow Montgomery was my very best friend when i was living with my parents. She helped me through the hard timed when i was being abused. She has two little brothers who are three and four and her fave colors are green and blue. She is a great singer and she knows it too. She is also a very good dancer but she wants to get even better! She loves to take pictures and photography. She is kind of a tomboy i guess because she likes to ride four wheelers and things like that. She loves animals but her fave animal is the panda. She is average height and she has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. And she LOVES one direction. That's why we always got along so well. I was there for her too though. Especially when she broke up with her ex, Donavan. He wasn't good for her at all. But that doesn't mean she wasn't crushed. I can't wait to see her again and tell her all about what has happened since i last saw her. She will explode!


Okay so this chappie features our contest winner but i don't know if all of this info is correct so if you are the winner and you see any mistakes let me know and i will change it. Thanks crazy mofos!-


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