English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


5. Chapter 5

"Wait so Skye is with Michael, Michael Clifford?" "Yeah" "Oh man if he tells her she's going to freak" "Why?" "She is also a fan of you guys" "Who's her favorite?" "Michael" "oh no wonder" "yeah" "Who's your favorite in the band?" "Um, I um.." Ashton said "Come on tell me I'm not going to be mad or anything" "Um okay it's um you" "What I didn't hear you?" "It's you there I said it I like you Ashton" Denise walked away and Ashton tried to follow her but she was to fast, when Denise lost him she sat down and sat there and pulled out her phone to see 5 messages from Ashton and 2 missed calls from him, she decided to call him back.


Ashton's POV

When Denise told me that she liked me I wanted to tell her I felt the same but she ran away from me, i tried calling her and texted her so many times I hope she's not mad at me dammit why did i do that.


When Ashton answered the phone he said "Denise, where are you at?" "I'm by the entrance" "Okay stay there please I need to talk to you" "okay" "I mean it Denise" "Okay I mean it to I will stay here" "Okay I'm almost there" "Okay bye" "Bye" Denise sat there and a couple of minutes later Ashton showed up he walked up to Denise and said "Denise I'm sorry" "It's fine" "Can I tell you something?" "Sure I guess" "Okay hear me out" "I will" "Um, Denise when i meet you i thought you were the funniest girl I've ever meet, then after i fell for you see Denise i like you not like you as a friend but more than a friend, I love you Denise" "But your Ashton Irwin you can have anyone you want why me?" "I don't anyone else I want you, wait that sounds creepy, I like you because you are perfect and you are just you and your really pretty not pretty your beautiful" "Ashton look I like you too" "You do?" "yeah I do since I found out about your band I've always have" "so Denise I know we have only known each other a short time but will you go out with me?" "Yes I will" "Really?" "Yeah I will" "Okay I already have our date planned and I will take you out tomorrow" "Okay I'll make sure to be ready this time not like today" "Hahahah yeah, not to be weird but when you walked in with that long shirt i thought you weren't wearing shorts under" "I was wearing shorts" "I know you could see them from the back" "Yeah I love that shirt" "Hahahaha" Then they walked around the theme park talking an laughing not really going on any rides, just enjoying the company of each other. When they were closing they were making there way back to the entrance and Michael and Skye were already there waiting for them, Skye said "have fun?" "Yeah I did" Denise said looking up at Ashton with a smile, Ashton said "Did you have fun?" Michael said "We had a great time" Then they left and got in the car and drove back to the house when they got there Michael was talking to Skye and Denise was talking to Ashton she said "So what time are you coming by tomorrow?" "Um like 8 in the morning" "Why so early?" "Cause were we are going it's an all day thing" "Fine I will put my alarm for 7 in the morning" "Hahahah dress comfy not to dressy, just dress like you did today" "Okay well I will see you tomorrow then" "See you tomorrow Denise, Good night Denise" "Good Night Ashton" 

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