Sometimes I write and I don't really know what I'm writing about, just that I'm writing. I guess this is one of those moments. But I think this poem is meant to represent opposites in people, the difference between those that are negative and positive and that somehow, now matter how different two people are, they can still end up together. But you can interpret it in any way you like :)


1. 1


Whilst my heart is breaking,

Your heart is calling,

Whilst my love falters,

Your love is forming.



When I take a step backward,

You jump a step forward,

When I hold back my actions,

You fight for them, onward.


As I leap to conclusions,

You dig down deeper,

As I wish for time alone,

You want more, you seek her.


Meanwhile I live to expectation,

You live to rise beyond,

Meanwhile I do the minimum,

You do more, more than you're told.


Thus, I'm the invisible creature,

And you're the talking cloud,

Thus, I'm the one to keep quiet,

And you're forever speaking aloud.


I'm the hiding goblin,

You're the feathered bird,

I'm the wicked witch,

You're the sly fox, as I heard.


So as I'm a seeming-less nothing,

You're more than you've ever been,

So as my heart is soaring,

Yours is higher than it's ever seemed.


Bring us both together,

Our opposites so sharp,

Bring us both together,

But maybe, you'll never break us apart...








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