English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


27. Chapter 27

Ashton's POV (finally I know)

~Saturday Night, Date Night, Chapter 25~

I was waiting for Michael and Luke to come with Denise I was walking back in forth why are they taking forever did she change her mind and not want to come anymore... I need to calm down she didn't change her mind we have been together got a year already she wouldn't change her mind... would she? No Ashton she won't stop thinking so negative they will be here girls take long to get ready and there might be traffic yup there's traffic I was brought out of my panic state by Calum he then said "you alright there mate?" "I'm nervous" "why you have been on tons of dates with Denise what makes this one so different" "what if she doesn't like it?" "Ashton, Denise will love it you know she will especially that it's private and it's Denise she loves you no matter what" "yeah I know I don't know why I'm so nervous" "your going to be a mess the day you propose to her good luck mate" "I'm not proposing to her today Cal" "damn I thought you were" "no" "she's a good one Ash don't let her go" "I won't" then I felt my phone vibrate and it was a text from Michael saying they were here I then told Calum "there here" "have fun mate see you Monday" "thanks Cal see you Monday"

Once Calum left I stood there waiting for Denise, Michael, and Luke to come a couple of minutes later they showed up and Denise was blindfolded she was wearing a turquoise dress Michael then took off the blindfold and she looked around and I couldn't tell if she liked it or not but that didn't matter to me anymore because Denise looked so wow no words can describe how she looked I then said "wow" she looked at me and smiled she then walked up to me then I said "wow babe you look just wow" "thank you Ashton you don't look too bad yourself either I'm loving the suit" "thank you but you definitely are the definition of breathe taking" Denise then blushed and it's cute how I still have this effect on her it's so cute when she blushes I then led her to the table and chairs then she sat down and we began to eat as we were eating we were talking and laughing and just having a good time.

After our dinner we walked to my car and I began to drive to the beach when I parked I got out of the car and opened the door for Denise then we were walking then she said "Ash can we even be here?" I smiled at her Denise is always like this I then said "don't worry I took care of that" "okay" she then took off her shoes and held them in her hand then we were walking to where I had a blanket and candles set up of course with the help of the boys when we got to the spot we sat down then I said "do you like it?" Denise then smiled and said "I love it Ashton" "I'm glad you do the lads helped me plan all this" "it's amazing" I then sat there with Denise this moment was perfect no one understood how much she meant to me not even the lads did she was perfect to me even though she couldn't see it I was happy with her even if the fans didn't like her or not it didn't matter to me because they are not the ones who's dating her it's me. I know I out did myself for this date but she deserves everything that's why I planned this date for us I know how Denise is she likes to not be around so many people so that's why I picked the woods I mean I could've done it here on the beach but the woods seemed more romantic in a way I then looked at her then smiled and said "babe" she looked at me then said "yeah" "I just wanted to tell you I love you" "I love you too Ashton more than words can express" I then leaned in and kissed her and this kiss was different from any one we share it was filled with passion and love when I pulled away I then "did I tell you that you look breathe taking today?" "you have mentioned it a couple of times" "good and I mean it" "I know you do Ashton"

A little bit after that we had got up and left and went back to my mum's house when we got there we walked in quietly since everyone was asleep we then walked to my room when Denise walked in she went into my dresser and got out on of my shirts every time we came to my moms and spend the night here she would always wear one of my shirts and I didn't mind because I personally loved when she wore my shirts to sleep she then went to the bathroom to go change when she walked back in the room I then looked at her and said "I still love when you wear my shirts" "hahahahahaha there so comfy to sleep in" "hahahahahaha I can tell" we then both laid down and I immediately wrapped my arms around her then we said our good nights and went to sleep.



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