The One That Got Away*a niall horan love story*

My name is Paige. I come from a town In Illinois called Kankakee. I never though I would find the perfect one, until I met him. I loved him already but now he loved me too... I hope ( curse words are in this story so I'm warning you now) hope you like my first fan fic This fan fiction is rated red but i couldn't set it to that there will be content in this story that is recommended for 16+ so if you could maybe like find a way to skip those parts if you don't like that or you could stop reading but i am warning you now


26. The story

Niall's P.O.V. (it's been a while since you saw that one)

"Ok, so i drove to my dads house and he told me that he was going to take my stuff to the room at the end of the hall.Then he told me that I should sleep in the room upstairs, so i went upstairs and went to the room he told me to. After I told you that i had to go, he came into the room and locked the door from the inside. Then he pushed me on the bed and said some really weird and hurtful things. A-" I cut her off "What did he say to you?" I said clearly worried "He said 'You've always gotten everything you want from me now its my turn to get what i want from you'" she said trying her best to mock her father's voice. I nodded motioning for her to continue. "Then he tied me to the bed with his short and he you know." she said tears brimming in her eyes "Then marideth came and beat me and the worst part is that I- I -I -I was a virgin" she said between sobs. I wrapped her up in my arms and she burried her head in my chest. "thats it, .....We are moving to England with the boys" I said I feel bad that I didn't tell her about the boys moving back to England I was going to stay here with Paige but now that her step mom and her father are after her I have decided that we are going with them. "What are you talking about Niall?" she asked "Well, the lads are moving back to England and I was going to stay here with you, but I really think that we need to go with them. We can stay with haz and Dakota. Then we can look for a house of our own and we will be perfectly safe i promise." i begged her. "Ok, But we have to buy some stuff because at the moment I dont have any clothes or a phone soooo" she trailed off. The next day we packed up the house and we boarded the plane with the other lads. I told them the situation and they completely understand. Harry and Dakota said they have an extra room so we are gonna stay with them until we find a place. "You  may now unfasten you seatbelts for your safety there is only one more thing i have to say, please inform the servers of any allergies before ordering anything. Thank you and enjoy your flight" the attendant said after what seemed like an hour of listening to her explain the masks while everyone waited for her to announce that we could take our seatbelts off. "England here we come" Paige said beside me. Yep here we come.


Ok so i am writing a new movella but dint worry this one is no where near finished.  It is called    I'm Yours [A one direction fan fic]   So go check it out thanks,  my crazy mofos for getting me to 140 reads wow. -


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