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Lucy P.o.v

"Alright see you later okay "

"Yeah I will text you around four " I walked to the bus stop waving goodbye to my best friend Alex . The bus came earlier than usual I scanned the bus and sat at the back unlocking my phone looking to my home screen . Alex and I were at the beach laughing when the photo was taken . Her short honey brown hair twirling in the air while she squeezed her hazel eyes shut has my dyed cherry hair stuck to her face .while i hold on to her for support from laughing too hard . I still remember the first day we met back in second grade . I was new and I tripped spilling my apple juice on her I thought she would be really mad so I started ranting saying anything that popped up to my mind . She started laughing saying it's okay from then we "clicked " .

"Hey dad " I smiled slipping off my shoes at the door . "How was the rehearsal sweet heart " he kisses my cheek setting a plate with pizza .

" good I got the song down "

" cool remember you're joining me to the soccer game today " I nodded in response .

After dinner I excused my self and ran upstairs to my room. The baby blue walls I had since I was 10 with my shelf and desk matching . I plopped on my bed dozing off until a beep came from my phone .

" harry hurry up you need to get to the tour bus I can't keep covering for you Paul is getting Suspicious " -niallers

This niallers dude must have gotten the numbers mixed up , but why does the names harry and Niall ring a bell .

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