The Revived one

Don't give up. Ever. You are beautiful and you are worth it. YOU are worth it!
Don't tell yourself otherwise or let anyone else tell you otherwise.Read this
poem of a young girl who almost gave up, and what happened to her that
helped her overcome her misery. This was me. I was this girl a few years
ago, and I'm still trying to overcome my misery. The hole in your heart can
be filled. I promise. Just don't give up.


1. Help me, anyone!

A girl once looked into the mirror,

her eyes were full of large crystal tears.

She stared at her reflection and said

“I can not take it! I wish I were dead!”

That night, she slept in perfect peace.

In her dreams flew many wild geese.

The clouds in the sky suddenly turned gray,

it seems her dream became a rainy day.

But in the very center of the pitch black storm,

Jesus arose, with arms soft and warm.

He wiped away the misery of her eyes,

and said “My child, please do not cry,

“times are tough, but you must get by.”

He led her to a shiny road of gold,

where a chariot stood, bright and bold.

The chariot of heaven then took her home,

She is now freed from misery's dome.

She looks at the charming face in the mirror,

but her eyes contain no further tears.

Instead, she smiled and she said,

"I am beautiful, I feel no dread."



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