English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


29. Chapter 29

*Ashton's POV*

When I woke up the next morning I had forgotten where I was for a bit until I heard the heart monitor and seen Denise still asleep on the hospital bed I then sat up and sent my mom a quick text asking to see how Olivia was then there was a knock on the door and it opened a couple seconds after I then looked to see a nurse there she smiled then said "good morning Mr. Irwin" "good morning" "I just came to check on her vitals and stuff like that" "how is she doing?" "she's doing way better than what the doctor thought she was going to be doing, which is really good you got a strong girl" "yeah I do" I then smiled and her and she did what she had to do to Denise then after that she wrote her extension number on the board to call her if I needed anything, she then walked out and a couple minutes after that my phone began to ring I answered it and said "hello" "hi Ash" "hi mum" "how is she?" "the nurse said she's doing way better than what the doctor thought she would be doing" "oh that's so good to hear" "how's Olivia?" "she's good but she occasionally asks for you and Denise"  "yeah I can imagine this is the longest she's been without Denise" "I know" "come by the hospital so she could see Denise" "right now?" "yeah and then we will get breakfast here" "okay I'll tell Lauren and Harry and get Olivia ready then we will be over" "okay then see you in a few" "see you in a few Ash" my mom then hung up and I sat there next to Denise just staring at her as I was sitting there my phone began to ring again I answered it and said "hello" "hi Mr. Irwin" "hi John" "do you by any chance know where Denise is at?" "oh um she's in the hospital" "what!? Is she okay?" "she got shot yesterday in her office by Alexander" "What! Alexander why!?" "he liked her and got jealous that she was with me and shot her because he couldn't have her he said no one should" "he does not seem like the type to do that" "yeah I know" "how's she doing today?" "she hasn't woken up yet but she's doing better than what the doctor thought she would be doing" "oh that's so good to hear, wait your with Denise?" "um yeah we have been together for a year, we met in L.A. before she moved here" "well congratulation's on that mate" "thank you" "alright well I'm going to let everyone go home and get a vacation for a while until this is all cleared" "thank you John and Denise will be back to work just in a few months probably" "yeah it's fine she needs to rest anyways" "yeah I know" "where did he shoot her at?" "her chest like really, really close to her heart but it missed it by like 3 finger spaces" "oh my wow I'm glad she pulled through" "me too" "well I'll talk to you soon bye" "bye" once I hung up with him I just sat there looking at Denise hoping she would wake up I miss seen her smile and hearing her voice I know it's only been a couple of hours but I miss her so much already as I sat there I decided to go on twitter for a bit to see what was going on there I got bored after a while so I went through my mentions for a bit to see what people were tweeting me about most of them were still confused by my tweet from last night while others wanted to know what I was talking about so I decided to make a new tweet "most of you are confused by my tweet from last night and you will all get answers soon just not right now because it's a tough time at the moment lots of love Ash xx" once I tweeted that I got off  of twitter and turned on the TV to see what was on I didn't find anything I wanted to watch so I just decided to watch the news then they began to talk about the shooting and so far they had Alexander's name already but they still didn't know who Denise was thank god they didn't even know what the gender was or her condition they just knew that Alexander was going to possibly be put behind bars for a very long time and I hope he does because Denise needs justice for what he did to her for no reason once again my phone began to ring I answered it and said "hello" "hi Mr. Irwin" "hello who's this" "it's the officer from yesterday Officer Rodrigues" "oh hello" "how's your girl doing?" "she's doing as good as she can be" "has she woken up?" "no not yet" "um I have a question" "yes?" "the media they want to know who got shot they keep asking us but we just say no comment, and we were uh wondering if we could say it was your girl" "sure it's fine" "but could we say she's your girlfriend?" "will I have to do interviews?" "probably just to update the media on her condition but there will be officers with you when you do" "um yeah sure it's fine" "okay thank you Mr. Irwin" "your welcome" "I hope she wakes up soon" "thank you and me too" Once I hung up there was a knock on the door and it opened a couple seconds later and I looked and seen my mom, Lauren, Harry, and Olivia I then smiled then I said "hey guys" I then hugged Lauren and Harry then they went to go sit on the couch then I hugged my mom then when Olivia seen me she began to cry and say "dada" I then got her then I said "hi baby I missed you too" I then kissed her cheek then Lauren said "has she woken up today?" "no not yet, there going to release her name today to the media" my mom said "I thought they released it yesterday?" "no there going to do it today and they want me to go talk to the media on her condition" "who told you that?" "a officer called me right before you guys walked in and told me" "oh that makes sense" "yeah I miss her mum" "I know Ash we all do, did you sleep last night?" "no I couldn't sleep" "why don't you try to right now" "I'm not tired" "okay then" then we all watched the news and then again they started to talk about the shooting and this time mentioning that Denise was the one who got shot also mentioning that I was her boyfriend and would be doing a update on her condition in the next hour then Olivia said "mama" "yeah mama sleeping" Olivia then began to cry then I said "don't cry Olivia mama will be awake soon" I then kissed her forehead then my mom handed her a bottle and she gladly took it my mom then said "Ash what are we going to do about Olivia's birthday party this Saturday?" "I didn't even think about that knowing Denise she might not want to cancel it" "yeah I know" "let's see what she says when she wakes up" "when will that be?" "I don't know the doctor said yesterday that today she would wake up but I don't know now" "oh hopefully it's today" "I know me too and I know she's going to be in a lot of pain" "yeah but we will help her until she feels better Ash that's what were here for" "yeah I know" then there was a knock on the door then it opened I then looked to see Michael there he then walked in and closed the door then said hi to everyone then he said "how is she?" "she's doing better than what the doctors thought she would be doing" "that's good has she woke up yet?" "no not yet" "damn" "I know" then Olivia looked at Michael and held her arms out for Michael to get her Michael then looked at Olivia then said "what baby" she then did her baby talk then tried to get out of my arms to go to Michael then Michael laughed and got her then he kissed her cheek and Olivia laughed and clapped her hands then as Michael was telling Olivia to say her name or at least try there was a knock on the door and it opened then the doctor walked in then he said "Mr. Irwin?" I then walked up to him and he said "we were told you would be doing an update of your girlfriend so here's everything you have to say on her condition of course I will be there too but I'll be standing in the background" "thank you but aren't the doctors supposed to do this for the public?" "yeah but they wanted you" "yeah I don't know why" "hahahahahaha you will be fine haven't you done an interview a couple of times?" "yes but never one like this" "you will do fine" "thank you" "your welcome" "um is she going to wake up soon?" "she should just take time don't worry she's not going to die she's going to live" "thank you" "no problem I'll see you in 30 minutes" "see you in 30 minutes" I then walked back into Denise's room then put the paper down on the little table next to the door then I went to the bathroom and made myself look a little presentable then I went back to sit by Denise I kept wondering when she was going to wake up because I miss her and I know she will soon just got to be patient.


30 minutes came by quicker than what I wanted them to soon I was in a conference room surrounded by hundreds of cameras and media people wanting to hear what I was going to say the doctor had told a nurse to contact him if anything happened with Denise so I stood at the center of the table beginning to tell them Denise's condition as I was telling them where the bullet was located the doctor came up behind me and whispered "it's about Denise" I then said "sorry I have to go, sorry" I then got up from the chair and ran to the elevator and got in going to Denise's floor then I ran to her room when I got there out of breathe my mom was out of her room I then said "what... happened...mom" she then opened the door and I walked in and there laid Denise awake talking to a nurse who was asking her questions on who she was, where she was, who was in the room, when the nurse seen me she asked her who I was and Denise replied "that's my boyfriend" I swear I had the biggest smile on my face I then went up to her after the nurse was done and then she looked at me and said "hi" "hey" I then hugged her and kissed her forehead then the tears began to fall then I looked at her and seen that she was crying I then sat on the chair then said "don't cry" "I-I thought I was going to die" "you didn't baby your still here and your alive" "I know but I thought I was going to leave you and Olivia and everyone else" "you didn't though okay so don't cry" "you shouldn't cry either" "I'm just glad your finally awake I missed you" "I missed you too" "Olivia missed you too she tried to get out of my arms to go to you like yesterday when she seen you she called you and then cried because she wanted you" "aw my poor babe where is she at?" "Michael has her" "oh he loves her" "I know he does he just tries to act all badass" "hey don't swear" (how many of you said that in Ashton's voice because same) "hey that's my line" "oops sorry not sorry" "I missed your smile" "I missed yours too" then the door opened and I looked to see Michael there with Olivia in his hands he then seen Denise and said "why didn't anyone tell me you were awake, rude" "I missed you too Michael" "I missed you too" Olivia then seen Denise then she cried and said "mama" Michael then handed Olivia to Denise then Denise got her and said "I missed you too baby girl" Olivia then immediately stopped crying then laid on the hospital bed with Denise talking her baby talk then Denise looked at me and said "Ash?" "yeah" "I totally forgot about her birthday party" "do you want to cancel it?" "no" "no?" "no were still going to have it but you guys are going to have to help me decorate" Michael then said "fine with me" then the door opened again and I looked to see my mom with Lauren and Harry when Lauren seen her she went up to Denise and hugged her and Denise said "it's okay Lauren don't cry" "I missed you" "I missed you too best friend" "don't ever leave me please" "oh you know I'm not going anywhere Lauren" "I was scared I was going to lose you" "you are not going to lose me that easily" "I know" "I'm okay now okay" "okay" "don't cry no more babe" "sorry" "no you have nothing to be sorry about okay it's okay to cry" "I know" then after Lauren she hugged Harry then that's when he finally let out all his emotions I knew he was holing it in to be strong for Lauren and my mom and that's when he broke down Denise then carefully sat up then hugged him and told him "hey Harry I'm fine now okay I'm going to get out of here and everything will go back to normal" "I-I tried to be strong for my mum and Lauren but I couldn't do it" "hey Harry listen to me it's okay to not be strong sometimes especially in situations like this okay what you did was a very brave thing for your mum and Lauren but it's okay to cry okay don't ever think it's not okay to cry because it is" "thanks Denise" "no problem little man" Denise then hugged  him again then he let go and he came and sat next to me I then hugged him and comforted him, then it was my mums turn her and Denise talked for a little my mum cried too then Denise told her that she was fine and there was nothing to worry about. I then texted Luke and Calum and told them that Denise had woken up just to let them know. A couple hours later after visiting hours were over my mom, Lauren, Harry, Olivia, and Michael all left then once they left Denise looked at me then said "you haven't slept huh?" "how can you tell?" "I know you babe plus you kept falling asleep on the couch but woke up whenever Olivia hit your chest or said your name" "I couldn't sleep last night" "I'm fine now babe okay please you need to rest for me" "okay but can we cuddle for a little bit I missed you a lot" "sure come on" I then laid next to Denise and I immediately cuddles with her when I laid down and eventually I found myself falling asleep in her arms.

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