English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


19. Chapter 19

The next morning when Denise woke up she went downstairs as she knew Olivia wasn't awake yet so she went to the kitchen and got a bowl and poured herself a bowl of cereal then she sat at the table and began to eat it when she was done she washed her bowl and then she went to Olivia's room and when she got to the top of the stairs Denise seen Skye standing there Denise then said "morning Skye" "morning by any chance is Olivia downstairs with you?" "no I was just coming to get her" "she's not in her crib" "stop playing with me" "I'm not why would I do that" Denise then walked in Olivia's room to see the crib empty and the window open Denise then said "Skye did you leave the window open?" "no, HOLY FUCK DENISE WAS SHE KIDNAPPED?" "But who would do that" Denise said crying "I don't know we will find her Denise" "what if we don't Skye" "we will we can't give up on her" then the door bell rang Denise went and got the door when she opened it there stood Ashton, Michael, Luke, and Calum when Denise seen them she ran to her room then she closed her door and locked herself in her bathroom then there was a knock on the door then they said "Denise are you okay let me in please babe" Denise didn't say anything then moments later the door opened and Ashton walked in then he seen Denise on the floor crying then he said "hey what's wrong?" "someone took her" "took who?'' "Olivia someone took her she was all I had left of my parents and now she's gone I want her back" "what?" Denise then cried more then Ashton got Denise bridal style and carried her to her bed and then he laid next to her then he rubbed her back trying to calm her down a little while later there was a knock on Denise's room door Denise looked to see a police officer there then he said "hello um I was wondering if I could ask you some questions?" Denise then nodded her head then Ashton was getting up to leave the room then Denise said "please stay" Ashton then nodded his head and he sat next to Denise then the police officer said "alright so the last time you seen Olivia was last night correct?" "Yes well actually around 2:30 is the last time that's when she woke up crying since it was time to feed her" "okay and did you notice anything strange in there?" "no nothing" "okay so this morning when you woke up can you explain to me what you did?" "yeah I got up and it was pretty early so I went downstairs and got some cereal and when I was done I came up here and Skye asked me if I had Olivia downstairs with me cause she wasn't in her crib I told her no and that's when I went into her room and seen the window open" Denise said crying again


After hours of investigators coming in and out of the house they had finally left telling Denise and Skye that if there was anything they would call. When they all left Denise went to Olivia's room and just sat in the rocking chair crying then Ashton walked in the room and said "hey babe" she then mumbled a 'hi' back to him then he walked to Denise then he said "there going to find her love and I won't stop looking either" 'thanks' Denise mumbled "come on let's go eat" "I'm not hungry" "please a little bit I bought pizza" "okay" then Denise and Ashton walked downstairs to the kitchen then as they were going to sit down the door bell rang Denise went to the door and opened the door to see an envelope on the door step she carefully picked it up and then walked back in the house and went to the kitchen when she got there Skye said "who was it?" "I don't know there was just this envelope on the door step" "open it" Denise then sat on a chair and opened the envelope when she did there was a letter in there she began to read it and it said "Hello there, if you want your precious baby back without being hurt you have to do as I say or else there will be no baby tomorrow at midnight I want you and one person to meet me at the park if you tell the police I will hurt her if you tell more than one person I will hurt her see you tomorrow" Skye said "so what did it say?" "nothing it's junk mail" "oh" Denise then folded it and put it in her back pocket then she tried to eat but couldn't all she could think about was Olivia all she was thinking was why would someone want to hurt her? What did she do? once they were all done eating Denise went to her room and sat on her bed moments later Ashton walked in her room then he sat next to her then he said "are you okay?" "hm oh um kinda not really" "I know it's hard but we will get her back okay I promise" "I know" "so that mail you got earlier what was it?" "if I tell you will you promise me not to tell anyone that includes the lads and Skye" "I promise" Denise then got the letter from her pocket and handed it to Ashton once he read it he said "I won't tell anyone babe I promise" "will you go with me tomorrow?" "of course I will" "thanks" "your welcome" Ashton then handed Denise the paper then she put it away where no one could find it then Denise said "Ashton if you have to go you can go" "no I don't have to go I'm not leaving you" Denise then sat on her bed then he said "you should get some rest babe" "I'm not tired" "I'll be here okay get some sleep" "fine" Denise then went into her closet and changed into some shorts and a shirt then she laid in bed then Ashton kissed her forehead then he said "good night baby" "night Ashton"

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