English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


25. Chapter 25


The next morning I was woken up by someone hitting my face I then opened my eyes and seen Olivia looking at me laughing then Ashton said "no Olivia let mommy sleep" I then said "too late she slapped me I'm awake" "I'm sorry babe" "it's okay love" I then sat up then got Olivia then I said "you woke up mommy you little monster hahahahahaha" then Ashton said "good morning baby" "good morning love, what time are we heading to your parents house?" "like at 2pm" "alright" I then got up and went to the bathroom and did my morning routine then when I got out the bathroom Ashton got up from bed and then we went downstairs when we got downstairs I seen Albert and Emma on the couch watching TV then when Albert seen me he said "oh your up um I just wanted to thank you for letting us stay the night here" "your leaving already?" "yeah in like an hour" "oh" then Emma looked up from her phone and her eyes went all big then she said "thank you um Denise too for letting us um stay" "it's no problem" then Albert said "well were going to head to the airport already thank you again" "no problem have a safe flight home" "thank you" then Albert and Emma got up and as Emma was walking I knew she wanted to say something but was too shy then they walked out and left then Ashton said "how about we head to my mom's and go have breakfast over there?" "sounds good let me go get ready then" I then went to my room and changed really quickly and brushed my hair then I said "ASHTON!?" he then walked in the room holding Olivia then said "yes?" "I thought we were going out on a date tonight" "we are" "is it somewhere fancy?" "kinda" "should I take clothes and change over there?" "no I got that covered okay" "okay then, should I pack an overnight bag for Olivia then?" "yes" "okay I'm almost done just need to get her things then we can go" "okay then no rush" I then went to Olivia's room then began to pack some diapers, clothes, pajamas, toys, wipes, bottles, and a blanket when I was done I put it downstairs then Ashton said "ready?" "yes I am" "alright let's go then" Ashton then got the bag and Olivia then went to the car while I locked up the house once I was done with that I went to the car and got in then we were on our way to his mom's house.

Once we arrived at his mom's house I got Olivia since she was asleep and Ashton had got her stuff and we walked to the door Ashton then knocked and a couple seconds later the door opened and when Harry seen us he had the biggest smile on his face he then immediately hugged Ashton then Ashton said "I missed you too Harry" we then walked in then Harry said "mum!" "in the kitchen Harry" we then went to the kitchen then Ashton said "hi mum" she looked at us then said "oh your here I thought you weren't supposed to come till later" "we decided to come have breakfast here with you all" "oh love I haven't even started to cook" "mom no worries we could go out and eat somewhere" "are you sure?" "I'm sure" then Anne said "Denise how you been?" "I've been good busy with work but good" "that's good just don't let that job of yours stress you out" "I won't" "oh my Olivia is getting so big already" "I know too fast, where's Lauren?" "in her room" "I'm going to go tell her hi" I then walked to Lauren's room when I got there I knocked and opened the door then Lauren said "Harry I'll be there in a minute" I then said "well I'll go tell your mom your coming then" she then looked at me then she said "DENISE!" "that's me" she got up and hugged me then she said "oh my god Olivia is so big already" "hahahahahaha that's the same thing your mom said" "so what's the occasion that you guys are here for?" "were spending the day here then in the night me and Ashton are going on a date and Olivia is obviously going to stay here" "oh girl a date" "hahahahahaha I thought it was normal for a boyfriend and girlfriend of a year to go on a date" "WAIT YOU BOTH HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR A YEAR WHEN WAS THIS?" "today is a year" "oh my life that's so cute, I hope there's many more years to come for you both" "hahahahahaha thank you Lauren, oh were going out for breakfast too just thought I'd let you know" "hahahahahaha well I'm almost ready" I then laid Olivia down on Lauren's bed then Lauren finished getting ready then a little bit later there was a knock on the door then I looked to see Ashton there then he said "hey Lauren" "hi Ashton" "no hug" "hahahahahaha of course" Lauren then walked up to Ashton and gave him a hug then he said "mind if I steal Denise from you for a bit?" "no go ahead" as I was about to get up Olivia began to cry then Ashton said "I'll be in the kitchen okay" "okay I'll be there right now" Ashton then walked back to the kitchen then when Olivia seen me she said "mama" I then got her and she instantly stopped crying I then said "I'll be back in a few" I then walked out of Lauren's room and went to the kitchen where Ashton and his mom were talking I then said "she didn't want to stay" when Anne seen her she said "she looks more and more you like every time we see her Denise" "that's what everyone says" then Ashton said "would you like to go to the market with me my mom need's a few things?" "sure I'd love to" "great let's go" "do we take Olivia?" "um let's see if she stays with my mum" I then handed Olivia to Anne then she looked at Anne then laughed and clapped her hands then she seen Ashton then said "dada" and held out her hands for him to get him then he smiled and gave Olivia a kiss on the forehead then Ashton said "if anything give us a call we will be back soon" "okay be careful you two" "we will" I then kissed Olivia on the forehead then me and Ashton walked out and went to his car and got in then we drove to the market I then said "I thought we were going out for breakfast?" "we are but my mom needs some things so I told her I'd go get them for her" "your so nice" "it's the least I could do for her" "yeah I know" "and I know she's going to want to help pay the bill for breakfast but I already told her I'm paying so to not even think about it" "hahahahahaha that's your mom for you" "hahahahahaha" "was she excited to watch Olivia for us today?" "she was more than excited she even told me that she wanted Olivia to stay the night" "hahahahahaha" "I knew that you were not going to have a problem with it either" "of course not I love your mom she's been nothing but nice to me since we first met" "almost a year ago" "I know it's crazy how time flies by" "tell me about it, it just feels like yesterday I was asking you to be my girlfriend" "hahahahahaha I know time flies by fast" "in the blink of an eye type of fast" "and look at us now a year later and still going strong" "I'm so glad I met you that day in Panda Express" "me too who ever knew I would fall in love with the boy with the big smile on his face that I met in Panda Express" "well technically you already liked me" "yes that is true but it didn't actually hit me that you were you until you told me" "I swear I thought you were going to faint or something" "I thought I would've fainted too aren't you glad I didn't" "very glad" "hahahahahaha, Ashton?" "yeah babe" "have you told the fans or any of the media that your in a relationship?" "no I thought you didn't want them to know" "I don't really care because there opinion about me doesn't matter to me you know the real me you have seen me at my bad and at my good and them all they will see is when I'm out with you they won't know what happens behind close doors" "that is the most cheesiest thing you have ever said" "it's just the truth" "I know babe, what about Olivia?" "I don't know I mean I don't want to put her in the spotlight but I don't want to hide her" "we will just take her out with us like to the park and stuff like that" "yeah true we could do that" "hahahahahaha"

When we arrived at the market I got out then me and Ashton walked in the market and got the things his mom needed when we finished and got everything we put everything in the car and went back to his mom's house when we got there I helped Anne put the things away and when we finished I walked in the living room and seen Harry playing with Olivia and I didn't want to bug them so I sat at one of the breakfast bar stools then Ashton came behind me and hugged me then Anne looked at us and said "so are you both coming back here too after your date?" Ashton said "yeah but don't worry about leaving Olivia in my room she can sleep with you or Lauren" "alright just wanted to make sure" "so are we ready to go now?" "yes" Ashton then said "Harry, Lauren let's go" Then Harry walked up to me and Ashton holding Olivia then he said "she really likes to pull hair" "oh no Olivia not Harry's hair, want me to get her Harry?" "yes she is pulling my hair really hard" I then got Olivia then she smiled at me then she said "mama" I then kissed her cheek then Ashton said "alright let's go" we then all walked out of the house and went to the car then as I was getting in the back seat Anne said "love you could sit in the front I'll sit in the back with her" "are you sure?" "yes I am" "okay" I then got in the front with Ashton then we were on our way to go eat some breakfast when we arrived we all got out and Lauren who had gotten Olivia handed me her we then walked in and got a table and luckily there wasn't that many people we all sat there talking and enjoying ourselves once we took our order and ate we sat there for a while longer enjoying each others company and about 25 minutes after we finished eating Ashton paid then we got up and left and headed back to his mom's house when we got there we all walked in then Ashton said "alright ladies you four are going to the mall" Ashton then handed his mom his credit card and said "go crazy just not too crazy" I then laughed then Ashton looked at me then said "also find yourself a dress for tonight okay babe" "Ash I told you I could've brought something from home" "babe" "fine, fine, fineeee" "that's my girl, now go have fun okay" "okay" then I got Olivia since we were going to take her then Lauren and Anna went to the car then I hugged Ashton then he said "have fun okay" "I will thank you again" "your welcome make sure you buy my little princess here something too" "I will trust me" "hahahahahaha" "be careful okay" "always am" "I love you baby" "I love you too Ash" I then kissed his cheek then he kissed my cheek and Olivia's then we went to the car I then buckled her in then I said "Anne want me to drive or you?" "I can drive to the mall and you can drive back" "alright sounds like a good plan" I then got in the passenger seat and Lauren was in the back with Olivia then we were on our way to the mall.

When we got there we got off and I got the stroller from the trunk and opened it then got Olivia from her car seat and put her in the stroller then we walked in the mall when we walked in we went around looking then Anne said "ohhhh we have to go in this store for Olivia" I then laughed and said "and the spoiling begins" we then walked in and looked around and we ended up getting her some clothes that we seen and couldn't put them back because they were just too cute after that we went into  couple of dress stores to find something for me to wear tonight after a while of going into stores and trying on different kind of things I ended up getting two dresses because I loved both of them after that we ended up going to the nail salon and we all did our nails well except Olivia of course she's too small I did my nails a turquoise kind of color to match the dress I was wearing after this was done we got in the car and drove back to the house when we got there Anne and Lauren got the bags while I got Olivia who was crying in the back seat when I got her she didn't stop I then walked in the house then Ashton seen Olivia crying then he said "awwww princess why are you crying?" "dada" he then got her and she was still crying I then went into her bag of things and got her a bottle and made her one when I finished that I handed it to Ashton who gave it to Olivia and she immediately kept quiet Ashton then said "you should start getting ready babe" "alright" "I have to go do some things but don't worry someone will be here to pick you up at 8pm" "alright so I have an hour to get ready?" "yes" "okay I'll see you later then" "I love you" "I love you more" I then went to Lauren's room where she had all the bags then she said "alright are you going to go shower?" "yes" "alright go you know where the towels are at" "okay miss boss" "hahahahahaha" I then went into Ashton's room and got a long shirt of his and under clothes of mine that I had there in his room from one time we came over I left then I got a towel and went to go shower.

When I got out of the shower I put on the shirt and went to Lauren's room then I said "alright I am here what's next?" "I need to blow dry your hair" "alright" I then sat down and she began to do my hair after she dried it she then began to style it after she was done she then began on my makeup after that she helped me with my dress and I then put on my shoes then there was a knock on the door then Lauren said "who is it?" "it's Michael and Luke" "one moment were almost done" "that means your not done yet ugh" "one moment Michael" "fine I'm going to go see Olivia then" then Lauren put some finishing touches on my makeup then she let me finally look in the mirror and when I looked I said "wow Lauren" "I know girl you look hot" "thank you so much" "your welcome" "I love it" "I knew you would, let's go before Michael nags again" "hahahahahaha okay" Lauren then walked out first then she said "okay I'm done!" I then walked out and when I walked out Anne gasped then she said "oh my Denise you look wow" I then blushed then I said "thank you Anne" Luke then said "shall we go now?" I then nodded my head then walked out after saying bye to Olivia and the others and thanking Lauren again for helping me get ready we then got in the car and were on our way to wherever Ashton was at after a while of driving we pulled up to like the woods type of scenery I then got out of the car and then I said "did you both drive me here to kill me?" Michael then said "yes" Luke said "don't listen to him" I then glared at both of them then we began to walk to wherever we were going after a while of walking Luke stopped then I looked at him then he pulled out a blindfold from his pocket and put it on me I then tensed up then I felt someone grab my hand then Michael said "relax Denise don't worry I got you" I then nodded then walked with Michael then a couple minutes after walking for a while we stopped then Michael said "are you ready?" I then nodded 'yes' then the blindfold came off and when I looked around and couldn't believe what was in front of me it was the most beautiful scenery ever I then smiled then Ashton said "wow" I then looked at him and seen him in a tux then I smiled and walked to him when I got to him he said "wow babe you look just wow" "thank you Ashton you don't look too bad yourself I'm loving the suit" "thank you but you definitely you are the definition of breathe taking" I then blushed and said "Ashton stop hahahahahaha your making me blush" "sorry baby but it's the truth" "thank you" "your welcome" Ashton then lead me to one of the chairs and I sat down then he sat in front of me we then talked and ate and had a wonderful time as we were eating our dessert Ashton said "Happy 1 year Anniversary baby" I then smiled then said "Happy 1 year Anniversary babe" we then finished and then when we were leaving me and Ashton walked hand in hand to his car when we got there we got in then as we were driving he said "did you have a good time?" "I did thank you so much" "anything for you, but wait did you like the set up?" "I loved it, it was way better than going to a restaurant" "I thought so too" "hahahahahaha as long as I'm with you I don't mind were we are" "cheesy but same goes for me" "hahahahahaha I know that already Ashton" "are you tired?" "surprisingly no you?" "nope" I then laughed then looked out the window as Ashton drove a couple of minutes after he was driving he stopped at a parking lot and parked he car he then got out and opened the door for me and held out his hand for me go grab I then got his hand and got out of the car and walked with him as we were walking I noticed we were at the beach I then said "Ash can we even be here?" "don't worry I took care of that" "okay" I then took off my shoes and held them as we walked in the sand as we got closer to the water I noticed that there was a blanket and candles set up there we then sat down then he said "do you like it?" "I love it Ashton" "I'm glad you do the lads helped me plan all this" "it's amazing" I then sat there enjoying this time I had with Ashton everything was perfect he was perfect if I had the chance to freeze any moment in my life it would definitely be this moment I couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend Ashton then said "babe" "yeah" "just wanted to tell you I love you" "I love you too Ashton more than words can say" Ashton then leaned in and kissed me this kiss was different from other kisses we had this one was filled with more passion and love when he pulled away he then said "did I tell you that you look breathe taking today?" "you have mentioned it a couple of times" "good and I mean it" "I know you do Ashton" After a while of us sitting there we then got up and went back to his mom's house when we got there we quietly walked in as everyone was asleep then we went to his room when we got in there I went to his dresser and got out one of his shirts and went to go put it on when I went back to his room he looked at me then he said "I still love when you wear my shirts" "hahahahahaha there so comfy to sleep in" "hahahahahaha I can tell" we then laid down and said our good nights then fell asleep.   

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