English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


1. Chapter 1

"Skye wake up" "Ugh leave me alone" "Get up were going to Hollywood today remember" "Ugh not now later" "It's already 1:30pm" "Fine" "YAY!!!!!!!!!" "Why are we going again" "To run into 5 Seconds Of Summer" "Oh yeah, I forgot" "Hahahahah of course like always" "What does that mean?" "It means that you forget a lot, like the last time we were going to Hollywood we didn't have plans and we did" "Hey I told you I was sorry for that" "I know but yeah just get dressed so we can go" "But food" "We will go to Panda Express" "Fuck yes" "Hahahahaha now get ready" "Okay" then Denise went to her room and went to her closet and looked for something to wear she decided to go with a blue floral knee length dress that was strapless. Then she put her hair down and curled the bottom half of her hair then she put on mascara and eyeliner then she got her dark blue toms then she finished getting ready. Skye walked into Denise's room and said "Ready?" "Yeah" Denise then walked out of the bathroom and Skye said "You look pretty" "Thanks is it too much?" "Nope well let's go to Panda Express then" Then they walked to Panda Express and ordered there food and sat down at a table for 6 people since there were no tables left for 2 people. As they were sitting there this guy with brown hair styles up walked up to them and said "Excuse me" Denise looked and said "Yes" "Um can me and my friends sit here?" Skye said "Sure" "Thank you" Denise said "No problem" A couple of minutes later the guys friends had got to the table, then Skye said "Denise someone just tweeted that there not in there hotel anymore, there walking around" "where?" "they don't know they lost them" "Dammit" "Yeah" "Wait but don't they have a concert tonight?" "Yeah at the Willtern Theater at 7pm" "Do you think they are on there way there?" "Nah it's too early" "Oh" then Denise said "Holly shit" "What?" Denise showed Skye a photo of Luke Hemming's in Panda Express.  said Skye "But how this is the only one in Hollywood?" "What if there not in Hollywood" "True" "Yeah well I'll be back" "Okay" Skye then got up and went somewhere and Denise was on her phone then someone tapped her shoulder it was a guy around 20 years old he had curly hair and was wearing sunglasses he said "Hello" "Um hi" "How are you?" "i'm good and you?" "I'm great" "that's good" "hahahahaha yeah" "So are you visiting?" "Yeah I am with my friends here" "oh cool where are you from?" "Australia" "Awesome, I've always wanted to go there" "It's beautiful over there" "I bet it is" "yeah are you planning to go visit anytime?" "Yeah when I get the money later on in life" "That's cool" "yeah I guess" "Yeah" "I'm sorry if I sound boring, I'm just really shy around new people" "it's fine, I'm kind of shy to" "Why you don't seem like that type of person?" "It's um cause your pretty" "Oh well thanks but I don't think i am" "Well you are" "well thanks" "i never got your name" "oh it's Denise" "well that's a nice name, I'm Ashton or you can call me Ash" "it's nice to meet you Ashton" "You too Denise" then Skye got back to the table and she said "Ready to go" "No I just made a new friend" "Who?" "Him" Denise said pointing to Ashton he said "Hello  hahahaha" "Um hi" "I'm Ashton" "Skye" then a guy with black and red hair said "Ashton were leaving" "Awwwww I don't want to" "We have to we have that thing tonight" "Fine" then he looked at Denise and said "Well I have to go can I have your number so we can keep in touch your a cool girl?" "Sure" then they switched phones and they put there numbers in the phones. then he said "Well bye for now Denise" "Bye Ashton" then a little while later Denise and Skye left and then Skye said "So I got you something?" "What is it?" "You will have to wait" "Fuck, then why did you tell me" "To let you know that we aren't going home for a while" "okay gosh" 

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