English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


4. Chapter 4

The next morning Denise woke up to someone knocking at the front door she got up half asleep and walked to the door she opened it and seen Ashton and this guy there he said "Um hey Denise" "Ashton fuck I forgot you were coming but why so early?" "It's 1:30pm" "Oh um come in and let me go get ready" "Okay thanks" they walked in and then Denise went to Skye's room and woke her up when she woke up Skye said "Why did you wake me up?" "I forgot Ashton and his friend were coming and there here get up now" "Ugh what time is it?" "1:30pm" "Fine" "Thanks" Denise walked out of her room and went to go shower when she came out she had on some green shorts and a shirt that was really long that covered her shorts then she walked to the living room and said "Ashton what are you planning to do today?" Ashton looked at Denise and said "Um, well I was planning that we got to a theme park" "What? Me and Skye don't have money to pay for that" "Just trust me okay" "Fine, let me go get ready I wanted to ask so I know what to wear today" "Hahahah okay, and this is Michael by the way" "Hi Michael nice to meet you" "You too" Denise went to her room and changed to some pants and a black shirt that said "Normal Is Boring" then put on her converse and combed her hair then put on mascara and eyeliner then Skye walked in her room and said "Denise I didn't know you let them in" "Skye I wasn't going to leave them outside" "Oh, so what are we doing today with them?" "Ashton said he's taking us to a theme park" "But we have no money" "I know I told him that he said to not worry about it he will take care of it" "Okay then" "Yeah, are you ready?" "Yeah I am" "okay lets go" "But food" "We will go somewhere in a bit" "Fine" Then they walked to the living room and then they got in Ashton's car and drove to Knott's Berry Farm when they got there they got off and walked to the ticket booth and Ashton had got them all tickets then Denise said "You didn't have to buy us tickets" "But I wanted to" "I see Skye is getting along with Michael" "Yeah he's funny" "yeah he is" "Ashton I'm hungry we didn't eat since um you guys showed up at the house this afternoon" "Hahahaha yeah, let's go get something to eat then" "okay" then they went to go get something to eat and Ashton told Michael "Well you two me and Denise are going to go and we meet up at the front later on if your not there when they are closing were leaving you here" Skye said "Okay, Ashton you better take care of her" "Don't worry I will" Denise said "Michael take care of her I trust you" "I will Denise, see you guys later" then they walked away from each other then Ashton said "Where to first?" "Um I don't know" "the big rides" "Um I don't think so" "why not?" "I-I don't like roller coasters" "oh" "You can go on them I will wait for you" "No it's fine" "If you want to go on them go it's fine Ashton" "No Denise it's fine I want to spend time with you instead of waiting in line alone I'd rather go with you" "Oh Okay" "Yeah" "This is why I hardly come to theme parks it's cause i really don't go on rides since i don't go on roller coasters" "Oh we should've gone to Disneyland instead" "I love that place" "Do you now?" "Yeah" "Mmmmm" "Hey no ideas" "To late" "Dammit" "Please don't spend your money on me" "Why not?" "Cause I think your girlfriend deserves that attention better than me" "I don't have a girlfriend yet" "Oh I thought you did" "No I don't" "Well then don't spend your money on me" "But-" "Ashton please" "Fine" "Thanks" "I really like you Denise, your a cool girl, you make me feel like a regular guy and that really don't come really often to me" "What does that mean?" "Um well see I'm famous I'm in 5 Seconds Of Summer" "Really?" "Yeah I'm Ashton, Ashton Irwin" "No wonder you looked familiar" "yeah" 

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