Finally Falling

Necolle Irwin is the younger sister of Ashton Irwin. Her best friend is Ariana Belle. She's never met the members of 5SOS, but when she does, she hits it off right away with Michael. Necolle never realized she had feelings for Luke, until now. Ashton catches them in the kitchen, and his sweet innocent little sister becomes the world's biggest brat. What happens when bright lights is all she sees, and then darkness? What will Luke do while she 's out?


22. Chapter 21

Michael's POV




What just happened? Did I really just kiss Ashton? All these thoughts and questions are running through my mind as I lean against the wall of the single person bathroom, panting and sweating, my pants and underwear lying on the floor. I can't believe I just jerked off to my best friend, who's basically my brother.


Why did I feel all happy and tingly inside when Ashton's lips started moving against my own? Why did any of this have this much of an effect on me? It doesn't make any sense. I don't like Ashton like that, I like Ariana. A lot. She's pretty, nice, funny, has a nice body, and is really easy to talk to. And Ashton? Well, I mean, he's Ashton. He's nice, funny, kind, loyal, honest. He has an adorable laugh, beautiful eyes, amazing hair, the world's most perfect personality, a perfect body, and he's very attractive. There are so many things that I like about Ashton. He has such a big heart, and he genuinely cares about the fans, his family, his friends, the band members, and me. Why did I like that kiss so much? No. I didn't like it, I loved it. It was the best thing I've ever experienced.


Why am I getting these feelings for him? It doesn't make any sense. I mean, he's like my BROTHER. I can't like him like that. It's just not possible. I pick my boxers and my jeans up off the floor, and put them on. I walk over to the sink and wash my face with warm water. I exit the bathroom and walk back to waiting room, my eyes instantly landing on Ashton. He's sitting in his original seat and staring at the floor. I walk over to my seat and sit down, wanting to look up. Eventually, I give in and I look up, my eyes instantly meeting Ashton's. He looks just as confused as I am. 


Neither of us seem to be able to tear our gazes away from each other. It's like our eyes were glued to the other person. We sat like that for what seemed like forever. His beautiful eyes burned into my soul, and mine into his. Just as I was about to ask him a question, a deep voice stopped me. 


"Is anyone here for Hemmings? Luke Hemmings?" 


Ashton and I instantly tore our gazes away from each other to look up at the man, who turned out to be a doctor. We instantly stood up, woke up Ariana and Calum, and walked over to him. Ashton and I were standing next to each other, and we were rather close. We both glanced at each other at the same time for a few seconds, but Calum's voice knocked us out of la la land.


"What happened?" he asked the doctor.


"Well, I have good news and bad news. Good news, he's breathing, and stable. Bad news, he's in a coma. We're not sure when or if he'll wake up."


My heart dropped to the floor instantly. Everything went silent. No one dared to make a sound. I looked to my right and saw Ashton with tears welling up in his eyes, same with Calum. Ariana just walked away to the restroom crying. Calum continued talking to the doctor, asking questions. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked to see Ashton with tears streaming down his face. We looked each other in the eyes and he gave me a small smile. I started crying a bit more and he hugged me again. I was crying over a lot of things. Luke, Necolle, Ashton, Ariana. It has been an emotional ride for such a short amount of time. I felt Ashton start rubbing my back, assuring me that everything would be okay. He pulled away and looked at me. 


"We need to talk." he said, looking serious. I gave him a nod back and he started walking for the front door, me following close behind. 


Here goes nothing.







Hey what's up hello



What did you think? 

One more update coming for you today, since I've gotten a bit behind on my updating schedule. But that's because Friday I had a friend spend the night and then Saturday I was busy all day. So I'm making it up to you.

So Luke's in a coma, Necolle has amnesia, Michael and Ashton have whatever that is...

So. Much. Drama.

What do you think Michael and Ashton are gonna talk about? Will Luke wake up? 

Leave your opinions in the comments below, and if you have any questions/comments for me, I will for sure answer them. 

See ya soon! Xx

MarcelLover26 (Allyson)


*Please see most recent mumble for new updating schedule!*

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