The One That Got Away*a niall horan love story*

My name is Paige. I come from a town In Illinois called Kankakee. I never though I would find the perfect one, until I met him. I loved him already but now he loved me too... I hope ( curse words are in this story so I'm warning you now) hope you like my first fan fic This fan fiction is rated red but i couldn't set it to that there will be content in this story that is recommended for 16+ so if you could maybe like find a way to skip those parts if you don't like that or you could stop reading but i am warning you now


2. good family...yea right

 Ok so, now that I am done with that. Let's talk about my .......past. when I was about 2 my parents split. It wasn't hard on me though because I was so young. When I was about 4, I started going to visit my dad(and his awful wife) every other weekend. When I got over there his wife would wait for my mom to drive away then take me to the basement to "play a game". She would beat me so hard then she just told everyone that I was clumsy and always falling down.  Can't believe they were stupid enough to believe her! UGH! That's when I started cutting, about 6 years after she started beating me. I was only 10, but now I'm 18. I told everyone that i was moving to Mexico for work. I also told them that i worked for a magazine company, neither of these are true. i live in a small apartment by myself now.

A.N. hey guys hope you are enjoying this story so far. i am trying my best!

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