English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


15. Chapter 15

A couple of minutes later Denise's phone began to ring she then answered it and said "Hello" "Hey love" "Hey Ash what's up?" "Um are you sure you gave me the right address?" "Yup I did why?" "just cause the people who live here run the record label here in Australia" "Oh I know that my parents ran that business" "WHAT!?" "Yeah I know shocking right?" "hahahahaha very I didn't know" "Neither did me and Skye and they were our parents" "hahahahah they never told you?" "Nope" "I thought they would have told you?" "No it's cause we hardly talked since they were always busy makes sense why now" "Yeah well were here" "hahahaha okay then" then Ashton hung up then moments later the door bell rang Denise got up and opened the door to see Michael and Ashton there they walked in then Michael said "talk about rich people" Denise said "I know I think Skye got lost in here hahahahaha" "Did she really?" "Um probably its Skye were talking about here" Ashton said "What's that suppose to mean?" "She tends to get lost a lot hahahaha" then Michael said "Where's the child?" "She's in the swing in the living room" "let me see her" "okay hahahaha" then they walked to the living room and the baby was asleep in her swing then Michael said "she's tiny" "yeah she is" Ashton said "what did you name her?" "Olivia" "cute name hahahaha" "thanks" then Denise's phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hi Denise" "where are you at?" "Um I think I got lost" "I knew it" "hahahaha somewhere upstairs and I don't know where to go" "dammit Skye" "sorry" "I'm on my way up" "okay" then Denise hung up then Michael said "did she really get lost" "told you that girl is something else" "hahahaha oh god" "I'm going to go look for her if you need me call me okay" they both replied "okay" then Denise walked upstairs and called Skye when she answered she said "hello" "so where exactly did you walk up here?" "Um I was just walking in all the hallways and I went up some stairs and I'm in a room" "your such an idiot Skye your in the attic" "oh and hey I'm not the idiot" "look who's lost its you not me" "shut up and come find me" "I'm almost there" "okay" then when Denise got to the stairs she yelled "SKYE!!!!" Then Skye appeared at the top and said "you found me!" "Well yeah I mean I could've totally left you here all day until Ashton and Michael left" "well if you did that screw you" "but I didn't so be happy" "true and cause you love me" "well that too hahahaha" "hahahahaha" "well come on there downstairs waiting for us" "okay I have a feeling that I'm going to be the one who gets lost a lot here like we haven't even been here a day and I already got lost" "hahahaha that's Skye for you" then they walked downstairs then Denise said "I found her" Michael said "where was she at?" "The attic" "nice one Skye" "shut up" then they sat down and talked then a little while later Olivia began to cry Denise then got up and got her then went to the nursery and changed her diaper then went to the kitchen and made a bottle for her then walked around the house while feeding her to get used to the house then when Olivia finished the bottle Denise then went back to the kitchen and put the bottle in the sink then began to burp her when she was done she put her back in the swing then sat down on the couch talking with Ashton, Michael, and Skye then at 9pm Michael and Ashton had left then Denise got Olivia and put her in the crib then noticed that there was baby monitors in the room she turned on the one for the baby's room then took the other one to her room then she changed and Olivia walked in her room then laid on Denise's bed then she said "I still can't believe we're here" "I know and in this huge house I thought it was a small three bedroom house I didn't expect this I really didn't" "I didn't either none of this not even to have a sister like I wish they would've told us and us not find out one because they died and two because they needed someone to take care of her" "I know me too" then they talked and Skye eventually fell asleep next to Denise then Denise also fell asleep. Then in the middle of the night Denise woke up to the sound of Olivia crying she got up then looked at the time and noticed it was 3:25am then she got Olivia then changed her then got her and feed her when she finished Oliva had gone to sleep so Denise laid her in her crib then Denise went to her room then went back to sleep

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