English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


20. Chapter 20

Denise's POV

The next morning I woke up feeling worn out lifeless when I was about to get up from bed someone mumbled "no" I looked to see Ashton there he then said "don't leave me" "Ash I have to go to the restroom" he then let me go so I got up and went to the bathroom when I was done I went back to bed when I laid down Ashton wrapped his arm around me which meant he was cuddling me he then mumbled "good morning babe" "morning love" I then kissed his cheek then he opened his eyes then he smiled then he kissed my cheek too then he said "how are you feeling today?" "eh could be better" "do you think you will have her back today?" "I hope so I miss her already" "I know you do" "wait the others did they stay too?" "yeah they did but Skye let them sleep in the guest rooms" "oh" "I was given a guest room but I couldn't sleep so I came here" Ashton said blushing "hahahahaha your so cute when you blush" "hahahahaha it's not cute" "yes it is" "hahahahaha, are you hungry considering you didn't eat last night?" "no'' "babe" "what I'm not hungry" "babe you can't starve yourself it's not going to help this situation what if you starve yourself and we get her back but your not here to watch her?" "I know but I want to get her back who knows who's she's with" "I know babe but at least eat so you can have the strength later on" "okay" then me and Ashton got up and went downstairs then he poured me some cereal then he put the plate in front of me then as I was going to take a bit of the cereal the door bell rang I then went to go open the door and when I opened it there was another envelope there I got it and closed the door then went back to the table with Ashton when I sat down I opened it then it said "this is what happens when you hurt someone it comes and bites you in the ass so I decided that if you want your precious baby back your going to have to earn it your going to have clues given to you everyday to find her you can have up to 5 people helping you if you tell the police you will never see the child again" when I finished reading it I let the tears run down my face and I just cried I wanted Olivia back and I wanted her here now. Ashton then got the letter and read it then he said "hey hey hey babe we will get her back" "why us Ashton what did I ever do wrong" "I don't know babe but we will get her back okay"




*3 Months Later*

(still Denise's POV)

It has been 3 months and Olivia is still missing. Me, Skye, and the lads are following these clues that have been put on my door step every morning and apparently were almost done. these past few months have been tough I haven't been sleeping much all I could think of is who would do this. Ashton has been coming over everyday to make sure I'm okay I feel bad that I brought them into this I didn't want to but Ashton insisted he and the others help and that's what they have been doing there such a big help and I'm grateful for that this morning there was another letter on the porch I read it and today was supposed to be the day we were getting her back and at midnight me, Skye, and the lads are supposed to go to the park and meet with this person he also wants money so were taking him a check hopefully this works and it isn't a scam.


Midnight had came faster than what I wanted it to before I knew it me and the others were on our way to the park I was scared and nervous for what could happen everyday I wondered if this person had problems with my parents and thought that they were still alive I was hoping that was the situation but you never know when we got to the park we followed the instructions that were given to me when we got there, there was a guy there he then looked at us then he said "who are you?" "were the ones who have been getting your letters all these months" "no I sent those to a man and a woman" "no it's my house I have no idea who your talking about" so it was about my parents I thought to myself "wait the owners before what happened to them?" "I heard they died" "what" "yeah" "how do you know?" "they were my parents" "oh well I'm still not going to hand you the baby so easily" "I brought you a check like your letter said" then another man walked next to him holding something when he came into view it was Olivia I just felt relieved in a way but she still wasn't in my arms safe then the guy said "look your parent owed us a lot of money" "well you didn't have to go kidnap my baby I didn't do anything to you nor did I even see my parents I haven't seen my parents in like 3 years" "well if you give us the check we will give you your baby" "were going to do this trade together, you will hand over the baby then I will give you this check then you go on with your life and we go on with ours" "how will I know that you won't go tell the police" "really I just want my baby back I don't care about what you do you can flee the country and I wouldn't care I just want her back" "alright let's do this" then the guy who had Olivia walked to Skye and handed her Olivia then he went back to the other guy then he said "alright your turn" I then walked up to him and handed him the check then went back to Skye when I got her I got Olivia then hugged her like there was no tomorrow she was finally back home with me and I felt relieved I felt like I was one again then the guy said "nice doing business with you" then he walked away then we walked back to the van then we got in and went home when we got home I went inside and I went to Olivia's room and went to go take her shower she looked really dirty and when I was done I put her in a onesie then the clothes she had I put them in the fireplace and burned them incase they had any tracking devices or other things I was glad we had her back when  I had showered her I looked to see if she had any bruises and thank god she didn't when Olivia went to sleep I put her in her swing downstairs to be able to watch her then Ashton sat next to me then he said "we got her back" "I know finally" "told you we would" "I know you did, thank you so much Ashton" "for what babe" I then whispered "for staying" he then hugged me then he said "I'll always be here for you and Olivia" "thank you" "your welcome baby" "now you can go home" "kicking me out aye" "hahahahaha no it's just these past couple of months you haven't seen your family they need you too Ashton" "I know but I couldn't leave you here alone Skye was as bad as you if I wouldn't be here you both would've starved yourself" "that is true but still they probably miss you" "I have called them everyday I told them I was taking care of some business and said that they understood" "still don't you miss your bed waking up in home" "you are my home" "Mr. Irwin that's the cheesiest thing I've ever heard" "all for you babe" "but seriously don't you miss your bed?" "no your bed is more better than mine" "hahahahaha, if you like my bed so much then you can stay" "hahahahaha I wasn't leaving anyways" "oh Ashton hahahahaha" "hahahahaha" A little while later we had all decided after a long day that it was time to go to bed so what I did was I put Olivia in my room I got her little on the go bed (I don't know what there called) and put it in my room along with all her stuff to make a bottle then I laid her in there and I closed my room door then I laid down next to Ashton then we said our good nights then I eventually went to sleep.



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