English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


17. Chapter 17

A couple of hours later when Denise woke up she picked up her head and groaned as she had woke up with a headache she laid there not wanting to move as she felt like her head was about to explode then she seen her phone then he got it and checked the time and it was 4:00pm she then texted Skye hoping that she had her phone with her.


Skye's POV:

When I left Denise's room I went back to the couch and Ashton said "is she okay?" "kinda she fell asleep" "oh okay" "yeah so Mr. Irwin how you been?" "hahahahaha I've been good and you?" "hahahahaha I've been good besides being sick" "Yeah I bet Michael was bummed that he couldn't come to see you today" "I am bummed to but he's sick so I just want him to get better" "same I miss him too you know hahahahaha" "oh god" then it got quiet between us two and a couple of hours later I felt my phone vibrate and I looked at my phone to see a text from Denise it said "I has a headache send help" I then got up and went to Denise's room when I walked in she was laying in bed with the blankets covering her whole body I then laid next to her then said ''are you okay?" "no I feel like I'm going to die" then I herd Ashton yell "SKYE!" I then said "hold up be right back ok" Denise mumbled "okay make the yelling stop please" I then went downstairs to Ashton the I said "what's up" "I have to go my little brother just got out of school" "oh okay" "is she awake?" "yeah but she's not feeling well" "oh tell her I said bye and I'll come by later to check on her" "okay I will be careful" "I will bye" "bye'' then Ashton walked out of the door I then closed it and locked it then as I was going to walk up the stairs I remembered Olivia was sleeping in her swing so I gently got her not wanting to wake her up and took her upstairs with me and Denise when I got back in Denise's room I told her "Ashton said to tell you bye and he would be back later to check on you and to feel better" Denise then mumbled "okay" "I brought Olivia" "is she awake?" "she is now" Denise then looked then I laid her down on the bed then Denise said "Skye can you make this go away it hurts so much" she said beginning to cry the thing with Denise is that she can't handle bad pain it gets to her too much and all she does is cry begging me to help it go away an there's times where I cry with her too cause I know there is nothing to do to make it go away and it sucks I then told her "please don't cry Denise let me go get my pills and some water so it could help okay" "okay please hurry it hurts so much I can't handle it anymore" I then got up and went to my room and got my pills then a water bottle I had in my room from the day before I then walked back in Denise's room then I said "sit up really fast love" she then sat up and took the pills then she drank the water then she said "thank you" "no problem" then Denise laid back down then I sat next to her then I looked at Olivia to see that she was wide awake but just looking at the wall I then smiled and knew that Denise would always make a great mother just didn't think it would be so soon but oh well right we both are in this together and I will help her when she needs it no matter what it is it's time for me to act like the big sister. I just can't wait till Olivia gets older and starts to talk and wait never mind stay small forever then Denise said "thank you Skye I know your sick so thank you for helping me I'm feeling better now" "no problem love glad you feel better" then Denise sat up then looked at Olivia then she said "this is the most she's been awake" "hahahahaha I think she misses her mommy" "hahahahaha no she's getting older stop growing Olivia it's breaking my heart" "hahahahaha yay Denise is back" "hahahahaha sorry about crying" "it's okay no need to say sorry I understand when your in pain your in pain" "yeah your right" I then looked at Olivia and said "wait so why did Elizabeth called you?" "she said that I forgot about her and replaced her with you cause we never told her we were sisters" "true but it hurts that she doesn't like me" "I know that's what bothered me the most is that she had no reason to not like you she just doesn't like you cause we were together all the time well duh were related" "yeah it's a stupid thing and well it's her fault she won't see us anymore for a while until Olivia is old enough to travel so we can go see some friends in a couple of years'' "yeah true" "so to be honest I am going to forget about drama and you should too" "I am I mean I always forgive people but not this time that was crossing the line of mine" "the one where Denise's hates you line?" "yup" ''damn she's the first person that you hate cause member that boy in high school who you hated but after a while you forgave him?" "yes" Denise mumbled then she added "I only forgave him cause well I really don't know why I did it" "hahahahaha it's cause your nice and he liked you" "no he didn't Skye" "Denise he did and he was hot" "Skye he was a bully to me remember how many times you found me crying how many times I had bruises how many times I was pushed into a wall cause of him and his friends there was no way he liked me" "I swear guys have a weird way of showing affection to girls and I beat the shit out of him when I found out he did all that to you like after I threw some punches at him he left you alone" "not in class he didn't especially that I had to sit next to him in the ones I had with him" "but did he hurt you?" "no he never called me names anymore and he actually said he was sorry that's when I forgave him" I then looked at Denise then she looked at me and smiled then I said "yeah your still to nice" "whatever Skye'' "hey your the one who started to become friends with him after that" "yeah I know but the bulling stopped even after you beat him up his friends would still bully me and he made them stop Skye" "I know Denise I know" "Skye member what you caught me doing one day?" "yeah I do" "that was cause of him and his friends" "then why did you become friends with him?" "I told him about it one day after school when I was walking out of class it was like he was waiting for me he asked if we could talk and I was already having a bad day so I just gave in and talked to him I didn't want to argue so we sat at the benches and we talked and at first he was just calling me names and I was going to walk away when he said he was sorry and then I looked down and he lifted up my chin and saw me crying then he hugged me I was shocked then he left go then he laughed and he said I bet you cry yourself to sleep cause of me your just a little cry baby Denise" "asshole" "I got mad so I yelled at him and showed him my wrist and walked away and that's when I went to you crying remember" "yeah I remember then I seen him like a little far back from us he just looked so guilty" "he should've felt bad it was his fault" "I know I know and did he?" "yeah he did" "how so?" "the next day at school in 3rd period" "what did he do?" "well at my desk there was a note and a rose" "what did the note say?'' "someone's a little excited" "Denise tell me" "hahahahaha okay so I looked around and no one seemed to even be paying attention to me so I sat down and got the note I opened it and let me remind you this was before you told me about 5SOS so I read the note and it said "Denise I'm sorry for making your life a living hell, I'm sorry for me being the reason you hurt yourself. I know I can never be your Harry Styles but will you forgive me cause Baby you light up my world like nobody else and I just want To Save You Tonight oh god this is sounding really cheesy my little sister is helping me with this so don't judge me. Now Denise I really want to apologize so why don't you head on to the field where I'll be waiting for you-Lots of love, Aiden" that's what the note said" "oh my god Denise did you go?" "I didn't I sat down until the teacher came to my desk and said that I was excused from class that Aiden had planned this with the teacher" "oh my life that's like a movie scene" "hahahahaha then I got up and got the flower and my bag and walked out of class then I walked to the field but I purposely walked slow and looking around as if it was my first day at the school I literally took the long way to the field I walked around all the classes then I seen one of our friends and talked to her then when I got there I seen him sitting on the benches looking at the floor" "he thought you weren't going" "yeah pay back is a bitch right" "hahahahaha evil is inside you I knew it" "hahahahaha" "oh my gosh what were you wearing that day?" "member that floral dress I had the black one?" "yeah" "that with some converse and my hair in a braid" "oh yeah I was wearing something like that too we decided to go matching that day" "yeah" "okay so continue" "hahahahaha so I walked up to him and sat next to him then said 'so I'm here let's talk' he looked up at me then he said 'I thought you weren't going to come' I then looked at the floor then I stood up then said 'so are we going to talk or not cause I could go back to class' then we talked he said he was sorry and he felt bad" "did he mention he liked you?" "no he didn't mention it but when the bell rang to go to lunch I got up saying I had to go meet up with you then he looked sad I then smiled at him then I walked to you at lunch" "oh wow he seems like the romantic type of guy" "I guess he was" "hahahahaha you do know he liked you right" "why do you keep saying that I really don't care that was back then I already have a boyfriend" "hahahahaha okay I won't say it anymore" "okay good wait how did we even start talking about this?" "I have no idea this always happens to us" "I know" "yeah do you feel better now?" "yes I do thank you again" "your welcome" then Olivia began to cry Denise got her then she immediately stopped I then said "told you she missed her mommy" "hahahahaha yeah huh she stopped right when I got her" then Denise's phone began to ring she got it and talked to whoever had called her when she hung up she said "Skye can you open the door for Ashton he's here" "awwww he actually did come back" "yes now go open it he's at the door" "okay then" I then got up and went downstairs and opened the door and seen Ashton there I then said "hey Ash come in" "Hey Skye oh hope you don't mind but I brought sister and my brother" "oh it's fine?" "yeah my mum was busy so I brought them" "oh I see it's fine come in I'm going to call Denise make yourselves at home mi casa is tu casa" "hahahahaha thanks" I then went back to Denise's room and when I got there I seen her playing and laughing with Olivia then I said "he's downstairs" "okay there I go" Denise then got up and quickly went to the bathroom and fixed her hair and washed her face then she got Olivia and then we went downstairs as we were walking I said "oh he brought his sister and brother" "what" "yeah only them though" "oh okay then" then we went to the living room when Ashton seen Denise I swear he had the biggest smile on his face I then sat on the couch then we all talked well not all of us Ashton's brother and sister were really quiet cause they were shy then I said ''so are you guys hungry?" everyone said "yes'' so I got up and went to the kitchen to order pizza hahahahaha I'm not going to cook too lazy for that so i called for pizza and they told me that it would be delivered in 20 minutes so then i went back to the couch and joined the conversation with Denise, Ashton, and his sister then a couple of minutes later there was a knock on the door I then got up and went to open the door when I opened the door it was the pizza guy but he looked really familiar he then said "hi" "um hi how much?" "$15" "I then went to go get the money then handed it to him then Denise came to the door then she said "need any help?" I then looked at her then I said "I'm good I got it thanks though" "no problem" then the pizza guy left then I went to the kitchen and got some plates and called everyone to the kitchen to eat then we all sat down and ate while me and Denise were getting to know Ashton's brother and sister more every now and then I would see Lauren glance at Olivia like if she wanted to hold her but she was probably thinking that Denise wouldn't let her but I know Denise would after we ate Ashton said they had to go considering Harry and Lauren had school in the morning we said our good byes then they left I then locked the door then we went upstairs I then went to my room to change when I finished I went to Denise's room to see that she wasn't in there so I went to Olivia's room and she was sitting on the rocking chair in there feeding her and humming Little Things to her then I said "hey I'm going to head to bed" "okay good night love you " "night love you too" I then went to my room and soon I was fast asleep hoping tomorrow would be a better day than what today was

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