Finally Falling

Necolle Irwin is the younger sister of Ashton Irwin. Her best friend is Ariana Belle. She's never met the members of 5SOS, but when she does, she hits it off right away with Michael. Necolle never realized she had feelings for Luke, until now. Ashton catches them in the kitchen, and his sweet innocent little sister becomes the world's biggest brat. What happens when bright lights is all she sees, and then darkness? What will Luke do while she 's out?


20. Chapter 19



Necolle's POV




I heard screams coming from the room next door and a long beep. Soon after that, three boys came into my room with tear-stained faces. One I recognized as Ashton, the one who claimed he was my brother. I gave them a small smile and just kind of stared at them. I didn't know what to think. Why were these people in my room and why were they crying? 


"Not to be rude or anything, but who are you and why are you in my room?" I asked. They looked at me and I could see tears were still in their eyes.


"I'm Michael and this is Calum. We're your best friends." the one who was apparently called Michael answered. I smiled and nodded. "We're in here because we wanted to see you. We were visiting the boy in the room next door, but something happened so we were pushed out of the room."


"Do I know him?" I asked curiously. Ashton turned away from me and I could tell he was holding back tears.


"Yes you do actually. He was your boyfr-" Calum started. He was cut off by Michael slapping him in the arm.


"He was my what?"


"Another one of your best friends. He came in here earlier. His name is Luke." Michael said, giving Calum a death stare.


"It doesn't ring a bell." I said confused. I started thinking really hard, but no memories of a Luke were in my mind at all.


"He had the blonde hair and the lip ring." Ashton said. "You two were really close."

I nodded my head and awkwardly sat there. I remember seeing the boy run in my room, I just didn't know we were friends. I had forgotten his name too. 


"What happened to him?" I asked quietly.


"He was hit by a car." Calum said equally as quiet. Everyone went silent until Ashton spoke up.


"We don't even know if he's alive right now. We were pushed out of his room because he flat lined."


"Flat lined?" I asked, not knowing what it meant.


"H-His heart s-stopped." Michael said as if he wasn't even able to form the words. My eyes widened. 


"So you don't even know if he's alive?" 


"No. We won't know for a little while."


"Look, I don't know who this Luke is, but I hope for the best. I remember him running into my room wanting to see him. Even though I don't remember anything about him, I feel like I've known him my whole life. I could tell just by looking at him that he was an important person in my life. And I can't wait to remember everything." I said truthfully. 


"Necolle, trust me when I say that he was a very important person in your life." 






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