2. hello

Niall's P.O.V

"Alright Niall where is he " Paul said keeping my favorite snack in his hand trying to keep his calm .

" I don't know Paul if I did I would have told you " I quickly answered fiddling with my fingers . Paul let out a deep sigh and called the boys . Once we were all settled in the lounge Paul asked them and same response I told him .

" okay here is the plan zayn and Liam you guys go check the clothing stores louis you check the little restaurants and Niall you look at the football stadium " we all nodded and walked out the back if the bus with our hoods up . I got a taxi to the nearest stadium . I paid taking a picture with the owner and scanned the seats but so many people were here I couldn't find his mop of curly hair .

Lucy's P.O.V

I'm here with Alex and my dad watching a soccer game . I Had the urge to use the restroom I tapped Alex's shoulder telling her I'm going and walked down the stairs being careful not to step on the popcorn and other spilled condiments . I did my business and walked out tucking in my jersey . I didn't see where I was going and bumped into someone .

" I'm sorry love " a thick British accent rang through my ears . I looked up and saw a mop of curly hair and bright green eyes

" oh no it's my fault I'm sorry " I stepped away gaining my balance .

" if you insist oh and America is so going to lose love " he chuckled pointing to my shirt . I faked gasped and smirked

"Wait who is winning I can't see the score board "

" umm America but that's only becau- " I cut him off .

" sure whatever there is only 20 minutes left curls I wouldn't count on it "

" if you're so confident let's make a deal "he smirked leaning against the bathroom door .

" okay but I wouldn't lean on that door" I whispered then watched him fall as a little girl giggles opening the door then walking away with her mom .

" if London's team win I get your number and a match between you and me "

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