English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


22. Chapter 22

The next morning I woke up to hearing Olivia crying I then carefully got up and made her a bottle and fed her not wanting to wake up Ashton since he was still asleep. Once I was done I changed her diaper then went into Ashton's bathroom and washed my face and fixed my hair then I heard the TV on in the living room so I got Olivia and quietly walked to the living room when I got there I seen Lauren laying on the couch when she seen me she said "good morning Denise" "good morning" Lauren then sat up and I sat next to her with Olivia in my arms then I said "where's your mom?" "she went to the market to get things to make breakfast" "oh" "and Ashton?" "asleep" "lazy bum" "hahahahahaha he's not that lazy" "hey don't defend him because he's your boyfriend" "hahahahahaha not true" then Olivia began to cry then Lauren said "okay small stuff he's no lazy" "hahahahahaha she's sticking up for Ashton already" "and winning" "hahahahahaha" I then began to rock her and she wouldn't stop crying so I got up and walked outside with her wondering what was wrong with her until she threw up on herself and she kept on crying I then took off her pajamas then went inside then Lauren said "is she okay?" "I don't know she just threw up I don't know what to do" "I'll go wash her clothes" I then handed the clothes to Lauren and Olivia was left in only her diaper crying her lungs out and me figuring out what to do then as I was holding her I noticed that she was really hot then I felt her forehead and she was really hot when Lauren walked back in the living room I asked her "by any chance do you guys have a thermometer?" "yeah let me go get it" "thank you Lauren" "it's no problem" a couple of minutes later Lauren came back and handed me the thermometer then I took Olivia's temperature and she had a 101.5 degree fever I then said "crap she has a fever" "I'll get wet towels" as I was rocking Olivia back and forth the front door opened and Anne walked in saying "oh no someone's grumpy" "morning Anne" "good morning is the little one grumpy today?" "she has a fever" "how high?" "101.5" "that's pretty high for a baby" "I know I think I'm going to take her to the emergency room" "want me to take you?" "are you sure?" "sure I have no problem with it" I then went to Ashton's room and got my shoes and Olivia's diaper bag and put her formula and bottles in there then me, Anne, Lauren, and Olivia went to the hospital when we got there I went to the check-in desk and once all that was done we sat in the waiting room.

Hours later of us sitting in the waiting room they had finally called me in and when I got up Anne said "love I'll be back in a few I'm going to go get Harry" "okay be careful" "I will" I then went into the room with Olivia crying still when I got into the room they did a check up on her and then we waited for the doctor to come in when she came in she took her temperature and it was higher than when I took it before we left after they did her check up the doctor told me that they wanted to keep her to watch her fever because they didn't want it to go higher so I got Olivia and followed them into the hospital where they admitted her and then put her in a room when I walked in the room there was a crib in there for her as I was in there my phone began to ring I answered it and said "hello" "hey your not home yet?" "no" "oh I just got here when are you coming home?" "I don't know I'm in the hospital" "WHAT? are you okay?" "I'm fine but Olivia is not" "what do you mean?" "she has a high fever and they admitted her into the hospital" "is she okay?" "they just want to keep an eye on her fever because it's really high" "are you there alone?" "yeah Ashton's mom brought me to the hospital because Ashton was still asleep" "oh she's not there?" "no she went home to feed Harry and Lauren" "oh" "yeah Olivia barely fell asleep she's been non-stop crying since we left Ashton's house" "poor babe" "I know I feel bad I didn't know what to do" "well you are a first mom of course this is all new to you" "I know" "I'll call you later okay" "okay bye Skye" "bye Denise"

When Skye hung up I laid Olivia in the crib that was there once I laid her down my phone began to ring I answered it and said "hello" "Denise?" "yes" "oh good it's me Anne" "oh hi" "how is she?" "her fever got higher so there keeping her over night" "oh no I hope she gets better" "me too" "she will be fine don't worry love" "I know but I feel so helpless she's in pain and I don't know what to do" "I was like you when I had Ashton I was lost every mom is when they have there first child" "I know" "well me and Lauren are in the waiting room but were going to see if we can go in the room with you okay" "okay and was Ashton awake when you left?" "no he was still asleep" "okay" "I did tell Harry that if he asks where we are to call me and I'll tell him" "thank you Anne" "no problem your part of the family now and in this family we help each other out" "I really appreciate it" "your welcome well there letting us in the room so I will see you in a bit okay" "okay" Once I hung up I sat on the chair next to the crib then moments later the door opened and Lauren and Anne walked in then they sat down and we started up a conversation.

A couple of hours later Anne's phone began to ring she answered it and talked to whoever was calling her when she was done she handed me her phone and said "Ashton wants you" I then took her phone then said "hello" "is she okay?" "right now yes she's asleep" "why didn't you wake me up babe" "your mom is the one who brought me Ashton" "oh makes sense" "yeah but they want to keep her over night and keep an eye on her fever because when they checked on her it was high" "poor little princess" "you can come if you want to" "I'm already on my way tell my mom I'm bringing Harry" "okay I will see you in a bit" ''okay bye" "be careful" "I will" Once Ashton hung up I said "he said he's on his way and Harry is coming with him" "okay I was going to bring Harry with me but I left him there so Ashton doesn't wake up panicking" "he said he should be here soon" I said handing Anne her phone back then Olivia woke up crying I then got her and she immediately stopped crying then Lauren said "looks like someone missed there mommy" I then smiled then I sat down and made Olivia a bottle and fed her. When she was done I burped her and then she stood awake so I held her in my hands then a nurse came in and said she wanted to check her temperature to see how her fever was after she finished taking it she said it wasn't so high as it was when they checked it earlier which was a good thing when the nurse left moments later the door opened and Harry and Ashton walked in when he seen me he hugged me then he hugged Olivia then got her then he said "how is she now?" I then said "her fever is going down which is a good thing" "that's good to hear" then Ashton sat on the couch that was in the room holding Olivia then Anne said "Denise are you hungry?" "oh no I'm fine" "you sure?" "I'm sure thank you for asking" "your welcome"

Hours later Anne, Lauren, and Harry had went home since visiting hours were over so me and Ashton were in the room talking while Olivia was asleep for the night until my phone began to ring I answered it and said "hello" "hi is this Denise?" "yes this is her, ho can I help you?" "Skye is your sister correct?" "yes why is she in trouble?" "no I'm sorry but your sister has passed away" "What? No I Just Talked To Her A Little While Ago!?" "I'm sorry" 'how did this happen?" "hit and run she was crossing the street and she got run over" ''NO SHE'S ALL I HAVE LEFT NO NO NO NO NO" "I'm sorry for your loss" "thank you, her body is at the hospital right now if you want to go there waiting for family to get there" "I'm her only family" "sorry to hear that" "thank you" "your welcome bye" "bye" when I hung up Ashton said "is everything okay?" "no'' I said crying "what happened?" "Skye's dead" "WHAT!?" "someone ran her over and killed her" "where's her body?" "in this hospital" "let me go ask okay" "okay" Once Ashton left I sat there crying my eyes out. Ashton then walked in then he said "they said she's here and if you want to you can go see her" "I don't want to leave Olivia alone" "you can take her'' then a nurse walked in then she said "I'll take you both to where your sister is at" Ashton then got Olivia and got her blanket and we followed the nurse when we got to a room I walked in and there on the bed was Skye I then broke down even more then my phone began to ring I answered it then said "hello" "hey Denise it's Michael" "hey" "have you heard from Skye she was supposed to meet me at Starbucks like an hour ago" "I'm so sorry" "what's wrong?" "she's dead" "WHAT!? NO!" "I'm sorry" "where are you at?" "the hospital in the room with her body" "I'll be over there in a few I'm not far" "okay bye" "bye" Once I hung up I sat there holding her hand crying then the door opened and Michael walked in when he seen me he went up to me and hugged me then he seen Skye I left him sit in the chair I was sitting in and went with Ashton when I sat next to him he wrapped his free arm around me. Then Michael said "it's all my fault" I then said "no it wasn't Michael" "I told her to let me pick her up but she said she would walk I should've just picked her up without asking her" "Skye can be stubborn at times" "god dammit my mum loved her so much she was even expecting her tonight" "I'm sorry Michael" "I'm sorry too she was all you had left not only that she was your twin it must be harder for you" "it is but it's hard for you too she was your girlfriend'' "not yet I was going to ask her tonight" "oh I'm sorry" "it's not your fault, now she's with my parents you will see her again this isn't goodbye" "I know but I miss her already" "me too Michael me too"

About 2 hours later we had to leave the room so they could take her body away when it was time to say goodbye to her I cried even more when we went back to Olivia's room Michael came with us and we walked in and sat down when we sat down a nurse walked in and took Olivia's temperature when she was done she had said that her fever was gone which was a good thing and that I could go home with her so I put her on her pajamas then we left the hospital when we walked out I told Michael "your going to go home?" "yeah I have to tell my mum the news'' "text me when you get home" ''I will" then Michael got in his car and then I put Olivia in her car seat and then got in and then Ashton said "do you want to go home?" "I don't think I can handle being there tonight'' "okay we will go back to my mum's okay" "okay". Once we got to Ashton's mom's house he got off and got the car seat then we walked in the house when we got in his mom said "they let her go?" Ashton said "her fever was gone" "oh that's good to hear" then Anne looked at me and I smiled at her then Ashton said "I'll be back" I then nodded then I sat on the couch then Anne sat next to me then she said "everything alright?" "kind of" "kind of?" "okay not really" "what's wrong?" "my sister" "your sister?" "she passed away" "oh my love I'm sorry" "thank you" "how?" ''someone ran her over" "oh that' terrible" "she was all I had left and now she's gone" Anne then hugged me while I cried A little while later after I calmed down and we talked we had all decided to get some sleep so I went to Ashton's room and laid down and fell asleep.

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