English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


14. Chapter 14

The next morning when Denise woke up to the sound of her alarm she got up then went to the bathroom fixed her hair washed her face and brushed her teeth then went back to her room and changed to some pants and a shirt and put her pajamas in her box then went to Skye's room when she got there she began to wake her up when she finally woke up she got up and got ready then she went to her room and seen her phone screen light up she looked to see a text from Ashton it said "Good morning love"  she texted back "Morning Ash" "oh your up early" "Only cause I had to be how do you deal with this all the time I wouldn't be able to last?" "Hahahaha I sometimes don't even know how" "hahahaha well I'm excited to finally leave L.A." "I bet you are" "hahahaha yeah" then there was a knock on the door Denise went to go open it to see Diana there she said "Morning" "Morning" "You girls ready?" "Yeah" "Okay these guys are going to put the boxes of yours in the van then we will be on our way" "Okay there all by the wall right there" then the helpers put the things in the van then Denise and Skye got in taking one last look at there house then they were off to the airport on the way there Denise texted Ashton "On the way to the airport now" "Excited?" "Yes and nervous it's my first time flying" "Oh you will be okay" "How do you know?" "Cause I know you are a strong girl Denise" "hahahaha plus I have my love next to me the whole way there" "Who?" "Skye silly" "Ohhhhhhh right I knew that" "Hahahaha" when they got there they walked in and Denise said "What a private jet really?" "Yeah it's my jobs" "That is cool" then they got in while the workers put the boxes in the jet then Denise said "You know where our parents lived?" "Yes I did" "okay then" then soon they were on there way to Australia.


Several hours later when they arrived to Australia they got in another van a with all there belongings then went to the house when they got there Denise said "Wow are you sure this is the right house this a mansion?" Diana said "yup" Skye said "how?" "your parents owned a record company here in Australia" "Oh no wonder" "Yeah" Denise said "so what happens to the record company?" "It belongs to you and Skye" "that is cool" then they walked in and Diana showed them around then they walked into a room and it was the nursery (Picture Of Nursery Above) Denise said "wow this room looks expensive all right" Skye said "I know right" then Diana said "Let's go to the hospital now" she got the car seat and some blankets then got in the van then went to the hospital then they followed Diana to the 8th floor then they walked into a room and seen a baby girl asleep in a hospital crib then a nurse walked in and said "hello" "hi" they all replied "So who's the guardian?" Denise said "I am" then the nurse said "All right can you follow me to sign some papers?" "Sure" then Denise followed the nurse to a desk then she had her sign some papers then when she finished the nurse handed her a birth certificate then she said "this is the last thing then your good to go" "okay then" then Denise filled it out and put her name where it said mother then for the name she thought for a while then wrote down "Olivia Rivera" then handed the nurse the paper then she made a copy then gave it to Denise then she said "Okay your good to go" "okay thank you" "Your welcome" then Denise walked back in the room then Skye said "What did you name her?" "Olivia" "Cute name" then they got Olivia and put her in the car seat then went back to the house when they got there Diana said "well this is when your on your own" Denise said "thank you for everything" "No problem" then Diana left then Skye said "Denise this place is huge" "your telling me" then Denise got her phone and called Ashton when he answered he said "Hello" "Hi Ashton" "Hi love" "were home" "okay can me and Michael go over?" "Of course" then Denise gave him the address then he said "That's like 5 minutes from were we live be there soon" "okay see you soon" "Bye babe" "bye" then Denise put her phone in her pocket then got the car seat and carried it to the living room then took the blankets off then noticed that Olivia was awake then Denise got her out and held her then Skye said "She's so cute" 'I know" then Denise and Skye talked walking around the house looking around and they found out they had a movie theaters in the basement along with a game room and bowling alley then they had a pool in the back with a gate around it then a huge backyard  and the house had 9 rooms with 10 bathrooms...

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