Love Hurts


2. Chapter Two

Slowly I walked into the hotel room that me and my bestfriend Izzy were assigned to. She had agreed to come along with me because according to her, everyone needs a partner in crime. *knock* *knock* "Erm.. uh.. who is it?" I had to find my English accent. "Don't be silly love, it's me." Izzy giggled, opening the door. "Ready for this?" "You never even told me what the plans were." "Duh, I meant are you ready for me to go over the plans?" "I so knew that! But yeah aha." she slowly closed the door and locked it. "First things first; new identities. This means changing our names and appearance." I pulled out makeup, and a credit card. "Oh god, this is going to be interesting." "Come on! Lets go!" "Wouldn't someone know who we are?" "Good point. Here, just wear baggy clothes, put your hair up in a messy bun, and wear these glasses." I tossed her the glasses as we both got ready. "Ok, now lets go." we both smiled, as we got into the car and left. -20 minutes later- We finally arrived at the mall, driving here was like the complete opposite from the U.S. though, it's nice to get new experience in it. "Wanna go get tattoos or piercings?" I suggested, looking at Izzy. "They don't really sound good, but if I had to choose, I guess I could get a tattoo on my shoulder." she shrugged. "Ok, lets go get that done first. I'll be right here beside you." I smiled, knowing deep down inside her that she was afraid of needles and ink. We both slowly walked towards the tattoo parlor, stopping right at the doors. "This place gives me the creeps." she shivered, I nodded in agreement. "Hey! They're the two girls from 'the most wanted' list!" "Shit! Run!!"
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