English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


21. Chapter 21



Denise's POV


The next morning when I woke up I got up and seen Olivia awake in her bed I then smiled then I got her no one knows how happy I was to finally have her back in my arms to know that she was okay the past few months have been horrible nothing but me crying and not eating and not sleeping I was too worried that I wasn't going to get her back that I wasn't going to hold her anymore that when all this over she was going to be dead once I got Olivia I went to her room and changed her diaper then I went downstairs with her then made her a bottle then sat on the couch and fed her when I was done I sat there holding her glad to have her back in my arms a little while later there was a knock on the door I got up with Olivia in my arms and opened the door when I did I seen Lauren and Harry there I said "hey guys um what are you doing here?" "is Ashton here?" "he's asleep why?" Lauren said "sorry for stopping by like this" "oh no it's fine come in" Harry and Lauren then walked in and sat on the couch when they sat down I laid Olivia in her swing then I said "did you guys come all the way here alone?" Lauren nodded her head yes I then said "does your mom know your here?" "no" "you guys are going to have her so worried you have to call her" "we don't have a phone" "I'll let you borrow mine" I then got my phone from the table then said "what's her number?" once Lauren told me her number I dialed it then handed Lauren the phone once she talked on the phone she then said "my mom wants to talk to you" "what did you tell her?" "that I was with Ashton she wanted to talk to him but I told her he was asleep so she asked who let us in and I said you did" "alright" she then handed me the phone then I walked to the kitchen then said "hello" "hello I'm sorry Harry and Lauren had to bug you like that" "oh no it's fine don't worry about it there both so lovely" "they just miss Ashton so much'' "I had a feeling they did I told him to go home last night but he didn't want to he said that he had been calling you these past few months" "he has he said he was with his girlfriend though, if he's not with his girlfriend who are you?" "his girlfriend" "oh wait your Denise?" "that's me" "oh my hahahahahaha are you sure your okay with having them there" "I'm sure it's fine" "if you don't mind me asking is everything okay there Ashton told me that it was important for him to stay there with you?" "yeah everything's fine now" "if it's fine with you may I know what happened?" "yeah it's fine well I'm sure Ashton told you I had a daughter?" "oh yes he did I'm sorry about your parents passing too" "thank you, well 3 months ago my daughter was kidnapped from her room in the middle of the night" "oh my gosh is she fine did you get her back safe?" "after 3 months we finally got her back safe and sound" "why did they take her?" "they thought my parents still lived here and my parents owed them money so they took her thinking they were still here" "oh wow well I'm glad you got her back safe" "me too those three months were horrible" "I can imagine love, but you got her back safe and I'm glad" "me too" "well when am I going to meet you lovely" "I don't know hahahahahaha whenever you want really" "well how about tonight you, Ashton, your baby, come over tonight for dinner'' "that would be lovely I'll tell Ashton our plans" "great I'll see you later then" "I'll see you later bye" "bye" "oh we will take Harry and Lauren home later then hope you don't mind" "oh no it's fine" "okay see you later bye" "bye" once I hung up the phone I went back to the living room to see Lauren and Harry playing with Olivia I then said "me and Ashton will take you both home later" Harry said "she wasn't mad?" "no she wasn't I thought she was going to be but she wasn't" "oh" Lauren said "does she know that you and Ashton are together?" "yeah I just told her which is why were taking you home later on she wants to meet me" "oh" ''so do you guys want anything to eat?" they both nodded there heads then I went into the kitchen and looked for something to make once I knew what I was going to make I got the things I needed I began to cook, as I was cooking Ashton walked in then he said "morning babe" "morning Ash" "what are Harry and Lauren doing here?" "they showed up at the door step this morning" "WHAT!?" "Ashton calmed down I had Lauren call your mom and she talked to her" "was she mad?" "surprisingly no she was calm" "how do you know?" "I talked to her" "you what?" "she wanted to talk to you and you were asleep so Lauren passed me the phone" "what did you tell her?" "nothing she said she was sorry that they intruded so early and I told her I didn't mind" "that's all?" "yup then she said that you told her that you were with your girlfriend so she asked me who I was" "what did you tell her?" "I was your girlfriend" "oh" "she invited us over for dinner well me and you" "you said okay?" "yeah was that a bad idea" "no not at all I just thought you weren't ready" "I'm not but your mom told me she's ben dying to meet me I don't want her to wait anymore" "well she will love you" "I also told her about Olivia" "about the kidnapping?" "yeah" "what did she say?" "she was glad we got her back safe and then that's when she asked when she was going to meet me then she said to go over for dinner tonight" "makes sense" "yeah hahahahaha" "don't worry she's going to love you" "what if she doesn't and she thinks I'm with you cause of your job and the baby?" "well I know that's not why your with me" "it's not" "and I'm sure she knows that too your a sweet girl babe she will love you" "I always worry when I meet new people I don't know why but I do" "well I'll be there with you so you have nothing to worry about okay" "okay, so hungry?" "oh yeah" I then served Ashton, Harry, and Lauren then I called them to the table then they sat down and Ashton did too then I got some food then I sat with them then Ashton said "how did you guys know how to get here?'' Lauren said "I remembered the way here from the last time you brought us here" "that was a while ago" "I have good memory" "well I can see that, next time please just call cause what if I wasn't here" "mom said you were with your girlfriend" "how did you know Denise was my girlfriend?" "we didn't but now we do" "damn" "sorry Ashton" "you guys were going to find out tonight anyways mom wants to meet Denise" Harry then said "Denise my mom will love you don't worry" I then said "how do you know?" "you make Ashton happy and that's all my mom wants is someone who makes him happy and I like you too" "Awwww hahahahahaha thanks Harry" "your welcome"


Once we all finished eating I washed all the dishes then I went to the couch and sat down then Olivia started to cry I then got her and went upstairs to her room and changed her diaper then went back to the kitchen and made her a bottle and sat on the couch and fed her once I was done I noticed that she was awake but just looking around I then smiled then Lauren sat next to me then I looked at her and smiled then I sat there on the couch holding Olivia while she held on to my fingers then a little while later Ashton said "babe I'll be back in a bit Harry is going with me" "okay be careful" "I will" then Ashton kissed my forehead and then kissed Olivia on the head then him and Harry left once he was gone I got up and went to the kitchen then got a water bottle then I said "Lauren would you like something?" she then said "no I'm fine" I then sat back on the couch then Lauren said "how old is she?" "3 months" "the girl in the picture there?" I looked to where Lauren was pointing and it was a picture of me and Skye I then said "oh that's my sister" "you have a sister?" "yeah she's upstairs asleep" "how old is she?" "19 like me" "twins?" "yup fraternal twin though were not identical" "that's so cool" "hahahahahaha" "does she have a baby too?" "no only me'' "where's the dad?'' "oh no I didn't have her like that" "then how?" "well a couple months ago my parents died they used to live here but the thing is me and my sister haven't talked to our parents for a long time like maybe 3 years long time so me and my sister used to live in America that's where I met your brother but one day a lady came to our house saying we had a sister that my mom was pregnant and that when they were murdered the baby had survived so they had asked me if I wanted to keep her or not and I had a day to decide if I had said no they would've put her in the orphanage to be adopted then I told my sister and she wanted me to become the legal guardian which meant she wanted me to take the baby then she wanted me to tell Ashton cause when this had happened I was already with him at first I was terrified cause I didn't want him to think I took the baby to trap him in this relationship I mean he can leave whenever he wants, the baby you can say was for me and my sister since she is all we have left from our parents so when I told Ashton he was very supportive and said I should take her so I told this woman who came to our house that I was going to take her so we packed up and came here to live so here we are in this big house just three girls" "oh wow that's wow I'm sorry about your parents'' "thanks" "do you ever miss them?" "my parents?" "yeah" "tons I miss them every single passing minute its like I know something is missing and there's days where I think if they ever thought about me and my sister where I think if they ever miss us where I wish I had more time with them when people tell you the hardest part in life is losing someone who's close to you listen to them cause there right it hurts so much and yeah the pain will go away but as of right now it's hard really hard but then I look at Olivia and she is my strength I know it's dumb because she's only a baby but she is and without her I don't know what I would do not only is she the only thing from my parents but she's my baby now which meant I needed to act like one not only for me but for my parents" "I see you have gone through a lot haven't you?" "yeah so much" "well that's all over now cause here it's a fresh start plus new family" "new family?" "my mom is going to love you" "how do you know?" "your so sweet, I can see that Ashton loves you very much my mom will love you I know your not with my brother for fame I know your in it for the love" "yeah I'm scared that your mom is going to think that I'm with him for fame and the baby" "she won't" "I believe you" "it feels good to finally have another girl around" "what do you mean?" "now that Ashton is in the band it's hard to make friends most girls talk to me to meet the guys" "that sucks I'm sorry that happens to you" "I mean I have friends from before Ashton and there still by my side but like when new kids come into our school they know me as Ashton Irwin's sister not Lauren" "at least you still have those friends" "yeah true I don't know what I would do without them" "I don't know what I would do without my sister to be honest" "hahahahahaha" "we keep each other in check that's why" ''I see, how many months is your daughter?" "3 months" ''she's cute" "thank you" "she looks like you" "you think so?" "yeah hahahahahaha identical to you" "you want to hold her?" "no it's fine" ''come on Lauren I know you want to" "okay fine" "hahahahahaha" I then handed Olivia to Lauren then she sat down then she seemed tense I then said "relax Lauren hahahahahaha your doing great" "okay" "see your doing great" "hahahahahaha I just don't want to hurt her" "you won't trust me" As Lauren was sitting there holding Olivia Skye walked in the living room then she said "good morning" I then said "morning" "oh hi Lauren I didn't know you were coming" Lauren said "I just wanted to see Ashton I'm sorry" I then said "no Lauren don't say sorry it's fine your always welcome here" Skye said "yeah your always welcome here just caught me by surprise" "Skye there's food on the stove" "thanks" When Skye went to the kitchen Lauren said "that's your sister?" "yeah" "you both look nothing alike" "yeah I know she looks like our dad and I look like our mom" "oh that makes sense" "hahahahahaha yeah whenever we used to tell people we were twins they would look at us like we were crazy cause we look nothing alike" "yeah when I seen her I was like are you sure your twins" "hahahahahaha everyone thinks that your not the only one" "hahahahahaha well she seems nice" "she is you will like her once you get to know here she just gets startled when we have visitors here before she wakes up" "oh well that makes sense" "yeah" then Olivia began to cry then Lauren said "okay take her I don't know what to do" "hahahahahaha well you did really well" "thank you" "your welcome" "so what are you going to wear tonight" "oh no I don't know" "can I help you?" "of course come on" I then got up with Lauren following me then we went to my room and I laid Olivia in her little bed that was in my room for her then I went into my closet with Lauren following me then I said "I don't have much but go ahead knock yourself out" Lauren then began to find things for me to wear and when she did she kept telling me to try things on this went on for another hour and a half until finally we had both agreed on something for me to wear it was some dark blue jeans with a white kinda see through shirt and a knitted sweater and some brown boots when we both agreed with the outfit which wasn't too dressy which was good considering we were only going to Ashton's for dinner I then put the outfit on my bed then I said ''thank you for helping me Lauren" "no problem that was really fun" "hahahahahaha just imaging going shopping" "we need to do that one day" "oh we will and when Olivia gets bigger" "even better" "hahahahahaha" "okay having you around gets better every minute" "hahahahahaha well I'm going to be around for a while so don't you worry" "yes" "you do know that your welcome here anytime right even if Ashton isn't here and you want to come over you can of course let me know first hahahahahaha" "I will next time" "maybe next Friday or something you can come over we can have a girls weekend" "I'd love that" "I'll talk to your mom about it tonight you think she will let you?" "I think so" "hopefully she does" "I hope so too" 


Hours later I was getting ready to leave to go meet Ashton's mom after I was done getting ready I went to Olivia's room and got something for her to wear then I took her a shower and changed her once I was done with getting ready and getting Olivia ready I was in Olivia's room packing a bag of things I would need for her then as I was getting the things Ashton walked into the room and said "hey love" "hi Ash" "ready?" "yeah I just finished" "okay then let's go" "okay" I then got the bag while Ashton carried the car seat to the car and when we got to the car Harry and Lauren were already in the back seat Ashton then put Olivia in the car while I got in the passenger seat once he was done he got in the car and drove to his mom's house. On the way there I sat there in silence over thinking this situation like was I ready to meet Ashton's mom I mean she is dying to met me but I'm so shy that I feel like I'm not going to talk but I have to overcome this tonight I have to I know Ashton's mom has been dying to meet me and now there's no turning back. When we arrived to Ashton's house we got off and then Lauren and Harry went to go knock on the door then Ashton's mom opened the door then I heard Olivia cry so I got her out of the car seat and carried her then Ashton said "don't be nervous babe she will love you" "I know I just get nervous every time I meet someone new" "I know I can understand that" We then both walked in his house when we walked in Ashton said "MOM!!" "in the kitchen love" I then followed Ashton into the kitchen then when we walked in the kitchen his mom was at the stove cooking she then looked at us then she cleaned her hands then Ashton said "mom this is my girlfriend Denise, Denise this is my mom" I then said "it's nice to meet you Ms. Irwin" "oh love please call me Anne, and it's nice to finally meet you too Denise Ashton has told me so many things about you" Anne then hugged and at first I was surprised but then I hugged her back the best I could considering I was holding Olivia in my arms once she stopped the hug she looked at Olivia then she said "this must be your daughter oh my she's so cute" "thank you" "well make yourself at home I'll be in there shortly" I then followed Ashton into the living room when we got there I put Olivia in her car seat then Ashton said "see nothing to be nervous about he seems to love you" "the nights not over Irwin" "babe she will love you I mean what's there not to love about you?" "I don't know" "she will love you" "okay hahahahahaha" moments later Ashton's mom came into the living room then we started a conversation then a couple minutes later we all sat at the table and all ate and once we were done Harry asked Ashton if he could play video games with him at first Ashton didn't want to go but then I told him "Ash go I'll be fine" "okay" he then kissed my forehead then he went with Harry then I was in the kitchen with Anne then I said "would you like me to help you with the dishes?" "oh no love it's fine your a guest" 'it's fine Anne I don't mind helping" she then had me dry the dishes while we talked she started the conversation by saying "so how do you like it here?" "I love it, it's everything I always thought" "I'm glad you like it" "so is it just you and your daughter?" "oh no I have a sister too" "how old is she?" "she's 19 like me" "twins?" "yes but were not identical" "oh so you look nothing alike?" "yes when we told people we were twins they looked at us like we were crazy because we look nothing alike" "hahahahahaha well having a twin seems nice" "it is she's not only my sister but she's also my best friend" "that's good because some siblings are not that close like that" "oh yeah I know some friends we used to have always used to fight with there siblings I mean I'm not saying we never fought because there was times we did but they never lasted it's like we can't stay mad at each other too long" "awwww that's good" "yeah, how long have you lived in this house?" "since Ashton was born" "I like it, it's so cozy" "that's why I liked it here too it's the right size house I raised all three of my kids here" "I lived in my childhood house too until I moved here" "I bet it was hard to leave it?" "it was all my memories were there but I wanted a new start already I wanted something new so this move was something me and my sister wanted so bad" "I see, well that's good that your liking it here" "me too" "how did you find out that your parents had passed away?" "oh about 3 months ago maybe 4 I got a call in the middle of the night that my parents were murdered and at first I thought it was a joke but it wasn't" "oh my did they ever find out who did it?" "no they never did" "but  if your mom was murdered how did the baby survive?" "my mom was in labor when they got murdered" "they were murdered in a hospital?" "no on the way to the hospital" "oh my wow" "when help got to them they found Olivia crying" "oh wow that's crazy" "and that's how she survived" "that's crazy" "I know I still till this day can't believe there gone I never got to tell them goodbye or anything" "oh love I'm sure there proud of you though taking in your sister was a big step for you especially since your so young" "yeah I thought about it good before I made a decision to take her" "I see" "then too I don't want people to think I'm with Ashton to trap him in this relationship with the baby because that's not my intention if I'm being honest he can leave whenever he wants this has nothing to do with him I did this for me and my sister as a reminder of our parents she's all we have left of them" "well I know that you didn't trap Ashton in the relationship with your daughter" "I didn't I'm not even with him for his fame I don't care about fame I'm with him for him" "yeah I know you don't seem like that type to use Ashton like that" "I'm not I was raised in a way to be glad for what you have because others have less that's why I don't show off my things or brag about things I did I mean if I get to go to concerts and be front row then that's something I know I worked hard for I don't go around telling everyone I know who wanted to go to the concert that I went and got front row tickets it's just something I don't do I don't know if you get what I'm saying hahahahahaha" "no I get you that's exactly how I raised Ashton, Lauren, and Harry" "raise them right or don't have kids, that's what my mom always said" "well she is very right" "she would've loved you Anne, you remind me so much of her she always loved everyone she met and everyone liked her too my mom was a very lovely person" "she sounds lovely" I then looked at the floor then Anne said "I get that you miss her dearly" "very much" I then looked at Anne and smiled then she hugged me and I hugged her back then she said "like I said earlier they would be proud of you" "thanks Anne" "your welcome lovely"

About 2 hours later Ashton said it was getting late and that he should take me home as I was getting all of my things ready Lauren came in the living room then said "awwww your leaving already?" "yes" "awwww lame" "hahahahahaha sorry Lauren Ashton said he should take me home because it's getting late" "why don't you both just stay the night" "oh no hahahahahaha" "I'm asking Ashton" "hahahahahaha" then Anne came in the living room then she said "how long will it take you to get home?" "about 1 hour" "oh wow" "yeah I know" moments later Ashton came in then he said "Lauren wants us to stay over?" "I know it was her idea she doesn't want us to leave" "more like you" "hahahahahaha" "do you want to stay?" "I don't want to intrude Ash" "my mom would love to have you trust me" "well ask her first" Ashton then walked in the kitchen then my phone began to ring I answered it then said ''hello" "hey I just called to let you know that I'm staying over Michael's house his mom liked me" "that's good and okay then I'll see you tomorrow then" "okay bye" "bye" once I hung up Ashton walked in then he said "see my mom said she would love to have you spend the night" "okay I just wanted to make sure it was okay with her" then Anne walked in the living room then she said "make your self at home Denise you always welcome here" "thank you Anne" "well I'm heading to bed good night" "good night" me and Ashton both replied then Anne had gone up to her room then I said "Ash I didn't bring enough milk formula for Olivia I didn't think we were going to stay I don't have none for the night" "I'll go to the store first let me show you where you can sleep" "what about you?" "I'll sleep on the couch" "oh no your not going to sleep on the couch Ashton" "babe it's fine" "you can sleep with me and Olivia will sleep in her car seat" "okay come on follow me" I then followed Ashton to his room when we walked in he went into his closet and got me some sweats and a shirt then he said "here you can use this to sleep in" "thanks Ash" "your welcome okay so let me go to the store really fast okay" "okay be careful" "I will I'll take Harry with me" "okay" Once Ashton left I quickly changed then I seen that Olivia was awake in her car seat so I picked her up and laid her on the bed then there was a knock on Ashton's room door I then said "come in" the door then opened and Lauren walked in she then said "yay your staying" "yes hahahahahaha were staying, I still have to ask your mom if you can go over on Friday for our girls weekend" "who's going to watch Olivia?" "she's going to come with us" "okay hahahahaha, well I should get to bed good night Denise" "good night Lauren" About 5 minutes later Ashton got back with the milk formula then he put it on his night stand then I laid Olivia in her car seat and covered her then I laid in Ashton's bed and he closed his door and turned off the light then he laid next to me we then said our good nights then soon had fell asleep.

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