English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


23. Chapter 23

*10 months later*

It's been 9 months since we laid Skye to rest it has been tough but Ashton and the others have been there to help me through it. Olivia is almost a year old and all I can say is that it went by fast, Olivia was now learning how to talk the only thing she could say was "mama".

I woke up this morning and went to Olivia's room when I got there she was standing in her crib when she seen me she laughed I got her then I went downstairs with her. I had decided to come back home the day after Skye had passed away I have gone in her room a couple of times but I left everything as it was. Never did I imagine that I would have to be burying my sister at such a young age but things happen and it sucks that it had to be like that. Me and the boys have gotten closer I'm close to all of them and they have been helping me a lot especially during the hard times as of right now there not on tour they will be leaving soon and I'm going to miss them all so much but they have a job they have to do and I'm not going to stop them, and I got really close to Lauren and Anne they come over a lot and stay the night which I don't mind one bit there welcome here anytime they want and they know that, right now I'm home alone Ashton and the boys are writing and recording again for there next album and sometimes I see them when I'm at work, oh did I mention I began to work like a week after Skye passed away I take Olivia with me and well since I'm I guess the boss no one can tell me anything although I don't take advantage of everyone I'm not the type to do that and when I began to work there everyone of course asked where Skye was and I told them and they never asked again, so where Skye's desk was at I bought a little play pin for Olivia and put it there so when I go into work that's where she's at while I do all the things I have to do and when I have meetings to attend I have our intern Nayelie take care of her of course I pay her because like I said I don't take advantage of people and Nayelie is such a nice girl so I can trust her. And today I have to go into work which I don't mind I love my job.

After I finished eating and feeding Olivia I went to go take her a shower and change her when I was done doing that I put her in my room since she was asleep and quickly went to go shower and change when I was done I did my hair and then got Olivia and her diaper bag and car keys then put her in the car and got in then drove to work. When I got to work I walked in then was greeted by Melissa she then said "good morning Denise" "good morning Melissa" I then went to the elevator and went to my floor that my office is at when I got off the elevator I went to my office then I put Olivia in her play pin then I sat my desk and began to work.

About 4 hours later when I was deep in my work someone knocked on the office door and opened it when I looked I seen Alexander there I then said "hey" "hi" "what can I do for you?" he seemed pretty nervous and I knew that he had a tiny crush on me and I was pretty sure that he was here to ask me out but every time he does I tell him I can't and before I get to tell him I have a boyfriend he just leaves I feel bad yes but I'm sure he will find someone one day. Alexander then said "I know your always rejecting me but I'd thought I'd try again to ask you out" Once he finished his sentence there was a knock on the door and then it opened and I looked to see Ashton there when he seen Alexander there he said "sorry I didn't know you were busy" "can you please give me a minute Ash?" "sure thing babe" "thanks" When Ashton walked out I said "Alexander look your a nice guy but the reason I keep rejecting you is because I have a boyfriend who you just kind of met" "I should've known I'm sorry" "it's okay I'm sure you will find the right girl one day" "thanks" When Alexander walked out Ashton walked in moments later then he said "hi babe" "hi love" ''how's your day been?" "busy but good" "that's good I'm glad to hear" "are you done recording for the day?" "yes ma'am" "so are you going to go hang out with the boys?" "no" "home?" "no" "I ran out of places" "I'm going to stay here with you" "me?" "yes you my love" "okay Mr. Irwin'' Ashton then went to go play with Olivia while I went back to work and when it was time for me to go to lunch Ashton decided that we should get pizza and eat it in the office so he had got the pizza and when he came back we ate and talked about random things like we always do until someone knocked on the door and walked in I looked to see Briana there she then said "oh sorry" "it's fine what can I do?" "just came to drop off some things but I see your busy" "I'm on lunch, this is my boyfriend Ashton, Ashton this is Briana'' Ashton then said "nice to meet you" Briana then said "you too" she then put the paper work on my desk then walked out then Ashton said "she gives me a bad vibe" "I know I don't really talk bad about people but she is so ugh like she will spread a rumor faster than fire" "so she's probably going to tell everyone about me being in here?" "I don't know why but she's scared of me I'm not a scary person but since her job rest in my hands I guess that's what scares her" "if I were here I would be scared of you too I wouldn't want to lose my job you know" "yeah true I mean there's some people here who don't like me and I have no idea why but I don't care" "hey that's good you don't need negative people in your life anyways" "I know" "plus all you really need is me and Olivia and the boys and my family in your life" "cheesy Irwin cheesy" "but it's the truth" "I know very true" "hahahahahaha so what time you get out?" "4:30" "so long" "hey you wanted to be here" "I know that's true" "you can always take a nap" "I might take up that offer" "I'm just saying because you have been waking up early and working till late" "I know I was surprised we got let out early today" "I know me too" "but I don't mind working because I know I'm in the same building as you" "cheesy" "all for you" "hahahahahaha I know and I love it" "of course you do" "well I should get back to work if I want to leave at 4:30" "can't you leave early I mean you are the boss?" "no no no unless I finish my work then if I do that means everyone else gets an early day" "well then you should get to work"

I then went back to my desk and began to work again hoping I would finish early because who likes to stay late at work on a Friday. When I was finally done with my work a couple of hours later I looked at the time and it was only 2:45pm then Ashton said "are you done?" "I'm done" "yay" I then got packed and Ashton got Olivia then he went to the car and when I was leaving the few people who were still here looked at me then I said "you guys can leave already early Friday, see you all Monday" I then went to the lobby and walked out the building and when I walked out I seen Ashton waiting for me outside so I got in the car then he drove to the house, did I forget to mention that Ashton lived with me, well like 3 months ago he moved in with me and obviously the fans know about me and Olivia and yes I get a lot of hate but I ignore it. When we got to the house I put all the stuff down then Ashton said "we should go out for a bit" "to where?" "I don't know like the park" "okay let me go change first then we will go" "okay I will get the stroller" I then went to my room and changed to some pants and a top then put my hair in a braid then I went back downstairs and seen Ashton with Olivia in his arms making her laugh I then got her diaper bag and put some more diapers and a sweater along with bottles with water and juice then I hung the bag on the stroller and when Ashton buckled her in we walked to the park which was only a good 5 minute walk when we got there Ashton got Olivia out of the stroller and went to the swings I then sat on a bench by then and watched them because to be honest I was tired from the long day at work as I was sitting there looking at Ashton play with Olivia a girl sat next to me she was like 18 or 19 then she said "hello" I looked then I said "hi" "how are you?" "I'm good and you?" "I'm good too" "that's good beautiful day isn't it?" "very lovely that's why I'd thought I'd bring the little one to the park" "is she your daughter?" "the one on the slide the bigger girl is my sister" "how old is your daughter?" "1" "oh she's adorable" "thank you, are you here alone?" "oh no I'm here with my boyfriend and daughter" "where are they at?" "the swings" "how old is your daughter?" "1 too" "she's cute" "thank you" "I wish my boyfriend would be like that with my daughter" "I'm sorry" "it's not your fault he's just always with his friends and I'm left alone to take care of her by myself which is why I'm glad my sister helps me out a lot" "wow is he the baby daddy?" "sure is" "that sucks but at least your sister helps you" "I know and it's hard" "believe me I know it is" "your boyfriend looks familiar" "what do you mean?" "like I've seen him somewhere" "really?" "yeah" she then sat there thinking and when I looked at the girls sister I seen that she had on a 5sos shirt then she said "is he famous?" "kind of" "I had a feeling because he's on my sisters shirt" "hahahahahaha yup that's him" "if my sister see's him she's going to freak out" "she's a big fan?" "huge fan I actually bought her and me concert tickets to see them in a couple of months" "awwww that's good I hope she enjoys herself" "she doesn't even know about them yet I'm going to surprise her on the day" "she's lucky to have you" "you don't have any siblings?" "I have a sister my twin actually but were not identical were fraternal twins" "oh wow that's cool" "yeah" "where is she at now?" "she is no longer with us" "oh I'm so sorry" "thank you" "how long ago?" "10 months ago" "damn" "she was killed while crossing the street" "oh poor thing, how old are you?" "19 just turned 19" "I'm 19 too" "teen mom's aye" "pretty much but when people say it ruins your life there wrong" "very wrong" "your parents must be proud of you" "only if they were here to see this" "oh crap I'm sorry" "thanks but they passed away 1 year ago" "never got to meet your daughter?" "sadly no" "so it's just you and your daughter?" "pretty much" "it's only me, my sister, and mom my dad he passed away a long time ago but I didn't really care he was never in my life anyways" "wow that sucks" "I'm Vale by the way" "I'm Denise" me and Vale kept on talking about random things until Ashton came up to me and he said "did you bring her a bottle?" "yes hold up" I then gave him the bottle of juice and gave it to Olivia then I said "Ashton this is Vale, Vale this is Ashton my boyfriend" Ashton then said "hello it's nice to meet you" Vale then said "it's nice to meet you too" then Ashton sat next to me and Vale said "I know this is personal but Ashton are you the babies dad?" I didn't know what to say so then Ashton said "yeah I am, but we didn't have her like that" Vale then looked confused so then I said "it's a complicated story kinda" "oh, well I have time" "well before my parents passed my mom was pregnant and when she died Olivia was born and when they looked for family to take her in they had called me and well I took her in technically she's my daughter and that's my story on how I became a teen mom" "oh wow that's just wow" "basically the day my parents died Olivia was born" "really?" ''yeah they were murdered on the way to the hospital well they had stopped on the side of the road and when Olivia was born they were killed and when help got there they found Olivia crying" "she wasn't hurt?" "no thankfully" "wow that's good but I'm sorry about your parents" "thanks" "well hey you got help from your boyfriend" "yeah true it's still hard sometimes because we both work but we manage" "that's good" then Vale's sister came up to us with Vale's daughter in her arms then Vale got her then Vale said "Jay this is Denise and Ashton and there daughter Olivia, Denise, Ashton this is my sister Jay and daughter Aryana" I then said "hi it's nice to meet you" Ashton then said "nice to meet you" Jay then looked at us then she said "h-hi nice to meet you" then Olivia said "mama" I then looked at her and she was handing me the bottle she had in her hand I then took it then Ashton handed her to me then I put her on my laps and me, Ashton, and Vale kept on talking until they said they were leaving since it was getting dark so once they left we went home too and we relaxed and watched some movies until I was too tired to stay awake and fell asleep resting my head on Ashton's chest.


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