English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


31. A/N #2

Hi everyone Denise here I know I haven't been on here for a while and a lot has been happening I haven't forgot about these my college semester is over then I get a week off and back to school.. on my other author's note I said I was typing out my stories so when I came back I would just publish them and I am still doing that but on my other laptop that I was doing that it broke and I got a new one so I'm back and hopefully I'll be posting a chapter soon I miss updating and I know a lot of you forgot this book or not but I'm going to update soon 

       Thank you all for reading my book it means a lot to me 


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