English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


26. Chapter 26

When I woke up the next morning I got up and went to the restroom when I was walking back to Ashton's room I heard someone in the living room I went to go see and I seen Lauren there playing with Olivia I then decided since she was with her I didn't want to bug her so I went back to Ashton's room when I walked in he was awake then he looked at me and smiled then he said "good morning baby" "morning love" I then laid next to Ashton then he said "is anyone awake?" "Olivia and Lauren are I didn't see your mom" "she's probably in the kitchen" "hahahahahaha probably, we aren't leaving yet right?" "of course not you know that when we stay we stay till the night" "true" "Olivia turns 1 on Saturday" "I know I can't believe it" "it came by so fast" "tell me about it, we should have her something at the house" "you want to?" "yeah why not I'll tell the lads so they could come and they could bring there family and I'll tell my mom and some other family" "yeah that sounds good" "don't be nervous they will love you just like my mom loved you" "yeah I know does your family have any little kids?" "yeah but there like 10 why?" "so I can get a bouncy castle so they won't be bored" "oh true" "alright we can start planning this then" "hahahahahaha is planning a birthday part hard?" "not really I can ask your mom if you want" "hahahahahaha okay then" I then got up then Ashton said "where you going?" "out to the living room" "no come lay with me" "Ashton come on go spend time with Harry he misses you" "I know but.." "Ash babe" "fine" "hahahahahaha you can sleep when we get home" "okay" me and Ashton then got up and went to the living room when Anne seen us she said "good morning" I then said "good morning Anne" I then went to the kitchen with her then she said "how was it last night" "amazing I had a great time" "that's good I can't believe it's been a year already" "I know it came by so fast like a blink of an eye type of fast" "I know and I have a feeling there's going to be many more to come" "me too" "are you planning to have Olivia a part for her birthday?" "me and Ashton were just talking about it and yeah her birthday is Saturday so we are going to do something at the house he said he's going to invite some other family of yours to go like some aunts and I think he said his grandma too" "ah yes my mom" "when I get the invitations I'll bring them to you so you can give them to them" "alright when do you want to do them?" "we can go today if you want to so we can buy some stuff?" "sure we can go in a bit" "alright another girls day" "hahahahahaha which I don't mind" "me either" then Anne began to cook breakfast for all of us then Lauren walked in the kitchen holding Olivia then she said "hey Denise" "hey Lauren" "how was your date?" "it was amazing hahahahahaha I had a great time" "that's good" then Olivia said "mama" I then got her then she got all happy then Lauren said "someone missed there mommy" "hahahahahaha was she any trouble last night?" "nope none she's such a calm and happy baby" "hahahahahaha that's what everyone says" "so mum what are we doing today?" Anne then said "were going out with Denise again she's going to go buy things for Olivia's birthday party this weekend" "oh right she's turning 1" I then said "I'm getting a bouncy castle cause Ashton said you have young cousins?" "yeah we do a couple not a lot" "hahahahahaha and we don't want you guys to be bored so yeah I told him we would get one" "Denise your house is so fun you have a bowling alley and game room" "I didn't even think about that" "hahahahahaha but a bouncy castle I haven't been in one in a long time so still get it" "alright" "I'm going to go get ready then" "alright" Lauren then went to her room to get ready then Anne said "do you know how you want the invitations?" "yeah it's a simple one with the all the information and her picture" "oh seems simple" "it is" "any theme?" "no just like the 1st birthday theme" "oh you can get that theme anywhere" "hahahahahaha I know that's why it shouldn't be so hard to get the stuff today" "yeah and I know what party supply store we can go to they have everything you need there" "alright so after breakfast we will go?" "sure" "okay I'm going to go get ready too" "okay the food should be ready soon" "okay" I then went to Ashton's room and when I got there I seen him asleep in hi bed again I smiled then I said "did you really come back to sleep?" he then mumbled "Harry is still asleep" "hahahahahaha oh Ashton you are too much" I then laid Olivia on the bed then she crawled up to Ashton then I got clothes to wear then went to go shower when I got out I walked in the room and seen Ashton playing with Olivia then I smiled and got my shoes I bought yesterday to go with the dress I was wearing I then went into Olivia's bag an got her a dress to wear for today then I got her and Ashton said "awwww" "sorry babe I have to take her a shower" "okay" "don't pout Ash I'll bring her back in a bit" "okay" I then went back to the bathroom and quickly showered Olivia once I was done I wrapped her in a towel and took her back to the room then I got her a diaper then I changed her once I was done I got her then I brushed her hair and put a headband on her then Ashton said "and your back yay" "hahahahahaha were back and she's ready for the day" "are you going out?" "with your mom and Lauren were going to go do things for her birthday" "oh hahahahahaha" "this means you can spend time with Harry" "unless we all go as a family and spend the day together" "if you want to sure that sounds good" "of course I want to love" "hahahahahaha well you better start getting ready because we are leaving after breakfast" "alright I should probably wake up Harry too" "probably should" "hahahahahaha" Ashton then walked out then I got up and went back with Anne as I was walking Lauren said "Denise" I looked then said "yes?" "can I do your hair" "hahahahahaha sure" I then walked in Lauren's room then sat Olivia on her bed with her toys around her then I sat down and Lauren began to curl my hair when she was done she began to do my makeup and when she was done Lauren said "alright there" I then looked in the mirror and said "thank you I love it" "I knew you would" right as she finished Anne had called us to go eat so I got up and got Olivia and went to the living room I then put Olivia in her play pen that we had bought to keep here for Olivia then I went to the table where everyone else was at then we all sat down and ate when we finished Ashton said "what time are you guys leaving?" Anne said "in a few why?" "me and Harry are going to so it's a family day and then after were done we can go do something" "alright seems good" then I went with Olivia then Ashton said "there you both are" I then smiled then Ashton sat next to me then he said "where did you get this dress at?" "I bought it yesterday when we went shopping I liked it so I got it too along with the other dress" "it's pretty" "hahahahahaha I know" "and you look beautiful" "thank you babe" "your welcome my love" Ashton then kissed my cheek then he said "both of you look beautiful" "hahahahahaha I bought her that dress 5yesterday too" "hahahahahaha it's a cute dress" "hahahahahaha" "I still can't believe she's turning 1 this weekend" "I know I can't either it just feels like yesterday I just got her" "I know I remember that day" "hahahahahaha this has to be the best decision I've ever made" "me too babe" me and Ashton sat there talking until Anne said that her and Harry were ready so I got Olivia and her diaper bag of bottles and extra clothes and diapers just in case and then we all got in the car and Ashton drove us to the party supply store when we got there I got Olivia then we all walked in the store me and Anne and Lauren went to go get the stuff while Ashton and Harry went to go fool around once we got what we needed which was table covers, plates, candles, balloons, streamer, forks, cups, napkins, happy birthday banner, and some decorations to hand from the celling then when we got all that we went to go pay then Ashton said "what's next?" "Invitations" "alright" we then got back in the back in the car and went to go do the invitations when we got there we walked in and me and Anne went to go design the invitation we ended up settling on something simple with her picture and how old she was turning (picture of invitation above) we then ordered them and then the workers told us they would be ready in about an hour so Ashton suggested that we go walk around town just to pass time so I got the diaper bag from the car then we began to walk around town as we were walking Ashton walked beside me holding my hand then he said "let me hold the bag for you" "are you sure?" "yes" "okay" I then handed him the bag then we walked around and talked and had a good time as we were walking we heard yelling I then looked to see some girls then Lauren said "fans" I then nodded then Ashton looked at me then I said "what hahahahahaha" "nothing love" "go meet them Ash" "no I'm with you guys" "Ashton it's only a few girls just go" "are you sure?" "I'm always sure" Ashton then kissed my cheek then went to go talk to the fans then Anne said "he took the diaper bag with him" "hahahahahaha I forgot he had it" "you didn't bring the stroller for Olivia?" "no I forgot it at home" "oh hahahahahaha I need to buy her one for my house for days like this" "hahahahahaha I know I'll get her one" "let's see if we see one while were walking" "I'm sure we will there's many stores here" "yeah that is a true there's a baby store down the street too" "oh we can go look in there for a stroller then" "sure when Ashton gets back hahahahahaha" "yeah those fans look so happy" "I know" "I remember how bad I wanted to meet them before me and Ashton got together I wanted to feel them hug me and me hug them and just meet them it didn't happen till that day I met Ashton in Panda Express hahahahahaha I didn't even know it was him until he told me when we first hung out I was so shocked but kept my cool because I didn't want to scare him away" Lauren said "so you guys met in a Panda Express?" "Yeah not a romantic place or anything but me and Skye were in there eating and they asked if they could sit with us because it was the only table available so I was nice and let them sit with us and Ashton started the conversation between me and him" Anne said "I've always wondered how you both met" "hahahahahaha I guess it was my lucky day that day I mean I know it's not romantic how we met but look where that day got us" Lauren said "1 year of a great relationship" "yes hahahahahaha" then Olivia began to cry then Anne said "oh no Ashton has the bag with her bottle" "I'll go get it" "sure" "yeah" I then walked with Olivia to Ashton when I got to him I then tapped his shoulder then he looked at me and smiled I then said "I need a bottle" "oh right I have the bag" he then opened it and gave me the bottle then I said "thank you" "your welcome" "I'll be with your mom" "okay I'm almost done" "okay have fun love" "thank you babe" I then went back with Anne then I sat on a bench and fed Olivia her bottle a few moments later Ashton walked up to us then he sat next to me then I said "all done?" "yes I am" "how was it?" "good they were nice" "any marriage proposals hahahahahaha?" "tons like always" "hahahahahaha that's cute" "where did they go?" "they just told me they would be back and asked if I wanted to go but I said I'll stay because I knew you would be done soon" "oh hahahahahaha, is she asleep?" "yeah she fell asleep while drinking her bottle that's why I'm still sitting here" "oh" I then looked in the diaper bag and pulled out a thin blanket and covered her face with it to keep the sun out of her face then a couple minutes later the others came back so then I got up and we continued to walk then as we were walking Anne said "Denise in here" I then followed her into the baby store and we began to look for a stroller when we found one I paid for it then we left back to the store to pick up the invitations once we got them we got back in the car and went back to Anne's because by this time it was getting late when we got back Anne said "what time are you guys leaving?" Ashton then said "soon sadly Denise and I have work tomorrow" "this weekend came bye to fast" "I know mum but you will see us this weekend" "I know" I then said "if you want I can come pick you up during the week" "oh I'd love that" "maybe tomorrow or Tuesday" "yeah" "I'll let you know though that way you can be there already and won't have to drive then we can bring you home on Sunday"  "yes that sounds good" "let me give you the invitations for you and the family you want to invite" "alright love" I then handed Anne the invitations then she put then away then me and Anne sat on the couch to talk then about 2 hours later Ashton said it was time to go I then said bye to everyone and we were on our way home, when we got home I got some of the things off the car and put them on the table then I took Olivia to her room and laid her in her crib since she was asleep for the rest of the night I then went to my room then got some pajamas and changed then Ashton walked in the room and laid on the bed then I said "tired?" "yes" "hahahahahaha well now you can rest babe" "I know" he then got up and changed then we laid down said our goodnights and went to sleep.

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