English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


30. A/N

 Hi guys Denise here I know I haven't updated this story in a while and that's because truthfully a lot has been happening in my life right now don't think I haven't forgotten about these because I haven't even though I'm not updating on here I am typing out the chapters on my laptop so when I get the chance to come back on here I can post like maybe 2-3 chapters for you all. 

In other news last Wednesday the 1D fandom lost a loved one other wise known as Johanna Deakin (Louis Tomlinson's mum) and for us it was a big loss she was such a kind hearted women who didn't deserve what she got she will be missed dearly by us and her beautiful 7 kids and wonderful husband. 

Johanna I miss you so much not a day goes by and I don't think about you or your family. But I know for a fact that your smiling down at all of us I know for a fact that your up there proud of your kids especially Louis with his wonderful song he sang in memory of you on the X-Factor it's such a beautiful song 😊 . I know your up there watching us all and I know one day we will meet. I love and miss you so damn much that it physically hurts 💖 

Fly High Jay👼 💜

All The Love, 

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