The One That Got Away*a niall horan love story*

My name is Paige. I come from a town In Illinois called Kankakee. I never though I would find the perfect one, until I met him. I loved him already but now he loved me too... I hope ( curse words are in this story so I'm warning you now) hope you like my first fan fic This fan fiction is rated red but i couldn't set it to that there will be content in this story that is recommended for 16+ so if you could maybe like find a way to skip those parts if you don't like that or you could stop reading but i am warning you now


16. Surprise!

Paige's P.O.V.

When I woke up I was in a bed that was not mine with arms wrapped around me. I was about to scream when i decided to see who it was first. I turned around to see Niall who was snoring slightly. What is today? i thought as i crawled out of bed to check my phone. November 12, 2013. it is my birthday!!!!! I am turning 19 today!I can't wait! Although it is my birthday, I am tired. So, I went to the bed and layed back down in Niall's arms. I was laying there for 5 minutes and then I dell asleep. It felt like I was sleeping for like, 2 seconds, but I guess it was an hour. I was deep in my sleep when I heard Niall say, "Happy Birthday Paige!!!!!!" "How did you know" i asked him. I don't remember telling him that. "It's on twitter!" he said.  oh, yea i put my birthday info in my profile. "Oh, yea, well, thanks!" "Anything for my princess" he saids kissing my nose "Anything for my prince" i said pecking him on the lips. He tried to deepen the kiss, but I was going to tease him for as long as I could wait. "Oh, come on Paige don't do this to me" "Do what?" i said looking him in the eyes "Don't tease me. You are too sexy for me to handle teasing of any kind from you." he said getting off the bed and putting a shirt on then going downstairs to make breakfst. "I'll help you." i said following him down the stairs. When I got to the kitchen, I had to go to the bathroom. "I will be right back. I have to go to the bathroom." I said to Niall he nodded his head and I went upstairs to the bathroom. I did my biz and went back downstairs. "SURPRISE!!!!" Everybody, everybody being the boys and their girlfriends, yelled in unison. I smiled like an idiot in the middle of the room. "happy birthday!" everybody said to me as they came up to hug me " you guys are Awesome!" I said giving everyone a smile. "I love you." i said to Niall giving him a long, passionate kiss on his soft lips. "Guys come on get a room!" Louis yelled sheilding his eyes "I love you too Niall said after pulling away. "I will love you forever." I said to him "Forever and always" he said, pecking me on the cheek. 


Hey guys if you can get me to 50 reads (only 5 more reads) I will have a surprise for you! Hope you like my story so far!


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