Love Hurts


1. Chapter One

"People come and go in your life. Sometimes things get left off on the wrong foot, but others they just end unexpectedly. Everyone comes into your life with a purpose, whether it's to be your bestfriend, or worst nightmare (well one of the thousands you'll come into contact with). Relationships are just a joke if you ask me. People use people, they cheat, they abuse you, they could be drunks, freaks, or even people who are overly distant. I mean, it's all a joke. Like seriously, GET A LIFE!! Then you have those people in your life who'd do anything for you. Poor Kayla is still sitting in jail for me. Don't worry girl, I'll get you out soon! Just as I promised." I slowly closed my journal, placing it in my purse, just as the plane had landed.

"Time to do this." were my first and final words as I exited the plane doors.

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