English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


28. Chapter 28

Denise's POV

The next morning when I woke up to the sound of my alarm I then groaned then put it on snooze and closed my eyes again then Ashton then said "babe" "I'm not here shhhhh" "I know your tired but I'm tired too but we have to get up" "whyyyyyyy" "because we got to work come one I'll drive us to work today" "are you sure?" "yeah" "okay but 5 more minutes" "babe" "fine I'm up I'm up" "that's my girl now you go get ready while I get Olivia ready" "can't wait to see what you put her on this time" "hey my clothing skills were good" "she was dressed like you" "that was the point" "okay I'm going to go shower" "okay" I then got clothes and went to go shower when I got out and I was dressed I went to go see if Ashton was dressing Olivia when I got to her room I seen Olivia in her crib laughing at Ashton who was making funny faces at her then I noticed she was dressed in a dress that Ashton had got for her one time that we were at the mall I then said "hi" he looked at me then he said "hi, do you like what I put her on?" "yes I do I love that dress" "it's the one I got for her at the mall when she was smaller" "I know it looks so cute on her" "yeah I didn't know how to do her hair so I'll let you take care of that and I'm going to go shower now" "okay" Once Ashton walked out I got Olivia and did her hair then I went downstairs and began to cook a quick breakfast once I was done I gave Olivia her bottle and served Ashton and myself a plate of food then right as I finished serving the plates Ashton walked in then he said "did I really take long that you made breakfast?" "um I don't know I wasn't keeping tract of the time" "hahahahahaha" Ashton then sat down and we began to eat when we were done we went back to getting ready when we were done Ashton then said "I'll drive babe" "sure?" "yes" "okay" I then gave Ashton my keys then I got in the passenger seat then Ashton drove. If your wondering why Ashton was coming with me it's because there doing more recording today for there album and Ashton had just decided to go with me so the other lads could just go straight to the recording studio when we arrived Ashton parked and I got off and got Olivia then we walked in when we walked in I greeted Melissa like always and went to the floor I work on when I walked out of the elevator and was walking to my office I was handed folders of paperwork for the day Aston then got Olivia then when we finally got to my office I unlocked the door and turned on the lights and Ashton put Olivia in her play pin with her toys and I turned on the computer and got everything ready for this long day ahead of me I'm not going to say this job is stressful because it's not it's just that sometimes it's a lot of work and if Skye was here this work would've been divided into two for the both of us but she's not here sadly and I miss her more and more everyday. Then Ashton said "you okay babe?" "yeah I'm fine" "you got a lot of work today" "I know I better begin now if I want to actually leave at the time I always do" "no early day?" "probably not sorry Ash" "it's okay because who knows if I'll get an early day today" "oh that's true" "yeah" "what time did you boys have to be here by?" "10" "you have 2 hours" "I know" "hahahahahaha you could've got more sleep if you stood home" "no it's fine I can nap in here" "you do that while I work" "hahahahahaha okay" I then began to do my work and about an hour into my work there was a knock on my office door and it opened I then looked and seen Alexander there I then said "Hi" "hey" he then looked and seen that Ashton was here then I said "what can I help you with?" "I still can't believe you choose him over me" "what are you talking about" "why don't you understand that we were meant to be together" "I have been with him for a year so I don't get why your acting like this" Ashton then woke up from his nap and then he seen Alexander there then he said "hi" "don't you 'hi' me were not friends" "um okay just thought I'd say hi since it's the polite thing to do" "I don't care you took the girl I love away from me" Ashton then looked at me and he then said "what girl?" "Denise" "how did I take her from you I was with her before she started to work here" "and that doesn't matter I'm better than you I'm better for her" "and what makes you so sure about that?" "you are famous" "and?" "you go away on tours and your fans send hate to her she doesn't need that" "first of all my fans don't send her hate and second of all yes I know I go on tour and what that doesn't mean I am not any good for her" "yes it does I bet you only got with her for publicity" "first of all I didn't get with her for that  reason you don't know anything about our relationship so why don't you just shut your mouth and go back to work" I then looked at Alexander and he looked beyond pissed he then walked in more into my office and was standing in the middle of the office he didn't say anything for a while he just looked between me and Ashton then he said "I bet you your just with her fro the sex" Ashton then laughed and said "yeah see you know nothing about a relationship a real relationship isn't based on sex and to answer your question no I'm not in it for the sex because we haven't done it" "how could you not I mean I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off of her if she was mine" "you obviously only see girls as a sex toy maybe that's why your still single" "you know nothing about my life so just shut the hell up, you don't deserve her" "no YOU don't deserve her" "how about no one deserves her" I looked at Ashton and Alexander confused until I seen him pull something out of his pocket I couldn't really tell what it was since he was hiding it then Ashton said "what do you mean 'no one deserves her'?" "as in if I can't have her no one can" he then pulled his handout more and I realized her was holding a gun in his hand by now I was terrified and then I remembered that there was a panic button at the bottom of my desk that was there in case of a situation like this I then pushed it and sat there hoping help was coming then I looked across the room to Olivia and I was hoping that he wouldn't hurt her then Ashton said "so are you saying that she should just leave me?" "no I'm saying that if she's dead no one could have her" "oh you wouldn't" he then showed Ashton the gun and said "oh but I would" he then pointed it at me and I was literally scared out of my life all I was thinking was that's it this is where my life ends I'm never going to see Olivia grow up I'm going to leave Ashton and the boys and Ashton's family I was so scared I started to cry and the next thing I know is I felt this bad pain in my chest and I fell to the floor then I seen the front door open and some police officers tackled Alexander to the floor while Ashton was by my side trying to help the bleeding stop and right as help walked through that door everything went black.




Ashton's POV

He shot her that pathetic excuse of a guy shot Denise in the chest I swear he's mental who freaken does that shots someone because they can't have them right when they took Denise to the hospital I got Olivia and her things then went to the ambulance with Denise and right now I'm in the waiting room of the hospital waiting for anything on her this situation is already in the news and all over twitter I called the boys and told them about what happened and there on there way I also called my mom and she said she was on her way too if I'm being honest I'm terrified of losing her she's the love of my life without her I'm lost. As I was sitting here crying and scared a officer came up to me and said "hi Mr. Irwin" I then looked at him and said "h-hi" "mind if I ask you some questions on what happened?" "sure" "okay so what exactly happened in that office?" "okay well I had just woke up from my nap Denise she's my girlfriend owns the label and she was working I guess he told Denise that he liked her but told him that she was with me and I guess he didn't like it and when I woke up he was already in her office and he told him hi to be polite and he just started saying that I didn't deserve her because I'm famous or that I only got with her for publicity or that I'm only with her for sex and then he said that if he couldn't have her no one could and that's when he shot her" "okay, and are you with her for any of those reasons he stated?" "of course not I love her with my heart and soul we have been together for a year I could care less about my publicity and about the sex and well yeah I tour and I hate that when I go back on tour I'm going to leave her behind" "did she ever tell you about any problems at work?" "no she always talked about her job she did tell me that some girls there didn't like her but she never mentioned him" "how long did she know him for?" "9 months that's how long she's been working there" "so she just started the job?" "it was passed down to her from her parents when they passed away" "is this your daughter with her?" "yes, well she didn't give birth to her when her parents passed her mom had her and Denise became her guardian and took her in as her own daughter and I wanted to help so I took her in as mine too" "have they told you anything on her condition?" "no I am too terrified to ask because I'm scared for bad news" "want me to ask?" "if you want to" the officer then got up and went to the front desk to ask as I was sitting there Olivia began to cry then I said "no cry baby" "mama" "I know I want mama too" I then handed Olivia her bottle and she gladly took it and began to drink her milk then I heard footsteps behind me I then looked to see the lads there they then said "hey have they said anything?" "I haven't asked but the police officer went to go ask" "oh" then Calum said "sorry this happened Ashton" "it wasn't your guys fault" "we should've got there early then we could've prevented this" "he pointed the gun directly at her I don't think any of us could've prevented this he had already planned to do it me there was just a surprise he didn't know I was there but obviously that didn't stop him" "who called for help?" "I don't know I never asked I'll ask the officer when he comes back" I then looked at Michael and he was just looking at the floor I know this was on tough on him because him and Denise are super close they have a brother and sister relationship so I know this was tough on him.

A couple of minutes later the officer came back and he said "they said she's still in surgery" "thanks um by any chance do you know who had called for help?" "she did" "what do you mean she did?" "there's a panic button under her desk and she pressed it it's connected to the police department and the fire department that's why we showed up so quickly" "oh" "most people in that situation would've never thought of pressing it your girlfriend was smart in this situation and by the looks of it she didn't lose too much blood at the scene so that's a good sign" "who knows how much she's losing right now though" "they always have blood in the surgery room in case blood is needed" "oh" "she will be fine you just need to think positive" "yeah I know she's been through a lot through these past few years like her parents passed away like 2 years ago then her sister passed away 1 year ago then when our daughter was 3 months old she got kidnapped but we obviously got her back" "wow yeah she has been though a lot I'm sorry" "thanks" "this guy could be put away for years you know" "really?" "yeah" "I hope he does" "me too your girl deserves justice too" "yeah she does because they never found the person who killed her sister or parents" "yeah she needs justice for herself" "yeah" then as we were sitting there my mom, Lauren, and Harry walked up to us then my mom said "oh Ash" she then hugged me then she said "she will be okay Ash think positive" "I am" I then looked at Lauren and Harry and they both looked sad and Lauren looked like she was crying I then hugged Harry and told him she would be okay he then nodded his head and went to go sit next to my mom the I hugged Lauren then I felt my shirt get wet with her tears then I said "hey don't cry she will make it okay" "I don't want to lose her Ashton" "I know love I don't want to either" then Olivia began to cry in my arms then she said "mama" I then said "I know baby mama will be out soon" "mama, mama, mama" "she misses Denise" "I know I do too" Lauren then sat next to me and we all made small talk with the officer since he said he would stay with us for comfort and I was thankful he was so nice most officers are harsh and rude while him he wasn't.

A couple of hours later finally a doctor walked out and said "family of Denise?" I then got up holding Olivia then he said "hello" "hi how is she?" "she pulled through we got the bullet out she didn't lose much blood nothing is damaged as in organ wise" "oh thank god" "you and your family could go in she's on the 4th floor so just go up there and they will give you a visitors pass" "thank you so much for saving my girls life she means the world to me so thank you" "your welcome" I then went back to where everyone was at then my mom said "what did he say?" "she pulled through and none of her organs were damaged" "oh thank god" "he also said we could go see her" "well let's go then" we then all got up and went into the elevator and went up to the 4th floor when we got there we got a visitors pass and went looking for Denise's room which was 4152 when we found it I looked around and I opened the door when we walked in there laid Denise in the hospital bed with all these wires connected to her once I seen her I let all the tears fun down my face I knew she wasn't dying or anything but seen her like that killed me because she could've died ad I have no idea what I would've done if she did die. I then sat on the chair next to her bed and held her hand while the tears kept falling down my cheeks I then looked at Lauren I knew how close she was to Denise she saw Denise as a sister and I knew this hurt her like hell it was quiet in the room everyone was crying since we were all close to Denise especially Lauren and Michael and my mum too of course I then noticed Olivia was just looking at Denise then she pointed her finger at Denise and said "mama" "yeah baby that's mama she's sleeping" "mama" I then kissed the top of Olivia's head then she kept trying to leave my arms and go to Denise not only have we missed Denise but Olivia has too it's crazy how she notices that Denise hasn't been around us for a couple of hours, then there was a knock on the door and it opened and the doctor walked in he then said "evening everyone" I then said "by any chance do you know when she will wake?" "most likely tonight or tomorrow between then" "thank you" "your welcome" he then told us how the surgery went and where the bullet was located the bullet was located close to her heart and if he would aimed a little more over he would've hit her heart killing her then he said that he thought that she wasn't going to make it out alive he thought that she was going to die on the surgery table but she got lucky and didn't die she survived and I'm so grateful that this doctor did everything he could in his power to save her. Once he left we all stood there a while longer making small talk here and there then around 10pm they all left and my mum took Olivia I then gave her the house key to stay there tonight and I stood with Denise as I was sitting there I was going through Twitter and seen someone tweet about the shooting so I went on the hashtag they used and looked through all the tweets and most of them were saying that they hoped that everyone in the building was safe and the news reporters were saying that only one person was shot it being Denise and the shooter Alexander was caught and behind bars and thank god they didn't know it was Denise who was shot at least not yet they will soon though, I then held Denise's hand and snapped a picture and went on twitter and tweeted "I'll be here by your side through it all, I almost lost you today in the shooting but your strong and you pulled through, your such a strong girl princess... Your My Strong Girl xx Ash"  Once I tweeted that the floods of likes, retweets, and tweets came in I figured I had nothing else to do so I went through some of them and most of them were confused by my tweet and others were freaking out because I had a girlfriend. I then sat there and posted the same thing on Instagram then about 20 minutes later I felt tired so I laid on the couch in the room and eventually fell asleep.

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