The One That Got Away*a niall horan love story*

My name is Paige. I come from a town In Illinois called Kankakee. I never though I would find the perfect one, until I met him. I loved him already but now he loved me too... I hope ( curse words are in this story so I'm warning you now) hope you like my first fan fic This fan fiction is rated red but i couldn't set it to that there will be content in this story that is recommended for 16+ so if you could maybe like find a way to skip those parts if you don't like that or you could stop reading but i am warning you now


45. *9 months later*

Paige's P.O.V.

"Agh. DRIVE FASTER!" I screamed at harry who was driving me to the hospital. "baby please calm down." Niall. He was sitting next to me and letting me squeeze the life out of his hand. "Niall, I can't keep calm I am in labor and if you didn't know, it hurts like hell!" I scolded him. I took a deep breath as the contraction came to an end. "are you okay now?" he said. He slid his hand across my face, gently, to get some hair away from my eyes. I nodded. Then a few minutes later there was another one. It came to an end and we arrived at the hospital. Niall and Harry helped me out of the car followed by Dakota, meadow, and Tristin. We had to cancel the wedding due to the fact that my dress wouldn't fit and I refused to pick another one.   "Okay let's go" Haz said. Niall grabbed one of my elbows and Harry grabbed the other. We walked to the doors of the ER and rushed inside. "Excuse me. My fiance is in labor can she get a doctor or whatever you do when your fiance is in labor?" Niall said all one breath. The nearest nurse rushed me to a wheelchair and wheeled me away. Niall came rushing after us. "I am allowed to be in here the whole time right?" Niall said with nerve in his voice. "Yea you can be in here is this your first?" she asked us both. We nodded. "Do you know the gender?" she asked. Why does it even matter? I thought to myself, but Niall answered the question before I got the nerve to say anything rude. "No we wanted it to be a surprise." I secretly want a girl. I know Niall wants a girl too and he also wants a boy. I wouldn't let the doctor show us the ultra sound. I didn't want to know what he/she looked like or how big he/she was. I just wanted to know that he/she was healthy. That's all that mattered. I got another contraction and after that there was almost immediately another. "Doctor I need a doctor in delivery!" the nurse yelled out the door. A doctor came rushing in. "Okay, Paige, it's time to push. We will do ten counts alright?" I nodded. All i felt was pain. Excruciating pain. I heard a cry. i let out a big breathe.   "Hey doc we have a problem" "What is it Diane?" the doc asked. "she's still got one more to deliver." WHAT!!!!!!!!!! Twins! I looked to Niall with a terrified face. He squeezed my hand reassuringly. I took a breath and started to push again. I heard another cry. They let Niall cut the cords and we got the news. "Congratulations You have yourself a healthy baby girl and a healthy baby boy!" the nurse squealed in excitement.  I smiled at Niall. "We're parents." I said happily. They wrapped the babies up in blue and pink blankets and let us hold them. "What's her name Niall?" I asked him. "Charolette Anne Horan" He said with confidence. "What's his name Paige?" he asked me. "Noah Michael Horan" "They're beautiful. Paige, she looks just like you" He said sitting to me on the bed. "Yea He looks like you too, baby" I said. "I love you" he said "I love you too. Just then everyone walked in. Their mouths hung open. "Oh paige they're precious" Dakota awed. "What are their names? Who came up with what?" Perrie asked. "Well, I came up with the boy and his name is Noah Michael" I said "and I came up with the girl and her name is Charolette Anne" Niall said. "That's perfect" Meadow said. All of the sudden I looked down to see that Noah had stopped breathing. "Niall, Niall Noah stopped breathing go get help someone!"


So this was the last chapter of TOTGA But there will be a sequel! The sequel is called Never Let Go (Sequel to TOTGA). I will put it up tonight. Thanks crazy mofos!-


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