English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


18. Chapter 18


Denise's P.O.V

The next morning when I woke up I heard Olivia crying so I got up and went to her room and picked her up and changed her diaper and went downstairs and made a bottle for her then I sat on the couch and turned on the TV and fed her when she was done I burped her then went to the nursery then laid Olivia in her crib then went to her closet and looked for something to dress her in then I decided to put her in a blue dress (Picture Above Also The Baby Was Not Wearing The Bow On Her Head) then I got Olivia after I dressed her and went downstairs as I knew Skye was most likely to still be sleeping when I got downstairs I put Olivia in her swing then took it to the kitchen and began to cook breakfast as I was cooking I would glace at Olivia and think about her growing up I couldn't wait for her to start talking and laughing but at the same time I wanted her to stay small forever which I knew wasn't going to happen she was going to grow up weather I liked it or not and there was nothing I could do about it. When I was about to finish cooking a sleepy Skye walked in the kitchen and mumbled "morning" I looked at her then said "morning" then she went to Olivia and kissed her forehead then she said "it's hot" "yeah I know" I then walked to the air conditioner and turned it on then when the food was ready I served myself and Skye then we sat at the table when we were eating Skye said "what are we doing today?" "I don't know yet"  "we will think of something later then" "okay then" Once we both finished eating I told Skye if she could watch Olivia for me while I went to go shower she said she would so I went to my room and looked for something to wear I decided to wear some shorts and a button up tank top then when I got out of the shower and changed I went back downstairs then Skye had went to her room to shower also so I sat on the couch watching TV bored a little while later Skye walked in the living room and sat next to me then she said "what are we going to do now?" "um I don't know" once I finished my sentence the door bell had rang I got up to see who it was when I opened the door it was a man in his mid 20's maybe early 30's I then said "hello" "hello are you Denise or Skye?" "I'm Denise" "nice to meet you I'm Kyle" "hi um can I help you?" "oh your parents passed away correct?" "um yeah" "Mr. and Mrs. Rivera correct?" "yes that is correct" "well I was there I guess you can call me assistant at the record company they ran" "oh I see" "so I came to pick up you and Skye to show you the company introduce you to people who you both be working with maybe if you can show you how everything works and show you who you both will be working with" "working with?" "yeah a band I think they told me either way it's someone famous" "oh okay um let me go get my sister we will meet you?" "oh my car is parked right out front I'll be waiting there" "okay thanks" "oh and one more thing" "what's that?" "your mom was pregnant what happen to the baby did it pass also?" "oh no the baby is alive I um took it in and now she lives with us" "oh alright we all thought at the label that she had passed away also" "no she's fine and healthy I'll be out in a bit" "okay take your time" "okay" I then walked back in the house closing the door then I went to the living room and said "Skye?" "what?" "we have to go" "what do you mean?" "someone from the record label is here and he wants to show us the job and what we will be working on and who we will be working with as in someone famous" "oh okay then" I then went to Olivia's room and got her car seat along with a diaper bag and put diapers some extra clothes bibs bottles and a blanket then I went downstairs and put Olivia in the car seat then I went to the hallways closet by the kitchen and pulled out her stroller then I said "Skye ready?" "yes" "can you take the stroller while i carry her?" "of course" I then got the car seat then made sure I got everything then got the house keys locked the door and we went to the car when Kyle seen us he got the stroller from Skye and put it in the trunk I then buckled Olivia in the back seat then me and Skye got in and were on our way to the record company when we got there Kyle got out the stroller for me and opened it then Skye got the diaper bag while I got the car seat when I got it out I put it on the stroller then Kyle said "Okay are we ready"  Skye and I both nodded our heads then we walked inside following Kyle cause we had no idea where to go when we walked inside Kyle walked up to the front desk then he said "hi Melissa" "hi Kyle" "Melissa this is Denise and Skye there Mr. and Mrs. Rivera daughters the one who are taking there parents places" Melissa looked at me and Skye then she said "oh my it's so lovely to finally meet you your mom always talked about you both" we both then smiled then Kyle said "I'm going to show them around since they will be working here soon" "ah yes that is true well here take these badges for today and when you start your first day we will give you one of your very own there are visitors one" I then said "thank you" I took the badges then gave one to Skye and I put the other one on then we had followed Kyle to the elevators and he pushed the button to go to the floor where we needed to go when we were in the elevator Olivia began to cry I got her while Skye made her a bottle and when the elevator door opened she handed me the bottle and I fed Olivia then Skye pushed the stroller and followed Kyle as we were walking he stopped at some ladies desk then he said "hey Lisa" she looked and said "hey Kyle" "Lisa this is Denise and Skye Mr. and Mrs. Rivera's daughters, Denise and Skye this is Lisa you both will be seen a lot of her when you begin work here" Lisa then said "hello it's nice to finally meet you both your parents always talked about you girls" I then smiled then said "it's nice to meet you too" then Lisa said "who's this little cutie?" "this is Olivia my mom's daughter well now she's mine" "oh my we all thought that the baby also died" "no she made it somehow she did" "well that's good to hear" "yeah it is" Kyle said "well we should get going those people I told you about are going to be here soon" we then said bye to Lisa then we met a couple of other people we would be working with also and everyone seemed to know who we were and were glad that Olivia wasn't dead like they all thought she was then Kyle said "alright this will be both of your offices" we walked in and it was as big as our living room at home there were two desk in there I'm guessing for me and Skye then there were big windows with a great view then Kyle said "so what do you girls think?" Skye said "it's big" I then said "I like it" Kyle then smiled them he said "alright then well let's begin to show you what you will be working on when you start" then Kyle walked out of the office and I looked around then Skye said "this place is huge" "I know it is" I then walked to the window and looked out then I said "I don't think I'll ever get used to this view it's so pretty" "I know well do you think we could run this thing?" "I don't know I mean it will be hard when we first begin but I'm sure we can do this" "yeah I hope so" "Skye I'll be here to help you were in this together okay" "okay" then the door the office opened and we both looked to see Kyle standing there with another guy Kyle then said "ladies this is Brad and you will also be working with him a lot so Brad your going to show Denise what they will be doing here and I'll show Skye" Brad said "who's Denise" Kyle said "the one with the baby" I then put Olivia in her car seat and then sat at one of the desk while Skye sat at the other one when I sat down Brad walked over to me then he said "hello I'm Brad" "Denise" "nice to meet you" "you too" "so let's begin shall we'' "okay" then Brad began to show me what I will be doing it seemed pretty easy and the work was something I could master about 30 minutes after Kyle said "alright this will be it for now, oh I was just told that the people who you will be working with will be here in 10 minutes" I then got up and just got the car seat as I didn't want to take the stroller everywhere so I carried it while Skye got the diaper bag then we followed Kyle into a conference room that had no windows that you could see into the room we walked in then I looked and no one was there Kyle then told us to walk in and we sat down then Skye whispered to me "this job is easier than what I thought" "right I thought the same thing to" "hahahahaha at least we know we can do this" "I knew we could do this" "hahahahaha same thing" then the moments later he conference room door opened I looked up to see 5 Seconds Of Summer there I smiled then they sat down in front of us Calum, Luke, and Michael looked at me and Skye in a weird way then Kyle began to talk he then said "alright boys these ladies will be you can say working with you for a while your there clients if that's what you want to call it, they will be in the recording studio with you your meetings will now be with them and your team so everything is with them" Calum then said "with the both of them?" Kyle said "Mr. Hood is that a problem?" "not at all I was just asking to make sure" "yes they will both be working with you" "okay thank you for answering my question" ''your welcome, well I got to go help out someone but I'll be back" and with that Kyle left the conference room then Luke said "how did you both get this job?" I then said "well our parents owned this company and since there dead it got passed down to me and Skye" Calum said "makes sense and may I say your mother was a lovely person your dad was always busy and your mom always talked about her other daughter so she meant you both?" "yeah it's like everyone here knows who we are but we don't know who they are" "hey it happens it not your faults" "yeah true" Michael said "well this should be fun working with you both since we already know you both and you already know us so it should go smoothly" Skye said "hopefully it does just kidding it will" Ashton said "dang girl scaring us already" then we all laughed then Calum said "when do you both start working?" I then said "I have no idea they haven't told us I guess whenever we want maybe next week" then Kyle walked back in the room and he said "alright boys your good to go now" then they got up and when they left I then said ''so when can we start?" Kyle said "that's up to you both" "okay well we can begin next week'' "okay sounds good" "okay" "so you both can leave whenever you want" "okay thank you for everything Kyle" "no problem and there's a car in front of the entrance it will be taking you both home" "okay thank you Kyle" "no problem" when Kyle walked out me and Skye looked at each other the she said "I guess we better go" "yeah we should" then we both got up me getting the car seat then we walked to out office then we got the stroller then we walked to the elevator which surprisingly was easy to find when we got the front desk we gave Melissa back the badges then we walked outside to see a car parked in front then we heard our names being called I looked and seen Ashton there I smiled then I looked at the guy who was suppose to take us home I then told him "your free to go we found a ride" he then smiled then got in his car then Ashton walked up to us then he said "you want me to take you home?" "sure" we followed Ashton to his car and we got in and were on our way to our house. As we were driving Ashton said "so what are you girl planning to do now?" Skye said "go home" Ashton said "that's all"  "yeah pretty much" "would you girls like to have a look around town and stuff" "um sure" "great cause Michael texted me where to meet him" "alright" as Ashton was driving I was just looking out the window taking in my surroundings thinking that I couldn't believe that I was in Australia a little bit later Ashton pulled into a parking lot I looked and we were at a house I looked at Skye and she shrugged I then took off my seat belt then got out then got Olivia as I was getting out Ashton was getting the stroller out then the house door opened and a lady was there Ashton said "hello Karen" she said "Ashton it's so nice to see you again" "you too, is Michael here" "oh yeah he's in his room playing video games like always" "this is Denise and Skye" "hello girl nice to meet you I'm Karen Michael's mum" I then said "hello it's nice to meet you too" Skye said "nice to meet you" she then said "well come in make yourself at home" we then walked out and sat awkwardly on the couch while Ashton went to go call Michael when we sat down Karen sat down then she said "who's this little cutie?" I then said "this is Olivia" "awwww she is so cute" "thank you" "your sister?" "um it's complicated" "how so?" "um our parents passed away a couple months ago and my mom was pregnant so when she passed we took in the baby so I guess that makes her my daughter" "wow I'm sorry for your loss but also taking in the baby was a big step in your life you are so young" "thank you and yes were young still but she's the only thing we have left from our family I didn't want her to go to the orphanage so it was a tough decision and we decided to take her in and along with that we moved here from America" "oh well how do you like it here so far?" "it's nice I still can't believe were here I have always wanted to visit here but now I live here" "that's good" then Olivia began to cry so I got her out of the car seat and when I did Karen said "oh my she's so adorable" "hahahahaha thank you" "I like what she is wearing mommy's got style" "hahahahaha you want to hold her?" "oh no I'm fine" "I don't mind you could I don't mind" "okay just for a bit" "okay" I then handed Olivia to Karen then she held her and  I smiled then we talked for a while more then Michael said "hello ladies" I looked then I said "hey Mikey" then Michael sat next to Skye and Ashton sat next to me then me and Karen talked a little more then Olivia began to cry but it wasn't her time to eat so Karen gave her to me then I said "Michael can I change her in your room?" he said "sure show where it's at Ash" then me and Ashton walked to Michael's room when we walked in I laid Olivia down on the bed then changed her diaper when I finished Ashton said "here I'll take the diaper to the trash" "thank you Ash" "no problem love" then we walked back to the living room then Michael said "okay mum were going to go walk around for a bit" "okay you all be careful" "we will" then i put Olivia in the car seat then we walked outside then i put her in the stroller then we began to walk we decided to stay together in a group so it looked like a group hang out instead of a date as we were walking Ashton was telling me what everything was then we got to a building i looked at the sign and it said "Annandale Hotel" I then smiled cause the boys have history here then we continued to walk when it started to get cold we headed back to Michael's place when we got there Michael's mom invited us in for dinner so we stood when we walked in we all sat on the couch talking and enjoying ourselves

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