English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


9. Chapter 9

As they were walking Ashton said "Look there right there" "Oh" "You wanna meet them?" "Um I don't know" then Harry turned around and said "Hey Ashton" "Hey Harry" Harry walked up to them then when Harry walked up to them Denise's phone rang she picked it up and said "Hello" "Hey Denise" "Hey, having fun?" "Yeah I am, are you?" "Yeah I'm having a great time" "Where did he take you?" "Disneyland" "Damn your favorite place" "Yeah I know" "Yeah,so guess what?" "What?" "Michael asked me out" "Awwwww that's cute" "Yeah so are you and Ashton like dating too?" "Yeah we are I think" "Awwwwww that's cuter" "Whatever" "Hahahahaha" "Oh my fucken god guess what?" "What?" "One Direction as in Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Perrie, and Eleanor are here at Disneyland" "WHAT THE FUCK LUCKY ASS HAVE YOU TALKED TO THEM!!!!!!" "No I'm too shy" "Of course you are" "Yeah well Harry just walked up to us like what the fuck" "Harry Styles your favorite one in the band?" "Yes that one" "Oh fuck" "Like what am I suppose to say" "I don't know stay calm" "Okay well I'll talk to you later cause Ashton wants me to meet them cause they all wanted to meet me earlier" "Okay have fun then I'll see you later" "Okay bye Skye" "Bye Denise" then Denise hung up her phone and walked back to Ashton she said "Sorry about that it was Skye" "It's fine, are you ready to meet them?" "Not really but at the same time yes" "Just remember stay calm" "Okay I will try" "okay then" then Harry and the rest walked up to them and they said "Hey Ashton" he said "Hey guys, guys this is the girl I was talking about Denise" Harry said "Hello love" Niall said "Hi" Liam said "Hello" Louis said "HIIIIII" Zayn said "Hi" Perrie said "Hi Denise" Eleanor said "Hey" Denise then said "Um Hi" then Ashton went with the guys to go get something to snack on and Denise, Perrie, and Eleanor sat at a table then Perrie said "So Denise" "Yeah" "Are you and Ashton like dating?" "Um I don't know he asked me out this is our date so I guess" Eleanor said "Hahahaha okay" Perrie said "You do know who we are?" "Of course your Perrie Edwards from Little Mix and your Eleanor Louis girlfriend, I've always wanted to meet you both" Eleanor said "Awwwww that's sweet, your not one of those crazy fans that are going to say rude things to me are you?" "Oh no of course not I love both of you and you both are so cute" "Awwwww I like her Perrie" Perrie said "Hahahahaha" "Perrie I also think you and Zayn make a really cute couple too, when I found out you both were getting married I was super happy for both of you" Perrie said "Awwwww I like you Denise your not like those other fans that are rude and say mean things" Denise said "I hate those people like if you like the boys you are going to have to like who date or marry" Eleanor said "I use to be a fan of the boys and look were i'm at now" Denise said "Dating one of them" "Yeah so never give up" "Hahahahah I never did my sister always told me it's going to have to be either Harry or Ashton and look were i'm at" Perrie said "With Ashton" "Exactly" they both laughed and Eleanor said "So were is your sister?" "Oh she's at six flags with Michael"  "Oh how old is she?" "She's 19" "How old are you?" "19" Perrie said "You don't look 19" "Yeah I know I get that a lot when I was in my Senior year in high school people though I was in the 10th grade" "Your not in high school anymore?" "No i finished when I was 17" "Wait when is your birthday?" "In November" "When did you graduate?" "June" "Oh no wonder" "yeah so I was 17" then the boys came back and they all sat at the table and got to know each other Denise instantly got along with Liam, Niall, Perrie, Eleanor, and Louis 

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