Finally Falling

Necolle Irwin is the younger sister of Ashton Irwin. Her best friend is Ariana Belle. She's never met the members of 5SOS, but when she does, she hits it off right away with Michael. Necolle never realized she had feelings for Luke, until now. Ashton catches them in the kitchen, and his sweet innocent little sister becomes the world's biggest brat. What happens when bright lights is all she sees, and then darkness? What will Luke do while she 's out?


7. Chapter 6





Great. It's Monday. I got up and looked outside my window to see a lot of snow. I smiled to myself, knowing there has to be a two hour delay. There was a knock at my door, and I heard it open. I looked over to see Luke. 

"Oh, hey Luke. I wasn't expecting to see you,"

"Yeah. Ashton's not feeling well, so I decided to wake you up. There's a two hour delay,"

"Great. Is Ashton awake though?"

"Yeah. He's in his room," Luke smiled. 

"Okay. I wanna talk to him,"

"Okay," Luke and I both walked out, me going right next door, and Luke going back to his guest room. I opened Ashton's door slightly, popping my head in. Ashton looked at me and smiled. 

"Hey, Necolle,"

"Hi. Luke told me you weren't feeling good," I said walking in and closing the door behind me. 


"What's wrong?"

"My stomach has been killing me since midnight last night," he said. I walked over to his bed and sat next to him. "Necolle, I don't want you getting sick. I suggest that you leave or something," he laughed a little. 

"I'm fine. I don't mind," I smiled. 

"So, do you like anyone at school?"


"Do you like anyone?"

"No, why?"

"Just wondering,"



"Why do you ask? That's a weird question,"

"How is it weird? I'm your brother. You can tell me anything,"

"I'm your sister, you can tell me anything. So why did you ask that?"

"Last night, a guy knocked on the door asking for you,"

"What'd he look like?"

"He had long hair and it was dark brown an-"

"Brent," I said, already knowing who it was. 

"His name is Brent?"

"Yeah. He's from America. We're just friends,"

"Okay. He seemed nice though,"

"Yeah he's really nice and funny," I said. Ashton just nodded, closing his eyes. 

"I'm so glad you're home," I said. Ashton's eyes opened and he nodded. 

"I am too,"

"I wish our parents didn't have to leave. They won't be back until next year, and your break will be over soon, and I'll have to spend time alone again,"

"I know, but it'll be alright," he said grabbing my hand. I looked into his eyes and smiled. I leaned down and kissed his cheek and hugged him. 

"I'm gonna go back to my room so you can rest,"


"Yeah," I said. I got up and walked out of his room and into mine. I sat down and turned on my TV watching it until we got the call for no school. 

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