English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


13. Chapter 13

When it was time for them to leave Denise went in Ashton's car and Skye in Michael's car then the others had went back to there hotel, when Denise and Ashton got to Denise's house they got off and walked inside and noticed that Skye and Michael were there already and they were on the couch watching TV then Ashton joined them and Denise went to the laundry room and washed hers and Skye's wet clothes as she was walking back to the couch someone rung the door bell Denise opened the door to see a lady there she then said "Hello um by any chance do a Denise or Skye live here?" "Um I'm Denise" "Oh hi I'm Diana your parents lawyer" "Hi and I'm sure you know that they died 3 months ago?" "Yes I'm sorry for your lost" "thanks" "Anyways I came to tell you that your parents left you and your sister Skye everything that includes there cars, money, and house in Australia" "wait everything?" "Yup everything" "Okay then thanks" "Welcome and I was wondering if I can talk to you and Skye is it not a good time?" "Um we have some visitors but I'm sure they will understand and if you don't mind we can talk out back?" "Sure that's fine" "Okay then I'll let you in through that gate" "okay" then Denise went back in the house then said "Skye" "What?" "Come please" "Ugh" "It's important please" "fine fine fine" then they walked outside and Denise closed the sliding doors then opened the gate to let Diana in then thy sat at a table that was outside then Skye said "Who is this?" Diana said "I'm Diana your parents lawyer" "Oh" Denise said "So what did you have to tell us?" Diana said "Well I'm sure you both didn't talk to your parents much" Skye said "hardly ever" "I see, when was the last time you both last talked to your parents?" Denise said "Um 11 months ago" Diana said "I'm guessing they didn't tell you then?" Skye said "Tell us what?" Diana said "that your mom was pregnant?" Denise said "WHAT NO!!!!" Skye said "Wait the baby died too?" Diana said "No the baby survived and is now able to come home which is why I'm here to see if you both want to be the guardians if not the baby will go to the orphanage?" Skye said "were not baby ready?" Diana said "I have some things you girls can have from my daughter like the furniture you can have and the crib too" then Diana went into her bag and pulled out a folder and pulled out a paper then put it on the table Denise and Skye looked at it and seen a baby on it then Diana said "that's the baby it's a girl" Denise said "What's her name?" "Doesn't have one your mom never got to see her" "Oh" Skye said "She's so cute" (Picture of baby above) Diana said "So what do you girls decide?" Denise said "Do we have to decide right now?" "No you can call me tomorrow and let me know but I have to have a yes or no before 9pm tomorrow" "Okay then" Diana handed Denise her card then she said "Call me when you have a decision" "Okay" then Diana got up and left then Skye said "She left her picture" Denise said "I think it's for us?" then Denise got it then she said "Skye what are we going to do?" "I don't know but it's a big decision" "I know your telling me" Denise looked at the picture then she said "Mom and dad left us there house in Australia" "What!?" "Yeah it's ours if we want it" "What about this house?" "Diana told me they would sell it and we keep the money when they sell it" "Oh" "Yeah and if we decide to keep the baby she's in Australia you can tell Diana is not from here her accent is like the boys accent Australian" "hahahaha true true" "I just don't want to say yes to taking her then we don't take care of her properly" "that's what I'm scared of too" "Ugh but this is all we have left of mom and dad too she's all we have left of family Skye" Denise said crying "I know that's true too but I don't want to be a bad guardian cause we both know I still act like a kid" "hahaha I know that's true" "Denise what if you just become her guardian and I'll be the aunt" "I don't know if I can be a mom to her Skye" "Denise we both know you act like a mom to me and I'm older I know you can do this and I'll be there to help you when you need it" "What if this messes up things between me and Ashton like what if he doesn't like me anymore after this?" "then he wasn't the right guy if he was "the one" he would've stayed with you" "I guess your right I hate when your right" "Hahahaha only here to help" then someone said "Oh sorry didn't know you were busy" they both looked to see Ashton there he looked at Denise with a worry face then Denise looked at the floor then Skye said "We just have somethings to talk about Ash were fine" "okay then" then Ashton walked back inside then Denise said "I think you should tell them" "Wait but if we decide to keep her were going to move?" "I don't know you want to?" "Are you kidding me I've been dying to leave L.A. for a while now let's go have a new start Denise we need it" "true so okay I'll tell Diana about us moving to Australia but I need to call her with a yes or no" "I know first we should let the boys know what's up cause Ashton looked worried when he saw you right now" "I know" then they got up then Denise got the picture then they went inside when they got inside Michael said "everything okay?" Skye said "Yeah" then Denise put the picture on the little table that was there then she sat on the couch then Skye said "I bet your wondering what we were doing outside?" Ashton said "Kind of?" Skye said "Um well our parents passed away 3 months ago and turns out our mom was pregnant so we were talking to there lawyer person and she was asking if we wanted to be her guardians and if were not she's going to the orphan and the picture on the table is the baby" Michael said "You guys didn't know your mum was pregnant?" "No the last time we talked to them was 11 months ago" Ashton said "But don't they live here in L.A.?" "No they lived in Australia" "Oh wait so the baby is over there?" "yeah" "So are you guys going to keep her or let her get adopted?" "we don't know I mean Denise is going to be the mom cause I know I won't be able to be one since I still act like a child and Denise well she takes care of me like a mom" Ashton said "Oh I think that's a good idea" then he looked at Denise to see that she was just starring at the picture on the table then Michael said "by when are you guys going to answer the lady?" "We have till tomorrow before 9pm" "Oh" "yeah I mean I want to I do but then I don't want to be awful at taking care of a baby then they take her away from us then that will really break our hearts" Ashton said "I'm sure that won't happen" "I guess were just nervous" "I would be too I mean I do have a brother and sister so if I were to be in your situation I would be thinking the same way so I get you both" "yeah" "I would probably react the way Denise is" Skye looked at her to see she was starring at the table with tears going down her face then Skye said "She's just really thinking about this and we were saying that if we do keep her that she will be the only thing left from our parents she's all we have left" Michael said "which is why you guys should take her" Ashton said "yeah what Michael said" then Skye went to Denise then she said "Come on let's go to your room really fast" then they got up and went to her room then Skye said "Denise I think we should take her" "I want to but I'm scared" "I know Denise I am too but the boys think we should too and I do too" then there was a knock on the door they looked to see Ashton there he said "Hey" Denise mumbled "hi" then he walked in then Skye got up and walked out of the room then Ashton sat next to her then he said "Denise I think you should take her" "I want to I just don't want to take her then not be able to take care of her the right way" "I could always help you Denise" "You already have too much to worry about I don't want to add a baby to your plate" "Denise it's okay were in this together I'm not going to leave your side I love you Denise" Denise blushed then looked down then Ashton said "Do this love if you really want to do this do it okay" "okay, um were also going to be moving" "to where" "Australia" "hahahaha yay" "hahahaha one to be close to the baby and two because our parents gave us there house there" So is that a yes to getting her?" "Hahahaha yeah it is" "Good" then Denise got up then went to the bathroom and washed her face then she went back in the room then Ashton said "So Denise?" "Yes?" "Um I was wondering if you um wanted to um be my girlfriend?" "hahaha I would love to be your girlfriend Ashton" "hahahaha" Denise then kissed his cheek then she got her phone then said "Well I'll call there lawyer and tell her" "Hahahah okay" when Diana answered she said "Hello" "Um Diana it's Denise" "Oh hi Denise" "I have an answer for you" "Okay" "Were going to take her" "Okay then" "Oh were also going to move to there house over there" "that's wonderful oh I'll still give you the furniture I was talking about it's all in good condition looks new" "Okay thank you so much when do we have to go there?" "Tomorrow night" "Oh okay then I'll tell Skye" "okay see you tomorrow" "See you tomorrow" then she hung up then Denise yelled "SKYE!" Skye walked in her room with a smile and said "yes" "We need to pack" "Why?" "We leave to Australia tomorrow" "to live?" "Yes Skye ugh so much pressure" "Okay okay um let's start with our belongings" "okay" then Skye walked out then Denise had called back Diana asking if thy need to take any pots pans and furniture but she had said the house had all of that so they just needed there belongings then Ashton said "Need any help?" "Um no I'm okay Ashton really just relax" "Sure?" "Yes" "Okay then" then Denise got boxes and began to put her clothes in there when she finished her clothes she packed all of her other things that were in her room like pictures and shoes and blankets then she went to the living room then Skye said "What else do we need to take?" "Just our things the house has everything else" "Okay" then Denise went around the house getting pictures of there parents and them that they had which weren't many then she put that stuff in another box then she packed there bathroom stuff then more blankets of there's then towels then 3 hours later they were done and had the boxes in the living room then Michael said "Your moving?" Skye said "Were moving to Australia" "Oh yay" "hahahaha we leave tomorrow" "Oh" then Aston said "We leave tomorrow too just got the text from Luke" "hahahaha cool" then Ashton said "Well we should go too since we have to pack still then wake up early" Sky said "Bye boys" they said "Bye Skye" Ashton said "Bye Denise" "Bye Ashton" then they left then Denise's phone rang she talked to the person then when she hung up she said "Skye we need to be up at 6am to leave" "Ughhhhhh" "I know she said she's going to pick us up from here" "Okay then we should go to sleep" "I know" "Good night Denise" "Night Skye" then as Denise was turning off the lights she seen the baby picture on the table she got it and went to her room put the picture in a box then changed to pajamas the laid down and fell asleep.

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